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22 20-23 20 Rest In Piece (Notes)

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                                                   liberty bible church                  2/24/08 P.M.

By Tom Zobrist

“Rest in Piece”

Choices in this life may indicate what we believe about the next.

Genesis 22:20-23:20


Abraham makes some choices in this passage that indicate that he is preparing for, not only the next life, but the next generation of his descendants that would follow him in this life. He wants them to be at “p-i-e-c-e” while he rests in “p-e-a-c-e.” 

  i. the passing of a                                                                                                           vs. 22:20-24

a. a family update


b. why here?


 ii. the passing of a                                                                                                              vs. 23:1-4

a. the princess ________________________________

b. the need

iii. the pASSING OF a                                                                                                                                vs. 5-20

A. Abraham’ request 

b. Let the _________________________________ begin

c. The impact of this purchase

            Cf. Heb. 11:39-40; Matt. 22:31-32     


How do our choices in this life indicate what we believe about the next life?





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