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012, Final Charge to Timothy, 6.11-21

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Subject:      012, 1 Timothy

Topic:     Final Charge


Title:      Four Keys to Effective Ministry

Scripture:    1 Tim 6:11-21


As we close out the letter, we will see some similarities to how it began.

Last week, we saw that those who were slaves of unbelievers were to represent Christ well as slaves. Those who were slaves to believers, were to work that much harder, knowing that the master was a brother. I pointed out that there is no focus on trying to change one’s social circumstances, but the emphasis is on representing Christ well in whatever circumstance we find ourselves, KNOWING that God has placed us there at this time to share Him.

In vv.3-10 we see a laundry list of characteristics about false and falsely motivated teachers. This is important, because vv.11 begins with a word of contrast: which is our first Key

I.       FLEE from that which ensnares. (11a)

a.       Includes the list in 3-10:

b.      Morbid curiosity and interest in fruitless discussions that harm rather than help. (vv.4-5)

c.       A focus on the temporal to the detriment of the eternal (v.5c-7)

                                                              i.      Lack of perspective and contentment about needs and possessions.

d.      A love of money, possessions, accumulations

                                                              i.      Context is for the minister…but possessions can become a stumbling block which detours us from fulfilling our ministry.

                                                            ii.      Some pursue it, and wander away/compromise on things of the faith, gaining grief for themselves. 

II.    FOLLOW (pursue) (11b)

a.       The best way to flee is actually to pursue/follow after something else.

b.      How to stop thinking about food: not to not think, but to think on something else.

c.       3 sets of two here:

d.      Pursue:

                                                              i.      Righteousness. Religious or secular- acknowledgment of higher authority and seeking to adhere to it. Seeking to conform to God’s standard of uprightness. In contrast to lawlessness.

                                                            ii.      Godliness- The devout practices of religion. (piety)

                                                          iii.      Faith- confidence toward something

                                                          iv.      Love- attitude toward something/someone

                                                            v.      Perseverance- Steadfastness

                                                          vi.      Gentleness- calm disposition toward. Usually expressed as opposite of harshness.

III. FIGHT the good fight of faith (12)

a.       Fight is the word where we get agonize from. Labor unto exhaustion.

b.      Take hold of the eternal life. (Effort is required)

c.       V.13, I charge you in God presence and in the presence of Christ who did this.

d.      That you keep without stain…until the appearing of Christ.

                                                              i.      Christ is the blessed and only Sovereign

                                                            ii.      The King of kings

                                                          iii.      Lord of Lord

                                                          iv.      Who alone possess immortality.

IV. GUARD what is entrusted to you (v.20-21)

a.       V.17-19. Instruct others

b.      Guard yourself. (20-21)

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