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29,1-30 A Love Story With A Twist

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                                                  liberty bible church          11/9/08 P.M.

By Tom Zobrist

“a love story with a twist”

Genesis 29:1-30


Illus. of since the beginning of time, romantic love has played a major role in humankind. And where there is love, there has always been a father who gets involved. WATCH clip, “Grounded for Life” from “Dan in Real Life.” In our passage tonight, we have a father who mettles in his daughters’ love lives, which leaves us with a love story with a twist; not what you would expect. Most love stories have predictable endings which is why they can be “sleepers.” But not this one; Hollywood has yet to match this true Biblical account of love.

OPEN to passage.                                       


Prop. In this passage, we see God work out his purposes for Israel, even when people make bad choices.

Open in PRAYER.

PREVIEW the passage. It’s been two months since we have been in Genesis. Jacob has been our main character recently. He has had his share of troubles. We’ve seen him steal Esau’s birthright and blessing, along with his mother’s encouragement. The results are that now his brother wants to kill him and he is on the run to avoid an untimely death. But as he travels, an unexpected event happens that changes his whole perspective on life. He has a meeting with God and receives the promise of God. Cf. 28:12-22 So, Jacob makes a commitment to God and now it is time to find a wife. As in any love story…

  i. boy meets girl vs. 1-12

Illus. of it’s interesting the different ways that couples meet. We met in accounting. Cindi did my homework for me. Here, Jacob falls in love at the local watering hole.

a. the sovereignty of God brings them together   

            1. We can compare and contrast how Isaac and his son Jacob found their wives in their father’s homeland. One common thread was Laban. He certainly would have remembered how God had lead Abrahams’ servant Eliezer there to find a bride for Isaac. Now Isaac’s son was back…perhaps looking for love.

V 1-3   2. Jacob happens upon a well that is near Haran, where Laban lived. It is where local shepherds gathered to water their flocks. A large stone covered the well’s mouth that was removed so that the sheep could be watered.

V 4-6   3. Jacob hits pay dirt. He finds his family and not only that, a relative is coming out at this very time. Just dumb luck? Or is this the work of a sovereign God bringing circumstances together so that His promises can be fulfilled. Cf. Gen. 24:27

b. love at first sight

V 7      1. There is a sense of urgency in Jacob’s voice at it appears as if he is trying to get rid of the other shepherds that are there.

V 8      2. They couldn’t water them until all the sheep had arrived and the stone was removed from the well’s mouth.

V 9      3. Now Rachel arrives with her father’s sheep. It’s interesting how God uses shepherds throughout Scripture. It seems to be a good training ground for leaders. I.e. Moses, David, etc.

V 10    4. Jacob didn’t wait for the rest. He rolled the stone away himself and watered Rachel’s sheep.

V 11    5. This was a proper greeting in this culture. We give hugs. Jacob wept because he sensed God leading him.

V 12    6. He introduced himself as her near relative. She too was excited and she ran and told her father that she had met her cousin.      

Trans. BOY MEETS GIRL and now…

 ii. boy meets girl’s family vs. 13-20

Illus. of I met Cindi’s family while they were eating dinner before our first date. The difference form this account is that we weren’t related. However, they accepted me. And…

a. jacob is accepted into the family  

V 13-   1. Once again, a kiss was a proper cultural greeting in the Middle East and still is today. In verse 14, this

    14         statement may mean that he was accepting him as his own son.

            2. So Jacob stays for a time and serves his uncle and gets to know the family. Soon, the relationship changes.

b. jacob makes a commitment

V 15    1. Jacob was serving for nothing up until this point. Since leaving home, this dweller in tents had become an industrious worker and caretaker of sheep, which would serve Laban well over the next 20 years. What about his wages?

V 16-   2. A common wage in that day was a bride. There were two from which Jacob could choose, Leah’s eyes were

       18      “weak.” She was not beautiful to behold. But Rachel, she was beautiful in “form and appearance.” Lake any red-blooded ma, Jacob was attracted to Rachel. He makes an offer to Laban to serve him for seven years, after which Rachel would be given to him as wife.

V 19-   3. Laban agrees to the offer. The time flies for Jacob because of his great love for Rachel. It was easy because the

        20            reward was so great.

Trans. BOY MEETS GIRL and BOY MEETS GIRL’S FAMILY. Finally in any good love story, it ends with “Boy Marries Girl.” But in this one, it is…

iii. boy marries girls vs. 21-30

Illus. of WATCH clip, “Murderer of Love” from “Dan in Real Life.” Here Laban appears to be a murderer of love. In reality, God uses Laban to discipline Jacob and accomplish His will. God molds him into the servant he needs him to be and He uses Laban. Jacob’s deception of his father and brother comes back on him. This principle of “what goes around comes around” is Biblical. Cf. Gal. 6:7  

A.     Wedding #1

V 21-   1. Jacob fulfills his commitment and asks for Rachel. A feast is prepared and friends are gathered. It’s your

        24            typical big wedding. When it came time to consummate the marriage, Laban pulls a fast one. He gave her a maid as well.

V 25    2. Imagine how Jacob must have felt. God allowed this to teach him a valuable lesson. But Jacob didn’t quit and God was able to use these events to change him.

V 26    3. Laban’s excuse was that it was a cultural thing. Jacob should have known. Maybe a lame excuse, but legal nonetheless.

V 27    4. Laban’s offer was to fulfill the bridal, (honeymoon) week, 7 days, for Leah and then he could marry Rachel. However, he would have to serve another 7 years for her. This may not seem like a good deal, but Jacob takes the offer.

V 28    5. Jacob accepts the offer.

B.     Wedding #2

            1. Two weddings and two wives in one week. That’s a big week.

V 29    2. Rachel too receives a maid.

V 30    3. Jacob loved Rachel more and he served another 7 years. We’ll here more of this family in coming weeks. That all still have a great deal to learn and so do we as we get to know them better.


BOY MEETS GIRL, BOY MEETS GIRL’S FAMILY, and BOY MARRIES GIRLS. How can this apply to us today? What can we learn?

1.      Just because you’re unhappy with your spouse, it doesn’t mean you can try another one. Work to make your marriage Biblical. Then it will be better. 

2.      When God allows trials, work hard to serve Him through them. Jacob does that here, even though he makes some mistakes. God molds him onto the person He needs to be the patriarch of Israel.

3.      Polygamy was not sanctioned by God. What is culturally accepted is not necessarily Biblical.

Illus. of A missionary heard about a native chief who had five wives. He sought out the chief, and told him: "You are violating a Law of God. You must go and tell four of those women they can no longer live here or consider you their husband." The native chief thought for a moment, then he said: "Okay. But just one thing. Me wait here. YOU tell 'em!" Love stories are great, if they follow God’s will and His Word.  


                                                  liberty bible church          11/9/08 P.M.

By Tom Zobrist

“a love story with a twist”

Genesis 29:1-30


In this passage, Jacob makes a commitment to God and now it is time to find a ______________________.

  i. boy                                                                                    vs. 1-12

a. the ______________________________ of God brings them together  

            Cf. Gen. 24:27

b. love at ______________________ _____________________________

 ii. boy                                                                                                    vs. 13-20

a. jacob is accepted into ________________ ______________________ 

b. jacob makes a _________________________________

iii. boy                                                                                        vs. 21-30

Cf. Gal. 6:7 




How can this apply to us today? What can we learn?





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