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Are You A Friend of God?

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One friendship we all must have is the friendship relationship with Jesus our Lord and Savior. Our friendship with Jesus should not be base on fear nor deception, but it should be base on a honest and true love.

I. God's Commands Are for Our Good

A. Commandments are not bad

  • In the garden of Eden Satan convince Eve that the restrictions that God established were bad
  • Today we see the same logic
    • "We have rights"
    • "We should be free to do what we wish"

B. The Joy of God

  • The result of keeping commandments from God is that we will experience a joy that surpasses all understanding
  • We don't keep Jesus' commandments to make him love us
    • Jesus made the choice of who would bear fruit (Jn 15:16)
    • We love Jesus because He first loves us (1Jn 4:19)

II. Love Like Jesus

A. What are we willing to do for our friends

  • Are we wiling to risk being hurt

B. Jesus was willing to give His life

  • There is no greater expression of love than to be willing to give one's life for a friend

III. He Called Us Friends

A. Servant master relationship

  • Servant must do that which is commanded
    • With or without the benefit of explanation

B. Jesus Closeness to his Friends

  • Jesus provided some explanation and context of what he was doing
  • Jesus did not merely have a servant master relationship with his disciples
  • Jesus had an inner circle with who he was close

Conclusion: Jesus asked Peter: "Do you love me?"

  • The denial of Peter
  • The exchange beside the water after the resurrection of Jesus
  • Do you love Jesus; Is He your friend.
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