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It Will Work If You Work It

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James 2:18-26


Faith is the substance of things hoped for, and the evidence of things not seen, according to Hebrews 11:1.

These are the days of faith.

  • Without faith it is impossible to please God.
  • You've got to root your faith in what God said.
    • This must be the basis for your faith....What God Said.
    • Not what you think
    • We must know what God said, and root your faith there.
      • If God never promised it, then there is no basis for believing.

Your Faith Will Work If You Work Your Faith!

  • Don't just say that you believe, you've got to act on it.
  • We are used to blaming God for not doing what we want Him to do, and saying that He must not be ready to do it.
    • But the truth is that God is waiting on you to validate your faith by acting accordingly.

What If What I See Doesn't Look Like What God Said?

The paradox of faith lies in the fact that God speaks in eternity things that for us happens only in time.

  • Keep moving in God, because faith is not dependent on what you see.
      • Faith that is seen is not faith.
  • So keep moving until what you see in your spirit, you see with your eyes.
  • Because if it don't look like what God told you, this can't be the end.
  • You've got to speak in faith.
    • Like the Shunamite woman, who's son died after God gave him to her by way of a miracle.
    • Her testimony was that even though he's dead, It Is Well
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