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Got Friends?

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Proposition: Friendship is a misunderstood concept in today's culture. We are loosing the ability to care for, cherish, and encourage each other as friends. There are often selfish motives behind many our friendships, but when true friendships are found they are worth more than their weight in gold.

Introduction: Politicians

Politicians have to make a lot of "friends". Politicians have to lie and make promises in order to gain some of these so called friends.

True friendship is not based on broken promises, but true friendship is base on real relationships.

I. What is a Friend?

At the heart of understanding friendship is know what a friend is. If one has a lot of friends then their deffinition of friend needs to be qualified. There are many shades to the word friend, but we are concerned with close friendships.

A. Friend Defined

  • Acquaintance
  • Professional colleague
  • One who supports something
  • Close Friend

B. Sex Crazed Culture is Distorting Definition of Friendship

  • Sexual attraction is not substitute for closeness
  • Closeness doesn't have to involve sexual attraction
  • Example of David and Jonathan

II. We Need to Be Friendly

A. Isolation is Not Healthy (Prov 18:1)

  • We are social beings by design
  • Other viewpoints are utilized when you allow input from a trusted friend

B. Selfishness is Not Productive

  • We should not be concerned with only our own needs
  • It doesn't take long to figure out those who are "users"

C. How to Be Friendly

  • We should not demine ourselves to gain friends
  • We should not demine others to gain friends

III. There is a Friend...

A very close friend is rare, but if found these friends are blessings.

A. Who Can be a Close Friend

  • Those of similar interest and personality
  • Those that can respect and help
  • Those for which we feel affection or esteem
  • As Christians we should have strong Christians as close friends

Conclusion: Jesus is a Good Friend

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