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6 9-7 5 A Trip Of Wooly Mammoth Proportions Notes

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                                                  liberty bible church          1/7/07 P.M.

By Tom Zobrist

“a trip of wooly mammoth proportions”

Genesis 6:9-7:5


In this passage, we learn from Noah how to handle major life changes.   

  i. be ready to                                                                                                                                        vs. 6:9-13

a. we must…

b. the rest of the world may choose _________________________________________

c. the world will be held acountable at some point


 ii. don’t be afraid to                                                                                                                       vs. 6:14-22

A.     a new ________________________________

b. A new _________________________________

iii. trust god to                                                                                                                                      vs. 7:1-5

a. God can deliver ________________________________________________________

b. God’s _______________________________________ is perfect


What does this mean for us?




Remember the key was that…



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