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Fear of Man

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You have a viable. You can open up to Matthew chapter, 14 of the last three weeks. We looked at a huge chunk of scripture chapter 11, 12 and 13 and presented it from three different angles and now we're looking more. Just an isolated portion of a text here this morning as well. Tackle, 14 1 through 12. Spray father, thank you for your, love your kindness. And the generosity that you've bestowed upon us, that you're welcome to send to your family and that you have made us a new in Christ. And there's this Abundant Life that we walk in and joy and get the participated as your followers Embrace that. Enjoy that. And really, during this time, receive from you, what you have for us, maybe we have moments where we look at our own hearts and lives, consider how you might want to move change stir. And be ready to acknowledge areas that growth can happen either be encouragement. And what you're doing already in our lives, in Jesus name. Amen. Amen. Well, and Matthew up to this point we've been really has, Matthew is done. So brilliantly, telling the story of Jesus and portion of scripture where because it's a little bit disconnected. We're like 7 months into Matthew at this point, six months, or started back in December in to Matthew at this point, but the drama is truly a pulsating at this moment. In Matthew chapter 14, we sort of hit this hinge in which a lot of things are about to change and now the drama is Jesus. He's sort of a problem for a lot of people and here's what I mean. First and foremost, John the Baptist who really many would consider is this profit and kind of the last of his kind of profit is profit before the Messiah is crucified and Resurrected. He's been beheaded women, like in Matthews account, is now going to continue to reveal more Jewish. People wanting their purse version of the Messiah, what they think the Messiah should be doing, and who they think they want the Messiah to be rather than who Jesus is and what Jesus is doing, and then just quite frankly, the religious Elite there. So, over Jesus, at this point, they're tired of him. They want to do away with him. They want him out of their sight, and this begins to happen here in chapter 14 and move into 15. We're going to see the response. Jesus gives of the Pharisees going to be in a few weeks Carson's actually going to teach on this text really excited for that Jesus spoke set the Pharisees. He then begins to expand the family of God, the invitation of the family of God as he moves into a gentile region. Performs another feeding miracle. And talked with this Canaanite woman and he loves her daughter and it's just mostly Gentile group. And at this point, it's not good, PR for Jesus, not as a Jewish. Rabbi moving into Gentile territory, expanding his vision of the kingdom is a little rough. And what Jesus is showing what Matthew is writing about, is this idea of Jesus is better than and what I mean by that, we went through and spent a significant amount of time in the Book of Genesis. If you were here with us you'll remember Genesis. And in Genesis we talked a lot about Jesus being the better than Adam. Jesus being the better than Abraham. Jesus being the better than Isaac, the better than Jacob. And if you were to move into the Exodus story, he is the better than Moses and then into the Kings. Israel, he is the better than David and what I mean by that is Jesus's fulfilling and bringing but none of those people could actually fully do and Matthew does this in a literary style here at this moment, he's going to portray over the next few weeks for us. Jesus is better than Moses. As Jesus has already delivered The Sermon on the Mount, which kind of correlates there with Moses, on the mount, getting the Ten Commandments, and these stories that are to come, Jesus is going to feed the 5,000 and then move into a safe water passage narrative. If you are an ancient Israelite, your brain is firing off right now. Why Israel was fed in the wilderness miraculously Israel. Miraculously through the water. Matthew is using the style of writing to show how he is better than snap. Check this out. As a story continues, there was a promise made to Abraham that he was blessed to be a blessing that through his lineage. God was going to do something great and Grand for the entire world. And I got this picture in my mind is a bit like an hourglass and an hourglass. It starts out really, really wide. And this is God's intentions and plans for Humanity with Adam and Eve, Adam and Eve. They blow it in the garden narrative and we're going to see some of the story play out. Even this morning at two lines. Seth and Cain begin to be lived out and the world is in chaos disarray and a mess. And what is God do in Genesis 12, he caused Abraham This is going to work through your family Aid. I'm going to make you a father of many nations. Israel would take this to their head over the course of history and rather than participating in what should have been the expansion of the kingdom of God and inviting people in. They became incredibly isolated type of people They wanted like Jonah destruction of Nineveh. They wanted to wipe people out, rather than being those that existed to display, the glory of God invite people in will not in Jesus. He's the greater than Moses as Jesus is the filling that bottom half of The Hourglass and he's calling all people on to him. This is some ideas that we're going to flush out over the next couple of weeks, but where it leaves us is slap down right in the middle of attention of the kingdom. And what's interesting about this is, there's two competing kingdoms going on. There's a Roman Empire Kingdom that through Force domination and fear. They are, conquering people around them in their muscles, explain their rule building the Pax Romana system in the road and everything else and efforts to create some sort of Utopia to bring in peace. But it doesn't get completed. There's also a Jewish kingdom in which they're anticipating and excited for what they have a version of it that they want lived out and it has yet to be seen. And then there is this radical upside down kingdom, that Jesus is bringing in people want to accomplish bringing in the peace that we so desperately crave and desire. And then you have Jesus bringing in something, utterly different. Now, what's interesting is the story of the Bible can be viewed in this as we talked about a handful of time to give a brief Preface on this Genesis discusses this. In lineage, as he talks about, Jude picks up on this. That short little letter read before Revelation, where he says you've gone the way of Cain. The way of Cain was The way of God of Yahweh, but was his own way in which you wanted to live out his own life and his own desires in a sense, to 3, creating The Narrative of Adam and Eve wanting to step into the place of God rather than underneath of God, the lineage of Cain or Seth is one that has been tracked through, Noah and Abraham. And on down the line at 2 to Jesus eventually. Lineages can also be looked at like in Revelation we have two systems, the system of the Beast and the way of the world and the system or the way of the Lamb that were being graciously invited into the follow the way. Change the color of the way of the Beast is to follow the systems and the way of the world has Revelations have to follow the way of the lamp is to follow the way of Jesus to come into. That lineage. And that line did your system enough for us this morning, these two systems can be broken down even more simplistically, this Dear God, dear band. Your God-fearing man. Essentially, the one who fears man goes the way of Cain participates in the world systems in the way of the World War. I work is esteemed and valued, not giving away, but Cajun, self-rule, dominates desires, go unchecked. And when desires go unchecked, there's a whole lot of bad stuff that comes out of. It, isn't there where the living out Desires unchecked in our culture right now progression, the sexuality that's taken place over the years is hitting full speed and we're seeing a society that's so embraced and welcome its way. And now we're seeing its destruction and the Brokenness that is ushered in to this world. These desires unchecked and people are given over to them. Are following the ways of the Beast and what the Beast has to offer as Revelation aclaris. Those who follow those who fear God are like that at the lineup. Seth to believe in the upside down kingdom and live into the rule and the reign of Christ, his desires, becoming our desires on The Sermon, on the Mount of what that looks like being lived out and this morning We're going to look at the fear of man through the lens of Herod ice. Must read the story to drink water and we'll look at verse 1 to chapter 14.

At that time Herod, the tetrarch heard about the name of Jesus and he said to his servants. This is John the Baptist Superstition going on there, right? John the Baptist. He has been raised from the dead, that is why these miraculous powers are at work and him. You're the backstory had seized John and found him and put him in prison. Take of herodias. His brothers Phillips wife, the bad situation, friends, right? Kind of got a little busy with his brother's wife and now there's some rumors going around and it's not looking good because John had been saying to him, it's not lawful for you to have her. They wanted to put him to death. He feared the people The second instance of Herod fearing because they held him to be a prophet who inherits birthday. Came the daughter of herodias dance company and please hear it's alright. This wasn't like a little luau and hula. This is probably Las Vegas-style happening in Harrods party so that he promised an oath to give her whatever. She might ask prompted by her mother. She said, give me the head of John, the Baptist here in a platter and the King was sorry, but because of his ass and his guess Why? Because of his Oaths and his guests, he commanded it to be given he sent that had John beheaded in prison. Haven't brought on a platter and given to the girl and she brought it to her mother and his disciples came and took the body and buried it. And they went. And told Jesus, this is an absolutely messed up jacked up story that we have for us here this morning. You have this man's hair it and we don't know all that he did in his private life, but judging by his public life, this was not a good. He was not participating in what we would call the ways of Jesus applying even The Sermon on the Mount, in his kingdom to his life. He was definitely living how he wanted to live and in this, he found himself in a bit of trouble from time to time that when you think about it, what? Drove parents decision. People that it says, because he feared, the people at first, he did not want to kill John. Do we have the power to do it? It was at his disposal at any moment, she could get rid of John but I didn't want you. Cuz he feared people then it says he was sorry, why he was so sorry to actually kill John at. Why would he be sorry about that? The shame of what other people might think the fear that John has come back from the dead to haunt him? I mean, this guy has the literal fear of a person that has come back to haunt him in her. To ask you, who made all these decisions. The scriptures are clear. You and I can you deduct from just simply reading this. That's absolutely. It was Herod but was it Herod? Think about it. Oh yes. He gave the orders for the execution but it was his fear of man that drove him to be controlled by these exterior opinions and thoughts of other, why it has a glory problem, first and foremost, he's concerned for his glory, he shrunk his life under the size of him and the results of it as his world is the only World in, which he can see. And so he's left. You have to decide what is going to get the most Applause. Praise and approval from other people. How can I approve the crowd in my party? How can I prove the woman in whose bed I'm sharing right now at her daughter's request and ultimately to do the right thing or to be like, what's his only only options not before we fully Herod, which is really easy to do? What time is it about the fear of, man? What I mean by first of all, when I say fear, I think it's can get shot up on the screen for you. I mean it in this sense in a term in the much broader sense it includes being afraid of somebody but it extends to holding someone in being controlled or Mastered by people are worshipping other people putting your trust in people or needing people next she got all that next when I say man I mean man or woman, young or old? This is not just in a gender-specific sense, but you can show your man. You can figure women. You can do children. It doesn't matter. There's a fantastic book by Ed Welch when people are big and God is small. And somewhat condensed a lot of what he said over a few hundred pages into a. We're going to be discussing this week and next week and because time maybe the following week we'll see how that goes here this morning. That's what I wanted to see if I'm talking to two kinds of people here. This morning. The first group you are living Irving, playing in your own kingdom, do you want to acknowledge it or not? It is the kingdom of the Beast. This is a group of people that made it happen to walk in here today. You don't know a whole lot about Jesus. You've been living for yourself, maybe it hit some lovers rock. Bottom is too might describe it. Maybe you're just curious about Jesus, but you're somebody who's possibly most likely obsessed with yourself with power with pride desperately trying to cover shame and guilt. All of this in order to bring about inner peace but you're utterly lost in the process and somebody once said to you Jesus is great. This is a position that all humans enter into and it must Jesus moves in our heart and our lives is one in which we stay and remaining until submitting to him as Christians. We don't always acting live that out. The ways we should. We like those Israelites who in the Passover story have, so to speak by the blood of the Lamb to the doorpost of their home to our lives, the blood of Jesus with passed through this ski like the Israelites as they were pardoned, even Paul and 2nd Corinthians eludes back to the reality that threw that was baptism the symbolism of it and you're in this Wilderness, where are some things you just get it, right? It is awesome. And some days you just don't Some days, you look like complaining I look like rumbling Israelites. When God has given us bread, we want meat when Moses on the mountain. We want an idol now, so we can be satisfied that we have these issues and problems. Though, none the less I would call us as follower of Jesus. Can we live in this tension and which fear of man can overshadow fear of God where we start? H20 Wright author, does a lot on emotionally healthy spirituality, discipleship, all these other things says, know yourself that you may know. God now, what Jesus centered ostrich, 2.2, Jesus, the Bible is about Jesus. It's not about you, absolutely. To let me just a few things to your mind, Harry Potter, Sydney, Fusions for 22 and 24. Put off your old self, going to put something off, you have to be clear on that. I got me to take off my jacket. I know I got a jacket on me. I'm going to put off my old self. There's something about my old self and it actually have to know like who I am and what I'm about and what I'm living for. And then in first 24, he says to put on the new self created after the likeness of God and true righteousness and Holiness of those are Baseline test St. Augustine in his confessions wrote, how can you draw close to God? When you are far from your own self? He prayed Augustine. Did Grant Lord that I may know myself that I may know the don't like Augustine. Let me take you to Calvin. Alright Calvin says our wisdom, consists almost entirely of two-part, the knowledge of God, and of ourselves, but as these are connected together by many ties, it is not easy to determine which of the two precedes and gives birth to the other. So innocent, what these are saying is there's an aspect in which, if you're going to know, God, you need to know yourself without really knowing yourself. We may never acknowledge our heart. Our needs are once our desires are Fierce admittance, that we actually need this Big Brand God to move into our lives. So when I come to a place of knowing myself, in addition to that, I'm able to go, I know what I should be watching out for any areas of capable of failing and ready to clearly invite God to increase in my life because I myself a John, the Baptist who literally needed to decrease physically. Yes. Jesus comes on the scene. But so to figuratively, I need to decrease as he increases in my life. How well do you know?

Yikes. one of the best ways to know if, you know you is, if you came with a close friend's child spouse, I already say, what do you fear? What would you write down? And if I were to ask them, what do they fear? Would you write down the exact same things?

People tend to see things in us that we cannot see within ourselves, and I'm curious for answers would match. I'm going to shoot straight with you personally, in my life. It's when my wife has held up a mirror in my life and went pretty ugly, the way you responded in that situation. It's what I meant, or a close friend, that I've been invited into my life, can look in and say, breath you have these fears, we're just talking some sin issue. That's easy to call out because I'm actively participating in it. But you have these fears and we see these tendencies that come out of you when you get into these kinds of situations. It's those that are closest to us. Last night, family together. We're eating pizza Saturday night is just the easy way to do Saturday nights in my household and we're catching up on some American Idol with the kids and we wanted to show them how brutal say Simon Cowell was compared to the new judges that YouTube. Fantastic for that and my kids. They were just appalled at how mean is Simon. Cowell is singing a queen song until I started summer fun, funny dad. And I just started singing as well and then I told my kids. If you don't know, I'm at singing. I know this about myself. And I tell my oldest, she's 10, she still thinks I'm her hero was just super cool, but she's also like, really smart and is willing to speak up now and I'm singing I go. I'm going to try out for American Idol. The kids go ahead. Yeah. As in my oldest and I goes that you are a terrible singer. No Ava. I'm great. I believe in myself. I should do this. She goes dad, you're really good at reading. You should just do that.

You're going to embarrass yourself and our family and he's like, yeah, that is very true babe. All right. So I'm not going to actually do this to see, some people don't have a loving ten-year-old to tell you, you stink at singing and they go on American Idol and we all laugh at it, right? Simon, when did that out? And many people have a light example? Is true that you are who you are. When you're all alone. Here in your room and you whisper something harsh under your breath, or anger comes out of you. Something that you would never display in front of other people, and there's an aspect of that were so quick to minimize and justify. Why was it actually do? That is very difficult for us to catch or participating in and it's in community. Begin to see honesty from others, speak into our lives and we can grow or change. Now, in America, we want community in terms of, like, laughter and friendship, but we don't want vulnerability and realness. Intimated actually say, hey like you have this problem and I want to enter in and speak into your life. Want to help you. We reject that sort of community all too often rather than receiving and seeing how God might use that. So how well do you know your self Community begins to reveal in our lives? What's going on? I was just scratch the surface. I need a couple of things. I don't come to get through them all. Why do we fear people? After I get to have lots of meetings, some exciting, some fun. In the last few months, a lot of my meetings are gone like this. We were a little scared to sit down and talk with you. And I went me to

Wow, what's going on here? I thought you were thinking of, maybe I thought you were thinking as well and people so often come into situations with this fear of man and if you know me or get to know me, I hope there's nothing that exudes from me other than some sort of kindness and love and just showing that I care and I will admit, I'm human and I fell and I messed up and situation. So I'm not going to take that portion out of who I am and I am. And you should have just told me like, yeah, whatever you want to talk about this fear, why those three things with your people will expose humiliate, or shame us first thing? 2 week are people over Jeff ridicule or despise us and three with your people because they can harm us and that sphere create in US. Something that we didn't give other people the power, and right to tell us what to feel to think and to do. This is the problem of the fear of, man. It does two things at its core is idolatry of others. Idolatry of authors seem strange, you know so often we think of idolatry is just ancients dancing around a golden calf like Israel did or we think of a Dollar Trees greed of money. Are these other things may be more of a modern context? Can be fear of, man, or it can be. People Associated idolatry with your kids, with a spouse with people at work, often far from our minds, but it's rooted and who we are as image bearers. We would need to mirror an image of how we've been created. An excuse me. Be like we're so prone to do this with people growing up in the mid to late 80s. Early 90s, there is a commercial I want to be like Mike So I got Wheaties and I drink. Gatorade and look I ain't like Mike at all. I could weld a dump once in a summer league game and it was lucky. They like a putback off. Turn off the ramso didn't count. We have this desire to be like you image other people. Its intrinsic created with Jennifer going to image of somebody or going to any like something. And originally, there's this idea that we are to be the image bearers of Yahweh of God and Christ. That's what's remaking us who we turning us into to be this mirror. That was shattered as put back together but in fear of man we have idolatry of others and we begin to image them and a breakdown that happens in that the problem with it. Is that we worship the creature rather than the Creator? One, Romans 1:25, and they don't deserve our worship. And worship because we believe they have power to give us something to bless us. No, I don tree. We serve money because we believe it'll give us something in return to bless us. We serve sex and sexuality. We serve people and we think they are going to satisfy us but ultimately happens is when we do that we worship them, bow down to them and they begin to own us. You want people to think you're great or you're like Mike. You need something for mothers. And as a result, your in bondage, and you're controlled by them. Redeem your opinions and thoughts more important than God's thoughts. And that's what ultimately wrong with the fear of man to worship problem. Exchanging the worship of God for the worship of men and like hair in, no matter the cost for like pilot, no matter the cost, the crowds get louder crucify. Crucify crucified. What wrong is with this man? I see nothing. I should let them go. There is an internal battle happening in that story with pilot that will look at in five five or six months from now and what she knows what he should be doing, but he doesn't do it, it's a worship problem. The powerful official, having the ability in his mind to give and take life, which really shows the supreme position over others. And it's completely shrunk down to a handful of people, crying crucify and kill him outright lie. It looks like we're making these decisions, the people are confined to the thoughts and opinions of pleasing. Those around them trap, to making decisions, that will only bring Comfort bound to the cries of people not fear, she's not free people at that point. Your man is idolatry because of places, others were only God should be next and Beyond idolatry of others. It's enslaving. Complaining with your people. Cuz he can expose or shame us look. My wife would just kill for love. Every time we went to a wedding, I would actually get on the Dance Floor.

Is the reason I don't do that cuz it's like six foot one rigid frame. I look like an idiot. OK, shoot the breeze with others and back out. Why I'm sitting, I'm watching all the idiots dancing. I don't want to look like then. What is that?

Fear, I don't want to look like them, I don't want to be humiliated. When did this first come on the scene? Very, very early Genesis chapter 3 verse 7 was the first debut of the fear of people. After they partook of that fruit, really this Disobedience to God. Not only were they fearful of God himself, having been exposed in that moment of the shame that come upon us. They looked at one another and previously, they just been in the garden and naked. It was awesome. It was great. It was the honeymoon stage for a long time. And now all of a sudden they're like, Indifferent about you, and it was a shame after they rebelled against God. Their eyes were open, they were exposed vulnerable, and desperate, and need a covering or protection. Under the Gaze of a holy God, as well as one another. They could see each other's disgrace, and then people became a threat. That's like your people because they can expose me. I fear people because they can shame me and I will allow their perceived opinion to dominate my life. The real talks about this in terms of self-esteem and low self-esteem, and that's really the pop cultural reference that gets used that only discusses and addresses are problem between one another or maybe even ourselves. But it never introduces the shame that we received because of our sin and we were in relationship with God. Therefore, we can never get you the right solution of our problems as well. Look at next week, with fear of God and brings in the bad news without the good news. Shame Shame by weaker people to reject me to give us a definition of attentive reject people withhold acceptance of significance that we went from them as a result. We feel worthless. Heidi, if I put myself out there, will you love me back? We can be that 500. People love me or like me but really what I'm asking is where the people I think that will be beneficial to me, the influential in my life will receive me, will they love me? If you're a fan of the office, this is Michael Scott character to a t. He's worship by Dwight loved by Dwight, he can hang out with him everyday. Who does he really want love and acceptance from Jim? Pam? Ryan, I mean you can go down the list of people. They say, it's not good enough, unless it's from you and he fears rejection. This is how people live because we want the Praises a man over the Praises of God. It's got to be the right people. Jesus says in John 5:44. How can you believe if you accept praise one from another get made no effort to obtain the praise? That comes from the only God, We live under the scent of pure pressure.

Beer man is a real struggle. The struggle for me. It might take several sessions with Lori Coulter. He's in the bottom of fear of, man in my life, the short list. I can value people their opinions and their thoughts. In an unhealthy way to degree in which it actually impact affects my life. New Hampshire. Maybe you're not innocent person to admit. That's your man right there right there. Just look at it, okay? My fear or the especially the last three months of Pastor in our church the things that we had to wrestle through with decisions being made concerning governmental over each and covid-19.

There's been so much fighting and Division and article, sent, and opinions fear of man of controlled, dominated. And ruled me, there was a night. I didn't sit down when these things came our way, right? Didn't think about somebody in this church and how they may or may not respond that then it wouldn't wake me up at 4 a.m. that my new get up, time is between 4:30 and 4:45. Who I am.

And there's a spirit, you probably had no idea nor desire. Your opinions thoughts, considerations towards me. Would affect me that way. That's not your problem, it's my problem. Fear of man fear man. Prevents us from seeing what should be said or cousins to speak when we shouldn't speak the last few things out clearly and boldly. And then we're going to wrap up with a few other things. First of all, clearly love you. If I'm serious, right? I'm staying here. At redeemers in Redmond, right? It's going to like, put pin in that and tell you that I love being here. It's been difficult. It's been hard. Has been a financial roller coaster the last 7 months. Actually, the last almost eight years, like financially. Who does you saw last week for like? Yeah, right. There's just the stuff that goes on in running the church. I love you. I want to stay here and preach and teach me your pastor. Hear your stories pray for you. So if you like me, great, you don't. There's a ton of churches all recommend, I'm here. No, yes. There's been lots of ups and downs, emotionally with government with ourselves and people coming and going people of moved away from here, they hate Oregon now, but also means a lot of people who like organ and maybe don't think alike they moved here. There are new neighbors. We get to love and care and witness to them much like the early Christians in the Roman Empire, who are the minority in their places. Love Jesus. Well, love your neighbors well, finding as an opportunity to share the gospel. None of the way to further the Divide between us and others have left has been tears. Cried has been decisions made at people didn't like I did it. I can acknowledge that. But we as a church. Give me directions for us and I believe good things lie ahead and moving forward, you should know, something small that is changed in my life over the last six weeks. I went out and got a real estate license. Here's the reason why When Financial woes hit us, I still want to Pastor you. I don't want to care if we dip $30,000. And we can't make budget and have to catch somebody. I don't know what this looks like in the future. I don't know if it'll bring in enough income to just simply subsidized at all. Are one or two homes. A year are none. All I know is I've been a lot of time with Jesus's last year and every time I asked him if I could leave for like Texas, he said no. Why didn't have to deal with so many of the problems they've been caused and even our church because of what some people might celebrate and praise of good decisions. With something might sell or be angry and upset. Bad decisions. I just thought Lord, what do you mean to do? What? You've always done. This side thing, flipping homes here in there. Why not afraid it over telling you guys had three elders meeting? So I talked to John, Michael for an hour. I had to tell you off. Air man, air man. What a fearful out is that you heard the wrong thing this morning, know, Brett is not going anywhere. Yes, I will continue to teach the scriptures three times a month, love having. The help Has Come Along Side of Me with Michael and Carson back without dad out of here by now. They have lifted up my arms, they have carried me through some tough times and I thank God everyday for my friend. Michael has come alongside of me and password with me here. Praise Jesus for him, is in a fantastic and wonderful job. I want you guys to know that I want you to know where I'm at. So if I ever get lucky enough in my face on a sign, you know why? And why not leaving? I'm here. Love you guys. So we are the two things outside of my family and got a lot of Theology and real estate. Only talk about people just make sense for my family for my life. No, we all struggle with fear of, man. I would love to talk about this last one but I just want to ask you guys a few questions instead. How do I know if I have a fear of man problem if you constantly worry about what people think I didn't wear shirt this morning cuz I was worried. I wear it last week and you guys got on now. I love that one smile. Pastor used to say, don't worry about what others think about you because they're probably not. I love it. If you make decisions based on how you respond to others, that's where I live at. You make decisions basic she's on how others will respond to you. I do this so I can respond that way. I can't make firm decisions. Is how people might react with fear of man that people might reject me of man, you seek, the praise of others and not giving praise to God. That's fear of man. Are you second-guessing decisions? Because of what others might think. I'm talking about loving caring esteeming, others above yourself, a Biblical. I'm talking about letting others Rule and determine your decisions. Did you give them the power in your life to do that rather than just coming under God? Are there sins? You confess to God but not people. Finally, are you more concerned of looking stupid? Me on the Dance Floor by. There's your image. Then we are. I can send fully fear of God.

Couple things.

We fear God and not man, it doesn't mean we get to be insensitive towards Mammoth, FYI. Let's try not to fear you to listen to, I don't have to do what you tell me to do. And when to come underneath of you laying here to 3/4 hose, do nothing from rivalry or conceit but in humility count others, more significant than yourselves, but each of you look not to his own interest, but also to the interests and of others, there to steam, others above ourselves, to love to care, not to be a slave to them, Luther says, it perfectly as a Christian, a Christian man being man and woman raped, Christian man is the most free Lord of all and subject to none. Lovett, a Christian man is the most beautiful servant of all and subject to everyone. That's not American know. He's getting a Heart of Jesus, you're free or free in Christ but you're free to come underneath and still a steam love and serve others. Well, that is the tension we live in too many people seek from people that they cannot get and ignore what God has freely. Offered them unconditional inexhaustible, love next week when you're gone. Dimensions all ties together. Tell him with graham. Father, thank you. Thank you for your love your kindness, your truth. Raise you that you're with us through walking, you maybe are you. It was seeing our fears, and we pray our fears. We, we cry out to you. City of Concord and You Are Holy and what should we fear, what? Men can do unto us? You are on our side and with us, praise your name in Jesus name.

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