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Easter: The Great Comeback

Easter 2021  •  Sermon  •  Submitted
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Easter is Our Why (Why God) | Scott Obremski
Key Ideas
There’s no set back that God can’t Lift you up from.
Every test can be a testimony.
Every Tear can become a Triumph.
God turned the Grave Inside out.
He turned the world’s judgment upside down.
He brought Heaven’s Power into your life.
Life change is powerful and possible if you open your heart to God.
Scripture References
1 Peter 1:3
Luke 5:4-11; 22:54-62
Ecclesiastes 1:2; 3:11; 12:13
Romans 7:18-20
Matthew 4:19; Matthew 16:18, 21-23
Acts 2:22-25
John 21:7-12
Easter is the answer to the ultimate “Why?”Hook: The not-so-deep whys of life.Why is a question we ask a lot.Example: telling kids to brush their teeth. Often, “Why?” prompts a response of, “Because I said so!” or “End of discussion!”Sometimes “Because I said so!” isn’t enough. We still want to know why.Easter is the answer to the ultimate “Why?”Summary of EasterBut what does this story mean for me?To answer this question, let’s look at the life of Peter.Peter’s transformation is miraculous. There’s no explanation for it, other than the fact that the resurrection happened and offers real hope and real life for now and eternity.Our Easter story starts with great promise.When Peter first met Jesus, Jesus asked him to do something that didn’t make sense. Jesus performed a miracle, and Peter left everything to follow Him.Peter knew he had found the fulfillment he’d been seeking all his life.Peter’s decision to leave everything for Jesus was not “settling.” King Solomon, the richest man ever, confirms this. Meaning and purpose are not found in getting more from this world. The “more” we crave and were made for is found in God.We need God to get in our boatThe problem: We can’t follow God perfectly because of our sinful nature.When Jesus said, “I will make you fishers of men,” the word translated “Make” is Poi-Eo, which means “to make something into” or “to perform.”So, when He calls Peter a “fisher of men” and renames him, Jesus is saying, “I am going to make you into who you’ve always wanted to be. You’ve wanted a relationship with God. You’ve wanted a life filled with purpose and meaning. And it’s never happened. But I’m going to make it happen.” That is God getting in your boat.Wherever you are in your faith journey, God wants to speak purpose, hope, and mission into your life.
“Sometimes God will ask you to do something that doesn’t make much sense. When you step in His direction, you unlock the miraculous.”
Our Easter story includes a massive setback.The first sign of trouble: when Jesus said “Get behind me, Satan!” to Peter. Peter went from an overflow of purpose and hope, to totally missing it- culminating in denying Jesus three times.Peter was reminded that sin causes us to weep bitterly- it looks like it will bring us what we want, but in the end, it only disappoints us.When Jesus died, Peter’s life was hopeless, but the good news of Easter is that the story doesn’t stop there.Our Easter story can involve an incredible comeback.The only explanation for Peter’s transformation is that the resurrection is exactly what the Bible says it is, and with it comes the power of the Holy Spirit to completely change lives.When the resurrected Jesus found the disciples exhausted from fishing, they were showing that living for yourself, your own way, wears you out. Then, He offered them grace when He said, “Come and have breakfast.”The reason for Easter is for God to extend an invitation to you to come and have a relationship with Him, even when you’ve missed it completely.Peter’s story can be your story if you open up your heart to Jesus.Illustration: stories of transformation from couples at SPC.ConclusionTakeaway: life change can happen! It exists! All you have to do is take a step in God’s direction, and He will make it happen.Call to salvation: life change is powerful and possible if you open up your heart to God.
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