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24 29-67 When God Calls, We Better Listen (Notes)

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                                                  liberty bible church          3/9/08 P.M.

By Tom Zobrist

“when god calls, we better listen”

If we follow the will of God, we will be led by God. 

Genesis 24:29-67


If we expect to be led by God, then we have to…

  i. open to the                                                                                    of god vs. 29-33

a. _____________________ invite 

b. _______________________ come

 ii. open to the                                                                                  of god vs. 34-49

a. god sometimes…

b. god sometimes…

iii. open to                                                                                               to god vs. 50-67

A. don’t _________________________________ in God’s way 

b. commited to _____________________________


We can apply this from several perspectives, because we are all these people at one time or another. 






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