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6, 15-21 Does God Have Bad Timing (Notes)

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“Does God have Bad timing?”

John 6:15-21


Why would God allow me to lose my job? Why would God allow my child to be rebellious? Why would God allow me to be sick? The question I want to answer today is does God have bad timing? Is it possible for Him to allow bad things at the wrong time?

 i. god’s time is                                                              vs. 15-18

a. NOw is not prime time to be _________________

b. now doesn’t seem like prime time to ________

                Cf. Mt. 14:22; Mk. 6:45-48a 

ii. god is never                                                             vs. 19-21

a. god can do __________________ _______________

                Cf. Mk. 6:48b-50a

b. We must stay _______________________ on him

                Cf. Mt. 14:28-32


What are some bad timing decisions that we make?





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