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The Temple

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Man. Thank you, brother. Have a good.

All right, children, if you want to head on downstairs, for children's church and nursery and all that fun stuff you can do. So now,


All right.

So we're still in our series on on the temple, Tabernacle Temple, the importance of in the Old Testament, why it was used in the Old Testament, we talked about last week about the the Tabernacle and we kind of went through the, the history lesson of the big picture as to why the important as to why the Tabernacle God had Moses build the Tabernacle as they were wandering around in the wilderness for 40 years. The Tabernacle was God's dwelling place, that was an intentional means in which God was pointing to them to the importance of having God at the center of their lives, the center of their Nation. Also, we talked about the importance of what was happening inside of the temple. We had three different points last week that they're the Tabernacle was used to, to provide, sorry, to demonstrate to God people separation, that God is Holy, we are sinful. And because of our sin, we are separated from God. In the Tabernacle. I won't repeat last week's Lerman, but if the Tabernacle was a demonstration to that, because God's glory dwells in the holy of holy places, there was a veil that was cut off for mankind. No one could approach that that place while God's glory was there only the high priest once a year, but offer a blood sacrifice on the day of atonement to do. So and so provided separation is also demonstrated. The people that there is a need for mediation that the someone needed to stand in between sinful man and a and a holy God until God used it. There on a crease out of the tribe of Levi. To demonstrate as they worked in the temple, they were set apart for the working of the temple. And then, ultimately, the third point that we saw was that there was the temple or the Tabernacle demonstrated, the need for atonement recovering for a substitute. And so, day after day animals were were, were sacrificed and placed on the altar to, to demonstrate the Gory in sick, a demonstration of what our heart and our send truly looks like in the eyes of a holy God, that costed, it takes to cover such a thing to be able to atone for. It was before their eyes every day. They saw The cost of what sin did and then we got to experience the good news last week. That ultimately, the Tabernacle was pointing towards the ultimate Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world, who offered his body on the cross once, and for all. And we now live in the New Testament, demonstrating that Jesus is the temple. He's the Fulfillment of the Temple. And so, he has fulfilled. The things he was our separation between God, he's our mediator, he is our great high priest without beginning or end who stands at the right hand of the father of the right of the Hebrew says, forever, making intercession for the Saints and then obviously, he atone for us, he went to the Cross, his blood was shed for you for I once and for all And I, we stand here a 2021 looking back. Having this beautiful demonstration of God's gracious, Redemptive story through human history. That Jesus isn't just something. We talked on that, this has been God plan from the very foundations of the world that he would send going to cross the devil's head. The New Testament of the Old Testament and the New Testament reveals this passage Jesus Christ. And so, so that's the synopsis of what we talked about last week until we want to talk about the temple. So, obviously, in Jerusalem, Temple, Mount and back in the days of King David after got people, finish their journey in the wilderness for 40 years? They were able to cross into the promised land, and, and King David was able to lead an army of his generals Army into this place called jabu's Jerusalem as the capital of of this 12 tribes of Israel. Until he placed David was able to do that. And as he's doing that, he's here, we see we'll see in the story. We're going to be mainly in 1st Chronicles, 7 dance. If you'd like to turn there you can. So, King David was the king in which was able to leave God's people into Jerusalem. What is now Jerusalem? Defeat the jebusites and then established the the the national Capital there. Paul talks about King David in Acts in the New Testament Acts chapter 13, after removing him, my lights aren't working.

After removing him, he raised up David as their King. So he removed Saul Saul was the first king. God removes him that you'll find out through the Old Testament. Chronicles is going to be fun. He raised up David as a king and testified about him. I have found David, the son of Jesse to be a man after my own heart, who will carry out all my will. So God chose David to be the king and David was able to lead his people into Jerusalem established, the kingdom there in Jerusalem. And then, as David is sitting there in his built house and was nice house, he begins to have a burden on his heart. Because as he's sitting, in his nice cedar, plank house, right? At the Tabernacle of God does Mercy Seat. The Ark of the Covenant, dwells intense was in the Tabernacle in the, in the temporary structure that they had all throughout the Wilderness journey and so will spend that that Chronicle here in 1st Chronicles 17. Can you read along with me? So we'll see David. Be going to have this desire to build a permanent structure to take God's stuff, God's Ark of the Covenant, all the things that have been so Central to Israel's history and his their livelihood and he wants to build a permanent structure. When David had settled into his place, he said to the prophet. Nathan look, I'm living in a cedar house, while the Ark of the Lord's Covenant is under tent curtains. So Nathan told David do, all that is on your mind for God is with you, Nathan, the prophet, but that night the word of God came to Nathan.

Go to David my servant and say this is what the Lord says. You are not the one to build me a house to dwell in. From the time I brought Israel out of Egypt until now, I have not dwelt in a house. Instead, I have moved from one since sites to another and from one Tabernacle To another. And all my Journeys throughout Israel. Have I ever spoken a word to even one of the judges of Israel? Whom I commanded to Shepherd? My people asking, why haven't you build me a house of Cedar? So God saying, look, I've never asked for this.

For 7. So now this is what you are to say to the seven days or so Nathan is supposed to say this to David. This is what the lord of army. Says, I I took you from the pasture from tending, the flock to be ruler Over My People Israel. If you follow the, how God chose David to be the king. We know David was found in the pasture diligently, shepherding the flock and Nathan went through all the different brothers, that looks worse, naturally, and tall. And look like, they're the ones that be king and got the nope. Nope. Nope. I want the shepherd boy out in the out, in the pasture. You gone? I have been with you wherever you have gone, right? David defeated Goliath, David lead armies. Are the children of Israel's than armies is a children to defeat all the enemies that God has commanded to do. I've been with you wherever you have gone and I have destroyed all your enemies before you. I will make a name for you like that of the greatest on Earth. I will designate a place for My People Israel and plant them so that they may live there and not be disturbed again. Evil-doers will not continue to oppress them as they have done. Ever since the day, I ordered judges to be over My People Israel, I will also do all your enemies. Furthermore, I declare to you that the Lord himself will build a house for you. When your time comes to be with your ancestors is talking to David, when he David passes away our raise up. After you your descendant, who is one of your own sons and I will establish his kingdom, still God's essentially using Nathan to tell. David, look, I know you want to build a permanent structure for me, but you're not the one that's going to be your son Solomon. And so that's how God told David look, I know you did have this burning desire to build a house for me to build a temple for me to make the Tabernacle a permanent structure, but it's going to be through your son. It's always a promise given to David and will see that play out as we go on and sell in today's modern day Israel. There's today's modern day Israel as close to it as I can find anyway and this is the Temple Mount. You see where the golden dome is. That's a Muslim Mosque. Now Dome of the Rock that, that is the Temple Mount. And that's where the temple Solomon's Temple was built. After God allowed Solomon to build it. And so we see it's up there and that this is kind of the same kind of layout as if you remember the pictures from last week. The same kind of layout of the Tabernacle, write the courtyard and then you have the Holy place and then the holy of holies but it's instead of a tent, it's permanent in the features are a lot more larger next, I'd there. So you see the different things that the molten sea was the Labyrinth at which the priests did their, their ceremonial washing, they have the stone altar. So they're much bigger. You'll see how you can't see it from way in the back there, but that molten sea of the labyrinth had 12 oxen, they represented the 12 tribes of Israel. On there and then the stone altar where the sacrifices were done. So it's basically the Tabernacle put in a permanent since and then inside the temple. We see the same things that were inside. The Tabernacle, the table of showbread in the Holy place, the altar of incense the lampstands, that's where the priests are on the face with the daily, do the tendon that the mediation, good to take place and then still the veil, right? There's the big valve, that separates the holy face in the holy of holies. And inside the holy of holies was the Ark of the Covenant where God got in. The mercy, said over it and that is where God's glory would feel and was a demonstration to God's people of God's presence. But again, the veil they're being demonstrated to them that he was unapproachable because of sin. Okay? And then we know through history, that ultimately the temple was destroyed in 70 AD and so this is all that's left of the temple today. That's the Western Wall juice box juice go there on a consistent basis and want to and pray at the wall. They're asking God to Restore the temple. That was once there and you'll see people praying there often. And that is kind of where it was at. So ultimately what the temple is about, what we can draw from these things is we are in the stands that the play. It was a place of separation of demonstrative, got people again, got separation from a simple people, the need for mediation, the need for atonement and covering. but it also,

Demonstrated to us a couple of other points, that, that the temple. When the temple was built, the permanent structure, just reaffirmed a few things for God's people. And it's something that we can take our today in the first one is every affirmed. God preeminence that God has to be in focus in our focus and central part of our lives, right? He was the temple, was it? I mean sandwich, reaffirm to God's people that God deserve preeminence in our lives. So Solomon Solomon, you can see this being played out of Solomon, got the David's son recruit says, he's the king has David passed away in song. Becomes king, they recruit over a hundred thousand men to build the temple with took about seven years, according to 2nd Chronicles, a hundred thousand men. So this is a big deal. Completed around 960 BC in was a means in which the people work to be reminded that God primness. Freeman's means to have Central Focus to be of primary importance. And this was a time in which the Israelites believe the children to the people of Israel were begin to, come to be complacent. And so, it was a good reminder to them that, that what God has done in the past, deliver them from Egypt was Captain screen Faithfully, South Into the Wilderness Journeys, allow them to enter into the promised land of the feet. The enemies on this was a reminder of them that that God was to be Center and Paramount in not only their personalized but in the lives of the nation, And it was perched on Mount Moriah. So if we saw that that that picture of the Temple Mount. We saw it was overlooking the city of Jerusalem. So it's perched up. There is importance of David too bad. I was actually David to pick the spot where the temple is going to be built and he chose Mount Moriah and it overlooked the city there. Again reaffirming God's preeminence in God's people is like the people of God Lives. It took two hundred billion dollars of in Gold by the date today. Standards all the gold of the wash basins that alters the Candlestick. They was all made out of gold and you know $2,000 an ounce to today's standards which about two hundred billion dollars, they estimate of gold. It went into forming all the things that consisted inside the temple. But it was again a good. A reaffirmation forgot the people of God preeminence of where God should be in part of their, it's part of their existence in the capital, overlooking the capital, a high on the hill, Temple, that demonstrated God's glory and preeminence. And even in 1st Kings 8, chapter 8, King Solomon. This is the longest Prayer in the Bible, by the way, you're supposed to be there. Be at Bible trivia, but I'm not going to read it for you, cuz it's like 35 vs. But I just pulled this out of that. This is Solomon's Prayer in at the dedication after it was all done. He called all the people together and they had this Festival of dedication for the temple, and he pray this prayer and part of this prayer was in DC Universe 27, but will God indeed live on earth. Even the heavens, I even having the highest Heaven. Cannot continue. Much less, this Temple. I built. And so, I think that's an important verse that we pull out this morning, To understand that even though Solomon and God had David and Solomon, prepare and build. This is just Immaculate Temple. This permanent structure for him. It does not mean that that simple Define swear God had to be that does not have to stay inside the temple to be God. Right in this Prairie, see saw him and say, look, we understand this Temple that we built cannot contain. You write, God is all-powerful. God is everywhere. Got a spirit, he's all knowing he's not bound by time. He's a bean, a unique Bean, The One and Only God the creator of all things. And so Solomon took time to to demonstrate in this prayer. Look, this is just a shadow and of your demonstration of your glory. This points to your glory, this points to your freedom and its guy but we know it cannot contain you. And that's important for us to understand, we don't need a special building forgot to be present. It was just again, as the Tabernacle, a demonstration to got people of where God should fit in their life, a demonstration to God's people of the problem that was have occurred because of sin. So, the next point, I don't have to point story this morning. So that's good, right? All right, the second point. The final point is the temple, reaffirm to God promises. So it reaffirmed the building of the temple way from Godfrey, Eminence and then also reaffirmed of God's promises and this is really interesting as you dig into it. Again. At a time when Israel was going someplace in, this is God, I promised David song was able to build the temple. Right here, we saw that in the first Chronicles 17 that through the prophet, Nathan God told David, your son will build the temple. And we see that played out Solomon. Did indeed build the temple, and that's what Solomon says in his prayer of dedication and back in 1st Kings 8. Verse 23 and 24. Acknowledges that God is the ultimate promise keeper. Write thanks and praise be to God that the the promises that our Creator. God gives us in his reveal to us. We can count on him. That he will keep his promise he's demonstrated that throughout human history. And he says this in verse 23, he said Lord God of Israel, there is no God like you and Heaven above or on earth below who keeps the gracious the unmerited Covenant, right? Gracious means and Meredith

who keeps the gracious Covenant with your servants who walk before you with all your heart. You guys on the same verse 24, you have kept what you have promised to your servants, right? He promised his dad, David, My Father David, you spoke directly to him and you fulfilled your promise.

By your power as it is today. And so the temple was completed and got it in Solomon's Prayer was God, you've reaffirm your promised to go to my dad. You've built the temple, just as you promised him, he would do so. But it goes even further than that you go back to the number to where it has the different things. Tara. Sorry, this thing isn't working. Yeah, go toss it. Not only did it, remind got the people of God promise to David about building the Temple but it also has we see and understand and dig a Little Deeper. I got the temple and the place in which it was built, also reminds us of other gods, other promises, right? The abrahamic Covenant The that the promise given to Abraham before the law of Moses, we were gone through the lations and we saw Paul laid out at Master play. That has always been God's intention to save a people, not to the Lafayette through keeping the law, but through the promise, given to Abraham, which is awfully fulfilled in Christ. And you say. So how does the temple remind us of God's promise and they read my comment, let's do that here shortly. And also the davidic covenant, not only did God promise David, he was going to the temple by David Nathan went onto to give the davidic Covenant to David that you read on in that passage of scripture will cover that. So the temple reaffirmed promise isn't only just promising David that the temple to be built, but it also reminds us got people of abrahamic, the abrahamic Covenant, the davidic Covenant, also the New Covenant and we'll see that as we flush out these things here and so we go to Abraham a reminder reminder of Everett the a abrahamic covenant Genesis 22 while you already there. Thanks to her. So this is the reminder they ran. What kind of soda abrahamic Covenant was what God came to Abraham said through you. Right through your seat. I will bless all the world and all the nations will be blessed your children to be. Like the Sands of the sea. In the see, the stars in the sky through you, I would do so and he's so he gave Abraham a promise. And in the promise would be through Sarah, through of The Offspring of Sarah, who was old and was not, was not able to have a, a child and Abraham is extremely old. And there was no sense in the world that they could have a child with God promised him. And we saw that that Abraham and Sarah tried to help them out, right? And all. And so there was a the child born through one of their slaves and in Paul again in Galatians flushes that out for us that he was a child of the slave but the child of the promise was where God was going to fulfill this promised. And so this is child at open. He was Isaac Wright. Sarah bore a child named Isaac in Genesis chapter 22. We see this this test of Abraham's faith. God tells Abraham to take Isaac to the hill of Mariah. The offer him as a sacrifice. This is the child that that God promised would through him with comes with the blessing will become the he back in Genesis 3, 15, the Messiah. That would come with Billy be through Isaac. Until Abraham obediently takes to send Isaac to this Mount Moriah. The same Mountain where the Temple Mount is built. And he takes them up there and collects the wood in the stuff of the sacrifice and builds the, The Altar and all that stuff and isak even asked where's the offering? Neighbor House response was God, will provide and offering. And it gets to the point where you put the ladies Isaac on the Altar, and he, he raises his hand to the knife to, to, to do what got it asked him to do. And then we see it in this interjection here in wrist, 11 of Genesis 22. But the angel of the Lord called him from having a said Abraham Abraham, he replied here. Am I here I am and he said, do not lay a hand on the boy or do anything to him. but now I know that you fear God since you have not withheld, your only son from me And so we can all his parents, right? Can't even imagine having to do that, right? But that's the point. That is the point of of, why God lot Abraham and recorded it for us is to understand the cost. Yes, salvation that is found in Christ, Jesus, as free as gracious and the offer for properly freely to anyone who were received Jesus as your savior. But it cost greatly cuz he who spared not his own son. God's allowed his son to be sacrificed. Russ. so, this is the this is intended to

Rinse our hearts and to understand the cost of what Christ and God has done for us in Christ. The tremendous cost it took. Forgot to be able to make a way for us to have that atonement to have that sacrifice to be allowed, Jesus to be a mediator for us, to be able to divide the separation between a holy God in a simple man. The cost greatly. But it goes on here, do not lay a hand on the boy. I know that you fear God since you have not withheld, your only son from me Abraham looked up and saw a ram caught in the thicket by its horns. And so, Abraham went and took the RAM and offered as a burnt offering in the place of his son.

and Abraham name that place, the Lord will provide So today said, it is said, it will be provided on the Lord's Mountain. That's a mountain that David shows to build the temple work day after day. I sacrificed a substitute was offered in the name of sin. Forgot the people An Altima fulfilled in Christ, but it's that same thing until the temple and where it was built as a reminder for God's people. But not only the promise given to David to build the temple. But also the abrahamic promise that you and I and all those who are in Christ Jesus, this this morning our benefactors from, because if we're in Christ, Jesus, we are the recipients of Salvation through the promise given to Abraham amazing. And then we move on here. Back to First Chronicles 17. So we see it's a reminder of the abrahamic Covenant but also the davidic Covenant that God made several covenants, throughout human history. We saw the abrahamic of it. We saw the Mosaic Covenant right with. We went to our travel to Galatians and then we have this davidic Covenant. So we we read the first few verses of 1st Chronicles 17, that Nathan came to David and said, you're not going to build a house but is your son will? And then we pick it up and verse 11, when your time comes to be with your ancestors, David dies. Our raise up after you your descendant. It was one of your own sons and I will establish his kingdom. He is the one who will build a house for me and I will establish his throne forever.

So this thrown this lineage, This Promise given to David was that his lineage would be his through through him. And then his Reign through his son Solomon, he will rule forever. It's a promise given to them to him. Right. And verse 13. I will be his father and he will be my son. I will not be not remove my faith alone from him as I removed it from the one who was before you, that's all

Sorry, my device is not cooperating with me at all. I will Point them over your over my house and my kingdom forever, and his throne will be established forever. Nathan reported all these words and this entire Vision to David. And so, This Temple. Not only as a means in which god promise David to build the temple, but he also promised David and First Chronicles, 17, is a summary of the davidic Covenant, which is actually found in 2nd Samuel chapter 7. For those of you that want to go home and and see is when, when it happened. So this is a summary of the davidic Covenant that this davidic Covenant is a promise given to David that his throne marouf Forever Until when we see the New Testament and they open up the Book of Matthew. Everyone says, I look at all this, got the all these people. The Gabba Gabba. But now we understand the importance of it because that we need sleep this back to King, David and Solomon. God fulfilled, his promise to Abraham to David. Got Roots cuz we look again. And again and receive through human history. God fills his promises that he goes. There is people, he is the ultimate promise keeper. And then I also pointed it out. Not bulletin, that Not only was a reminder of the abrahamic, Covenant, the debate of government is also the temple is actual reminder of the New Covenant. Established by the sacrifice of Jesus. You go to the book of Hebrews, the writer this mask for the demonstrates. How did Jesus fulfill? All those things are in the Old Testament? That all those things until tessmer actually point in pipes, pointing towards Messiah Jesus, fulfilling those things. and so those as we talked about last week and Hebrews chapter 10, That was the day the offerings of goats and and Bowls did not satisfy God's judgement. It was just a temporary covering and it was pointing towards the time when Jesus would be the ultimate sacrifice once and for all And then the right of Hebrews just has us this beautiful passage that I go to often to remind me of God. The promise keeper. that he's promised salvation in Christ, for all who will Believe, and trust in his accomplice work alone. That all those works of the Old Testament is so we can answer confidently to those around us. Why we don't Worship in temples anymore. Because Jesus fulfilled those things. Jesus is the temple. He's the Fulfillment of it. He's the real, the real. The real deal. The real thing. The Old Testament is just a shadow. And the writer of Hebrews just magically demonstrates that to. So few if you want to know that if you're like a big picture guy like me, you want to know how the Old Testament fits with a new testament. Hebrews is the place to go cuz he's just points out every single thing about the high priest and all those different things but he just has a straight passage here and he was 10. Because of what Jesus has done. And we mentioned last week is Jesus was hung on the cross and he cries out. It is finished that the veil in the temple was torn from top to bottom demonstrating that that separation between a holy God and simple people has. Now been made the chasm has been made through the mediator Christ Jesus, he provided that sacrifice once and for all And he says this year has been there for brothers and sisters since we have boldness to enter the sanctuary.

So the writers referring back to the temple but he's see he's showing us that Jesus is the ultimate form of that into the sanctuary through the blood of Jesus, not through blood bulls and goats the blood of bulls and goats. But through the blood, the shed blood of Jesus Christ. He has inaugurated for us. A New and Living Way Through the curtain. He has made a way, he's brought in the New Covenant that it's no longer through the Old Testament in the sacrifices covering sent that he is made a, a New and Living Way. Because Jesus, yes! Died for us and then went to the cross and died and pay the, the just penalty for our sin, the praise be to God. He rose from the grave 3 days later. Jesus is Alive bodily resurrected. And so now he is now the New and Living Way, not through the death of bulls and goats that through the shed blood of Jesus Christ, who lives and Reigns and is our great high priest Forever. At the right hand of the father, making intercession for us forever. We stand, he's our mediator, we stand as sinful, yes. But those of us who are in Christ Jesus, he mediates for us. Has the accuser says, look at all these send that this person has he stands and says, no, he's covered that persons Covered In The Blood of My Blood. And God sees the righteousness of Christ, instead of Our Own. He's still in a jar substitute. He paid the penalty for us and now mediates for us day after day.

He died for you two thousand years ago, he died for all of your sin. Assume that you committed yesterday in the Years prior and assume that you commit tomorrow. The only means in which you can have a relationship with a holding, just got us through the righteousness of Christ applied to you by faith. By trusting in this promise, that is given to us. That all those who will confess with your mouth, the Lord Jesus, and believe in your heart that God has raised him from the dead. The promise given to us from our God is he will be saved. and just as he fulfilled, the promises for Abraham Moses or David, all the different promises that we seem fulfilled in the Old Testament through the new, he will fulfill that promise and

Do you know this wrestling New and Living Way Through the curtain? And what is his curtain that is through his flesh? It was through him. Coming taken upon flash dying for us. As our kinsman, redeemer that we can now have immediate access to the throne to the throne room that was cut off for all the Old Testament Saints now have the opportunity, the blessing to approach the throne room at any time because of what Jesus has done for us.

3/21. And since we have a great high priest over the house of God, Jesus is our high priest or mediator. The writer says this, let us draw near With a True Heart. In full Assurance of faith. You got that this morning. How amazing it is that we can approach the true and living a holy God at any time. Is what Christ has done for us. We can approach the throne. We can approach the throne with boldness. Right? We don't have a bunch of stuff to go through, we don't have a priest to go through, except for Jesus, we can approach the throne at any time. What an amazing gift.

Just wanted to let us draw near with a True Heart full of strength to face with a heart sprinkles again. And sprinkle The Mercy Seat with blood but it's as an offering for God's. Son of God's people. And so he's drawing these parallels, but Jesus is a proponent of that.

Weather are sprinkled from an evil conscience. In our bodies, washed with pure water. And he says missing response. Let us hold on to the confession of Our Hope. Write my hope is not in. The government. My hope is not in my bank account. My hope is not in how good I could be in the homestead. A God was way out tonight seats to see more good than bad, right? Cuz scripture say I'm bad, there's nothing I can do in my own righteousness, 222 earn my favorite back to a holy God. Is not an any of those things. My hope is in. The shed blood of Jesus Christ.

Let us hold fast.

The confession of Our Hope without wavering. Why Because he who promised is faithful.

Thank you.

Thank you for your faithfulness. God. You think you've heard your demonstration of Your Love by coming to save us. We are not worthy. Have your love.

But you extended it to us anyways. You've demonstrated to us in Christ Jesus by line. Your son to come and die for story. You did not spare your own son.

And we offer Thanksgiving this morning, God. For such a great salvation. That we threw the promise, you given us that all who will believe and receive Jesus as their Savior and believe and trust in his accomplice atonement father on the cross and subsequent defeat over trust in that have a promise. The hope is that you will be too, will have no longer death will be our enemy. We are we, are we from the condemnation of our sin because of what Christ has done? You're so amazing God for what you've done for us. And all because you promised it. And it's freely given to us, so thankful that we see today. I hope. The cost. I'm so we're working. We're humbled and thankful. And may God Winchester in the corporate prayer. This morning, your goodness and your love. To those around us. Experience would have the condemnation at there, soon removed from them. The peace that passes all understanding. We so desire are our neighbors in her family members in her co-workers to be able to experience that reflect that God. I pray that there's anyone in this room this morning or anyone that might be listening online. God, that you are Spirit. We can pick them up from anything else righteousness. Their self-righteousness. All those things got that they did. Your spirit would do worse than they, would understand their need to, to turn from those things and receive Jesus as their savior that they too. Maybe recipients of your great love. Did they too would be the recipients of the promised if you'd given to us in Christ Jesus?

We asked for your glory sake, Lord, and then his precious and your name, amen.

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