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26 12-35 You Can't Stop It, You Can Only Hope To Contain It (Notes)

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                                                     liberty bible church                 6/22/08 P.M.

By Tom Zobrist

“You Can’t Stop It, You Can Only HOpe To COntain It”

The Fulfillment of God’s Will

Genesis 26:12-35


The world and even many Christians try to stop God’s will, but it can’t be done. God’s purposes will be accomplished. We see that in our passage tonight and we see how God gives the victory in the face of opposition.

  i. the enemy will                                                                         vs. 12-22

a. why?  

b. They want to _____________________________________ him.

c. ________________________, ___________________________, everywhere


 ii. the lord will                                                                            vs. 23-25

a. GOd affirms His _______________________________ 

b. Isaac responds in ___________________________ 

iii. the enemy will                                                                        vs. 26-35

A.     Can’t we all get along?

            Cf. Gen. 21:22-34

b. God continues to _______________________________ Isaac

c. more trials



How does this affect us today?





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