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5-2-2021 The book of Job

Job  •  Sermon  •  Submitted   •  Presented   •  41:43
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Suffering Comes

We live with the reality that our lives can change at any moment.

Our view of God will determine how we handle the difficult circumstances.

We need to remember that God is always praiseworthy (1:20-22, 2:10).

We will struggle, but this shows us how we fight from the right perspective (6:10, 13:15, 19:25-26).

Suffering and Sin

Job’s friends told him his suffering was because of his sin (4:7-8, 22:6-7).

We must not heap guilt on others or ourselves in these times.

We have to be secure in our understanding of the forgiveness we have in Christ.

There’s a bigger picture to our suffering than just us.

Suffering and Sovereignty

God responds by pointing out the greatness of His understanding (39:1-2) and power (39:15-24).

God points to His control over all things without any help (38:4-11).

Job responds with humility (40:3-5, 42:2-6).

We can have confidence that we will see the mercy of God in the end (James 5:11).

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