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4 11-26 A Plan For Evangelism

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                                                  liberty bible church          2/10/08 a.M.

By Tom Zobrist

“A Plan for evangelism”

John 4:11-26


Illus. of “You Gonna Talk or Fish?” Churches have been accused before of being like this game warden…we talk more about fishing than we do fishing. We don’t want to be accused of that here at Liberty, so our talking will include some training on “fishing for men, as Jesus said to the disciples. Last week, we talked about overcoming the fear of evangelism. We can boldly enter scary places and talk to seedy people because Jesus enables us by His power and shows us in His Word. Today, we want to talk about a plan for evangelism. A good plan will help to extinguish many further fears we feel.

Prop. In this passage today, we learn from Jesus a good plan for evangelism.

Open in PRAYER.

PREVIEW the passage. REVIEW 4:1-10. So, what is Jesus’ plan going to be? Last week we talked about how He was building a bridge. This is necessary for many that we will want to reach. There is a void, a split if you will, between believers and unbelievers. We first need to…

  i. remedy the split vs. 11-15

Illus. of how hard it is to communicate with someone with whom you don’t share the same language. That is certainly true in evangelism. It will be like you are speaking a foreign language at times. They just won’t get it. Jesus runs into that here.

a. the woman wanted to quench a thirsty body  

V 11    1. If the well that is in this region today is Jacob’s well, it is one of deepest there. As far as she knew, this was the closest place to get water around. How did Jesus plan to draw water and give it away? If there was another source, where was it? Where was this living water, running water to her?

V 12    2. The grammatical structure in the Greek poses this question in such a way so as to expect a negative answer. This guy couldn’t be greater than Jacob. She pokes a little jab at this full blooded Jew as well by reminding Him that Jacob was her father as well. His water couldn’t be that great.

b. Jesus wanted to quench a thirsty soul

V 13    1. Jesus begins to explain what He meant, but it is still somewhat puzzling to this woman. But, He does differentiate between His offer and what this well can offer. Jacob’s well can offer physical satisfaction for a time. But one will thirst again and will have to work to get more water and drink again. It is a never ending cycle as long as we live here. Jesus offer more.

V 14a   2. Jesus offers a water that quenches forever. It provides continual satisfaction that meets every need and desire we have. Not only that, but we actually can create our own satisfaction from within.

V 14b  3. It provides for this life and for all eternity. Cf. John 7:38-39 When we believe in Jesus for our salvation, we are born again and we become a life source for others. Through us, by God’s Spirit, we share with others the gift of eternal life and they too have the opportunity to be born again. Cf. Acts 1:8 And the rest is history.

c. splits to remedy

V 15a   1. Materialism- She wanted her thirst quenched. Just like the world today, many have selfish reasons for wanting Jesus in their lives. She didn’t want to thirst again. She wanted to have her materialistic, physical needs met, without any commitment.

V 15b  2. Laziness- Work has become a bad word today. We like weekends and retirement. Illus. of those today that want Jesus so that their lives will be easy. Jesus never promised that following Him would be easy. He only promised that He would be with us. She didn’t get it. Cf. 1 Cor. 2:14

Trans. We may have to REMEDY SPLITS with those that are caught up in a materialistic, selfish world, as Jesus does here. Second, we may have to…

 ii. recognize the sin vs. 16-18

Illus. of in a religious world, you have to get someone lost before you can lead them to the Savior. That’s what Jesus does with the woman here at Jacob’s well. When Jesus saw she didn’t get it, He had to get more specific.

a. A proper question         

V 16    1. To keep things proper and to lead her where He wants her to go, He asks her to go call her husband.

V 17a   2. She has no idea what she is getting into here. Illus. of how we try to fool God, but He knows all about us.

b. Jesus recognizes two things

V 17b  1. Jesus recognizes His power. He shows that He knows everything about her. We can’t do that today, but we can expose people to the Word of God which has the same convicting power. It, along with prayer, are our main tools in evangelism.

V 18    2. Jesus recognizes her sin. He doesn’t blast her with “You useless pagan!” But, He does call it what it is and reveals her need for salvation. This is one of those uncomfortable situations. If He knew all this, what else did He know?

Trans. Jesus has a REMEDY FOR THE SPLIT and He RECOGNIZES SIN.  We may have to do the same in evangelism. We will also have to…

iii. respond to smoke screens vs. 19-24

Illus. of how SWAT teams, the military, and even magicians use smoke screens. Hopefully, it provides the cover and distraction needed so that they can do what they need to and not be seen. Frequently, unbelievers use smoke screens in the hopes that they will not have to deal with their sin and with God. The woman at the well does that here.

A.     The smoke

V 19    1. She recognizes Jesus’ power. He was not just any teacher or Jew passing through. He knew all about her. But, rather than repenting and being saved yet, she asks a question that had been disputed for ages.

V 20    2. The Samaritans worshipped on Mt. Gerizim, the Jews in Jerusalem. Who is right? What does Jesus do? The same thing we should do.

b. ignore the smoke and build the fire

V 21    1. Jesus here is referring to His death. Soon, the church age would come and all the sacrificial worship would end. The indwelling HS would make worship personal.

V 22    2. He does answer her question by showing that the Samaritan worship is wrong. It was confused an in error. No salvation was to be found there. True worship was to be in Jerusalem because the Messiah would come from the Jews. Salvation would come to the world through Jesus.

V 23    3. With the coming of Jesus, we can worship now in Spirit and Truth. Cf. John 14:6 Jesus is truth and the only way to worship of the Father. Otherwise we are false worshipers, like this woman. Cf. Rom. 1:25 Everyone worships something, even if it is self. But, they are blinded by sin and put their faith in science or worse yet…self. Worship in Truth must include Jesus. God is seeking this type of worshiper.

V 24    4. Through Jesus we can be born again and His Spirit then enables us to worship as it was always intended to be. Cf. John 3:3, 5 This is the only true worship. All else is a waste of time. Illus. of all the wasted worship that is done in churches and synagogues and mosques and temples all over the world. They have never been born again through the Truth, Jesus.

  Trans. Jesus RESPONDS TO THE SMOKE SCREEN by revealing that true worship needed Truth and the Spirit of God. That Spirit would come in tongues of fire o the day of Pentecost in Acts 2. Finally, after a person is lost, we must…

 iv. reveal the savior vs. 25-26

Illus. of maybe they have heard of Jesus, but they may need to hear of the real Jesus. They may know the friendly, “can’t we all just get along,” Jesus; but, do they know the “unless one is born again, he cannot see the Kingdom of God” Jesus? Jesus reveals the Savior here.

a. The woman knows about God

V 25a   1. The Samaritans believed in a Messiah but it was different than the One the Jews talked about. Many churches talk about Jesus, but it is different than the Jesus in the Bible.

V 25b  2. When He comes, He’ll answer all these questions. There would be no more disputes. I wouldn’t have to live in this miserable state I have lived in, even though her misery was created by her own sin. She needed something that would change her life. 

b. a shocking revelation

V 26    1. Jesus normally wasn’t this clear about who He was. But, in Samaria, He didn’t have to worry about the zealots that would try to crown Him king right now.

            2. At some point in evangelism, people need to be confronted with accepting or rejecting Jesus. Here’s the fact, what are you going to do with them. GOSPEL To get here though…


We may have to REMEDY SPLITS; build bridges to make conversation; find common ground. We’ll have to get people to RECOGNIZE SIN. This is difficult in our culture where everything goes. We may have to RESPOND TO THE SMOKE SCREENS; answer tough questions about God, the church, and the Bible. Finally, we have to REVEAL THE SAVIOR. Bring them to a point of decision about Jesus. What will they do with Him? O.k. Now I’m afraid again.

1.      Follow God’s lead through prayer. He’ll give the opportunities if you are sensitive to His lead. You must desire them to get them, otherwise you will miss them.

2.      Confront sin as Jesus did. Use the Scriptures. Let God be the judge.

3.      Be student of the Word so that you can respond to smoke screens. 1 Peter 3:15 says, “15 But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts, and always be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you, with meekness and fear.”

4.      Bring them to a point of decision. If they say they have, then challenge them as a brother or sister to obey the Word. Cf. 1 John 5:3 says, For this is the love of God, that we keep His commandments. And His commandments are not burdensome.”

Illus. of “Coasting”

When it comes to evangelism, the temptation is to coast; let others do the work. However, if we all peddle, we’ll be much more effective, the church will grow, and we all will experience the blessing of seeing someone born again.


“A Plan for evangelism”

John 4:11-26


Today, we want to talk about a plan for evangelism.

  i.                                        the                                          vs. 11-15

a. the woman wanted to quench a thirsty __________________________________ 

b. Jesus wanted to quench a thirsty ___________

                Cf. John 7:38-39; Acts 1:8

c. splits to remedy

                Cf. 1 Cor. 2:14

 ii.                                                            the                    vs. 16-18

a. A proper question         

b. Jesus recognizes two things

iii.                                         to                                          vs. 19-24

A.      The smoke

b. ignore the smoke and build the _____________

                Cf. John 14:6; Rom. 1:25; John 3:3, 5

 iv.                                               the                                  vs. 25-26

a. The woman knows about God

b. a shocking revelation


O.k. Now what?




1 Peter 3:15


        1 John 5:3

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