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17 1-14 What Makes A Father (Notes)

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  liberty bible church          8/5/07 P.M.

By Tom Zobrist

“what makes a father?”

Genesis 17:1-14


Obviously, it takes more to be a Father than a biological act and a birth. What does it take?

  i. he                                                              to god vs. 1-3a

a. has god forgotten me?


b. god does his part and…

            Cf. Gen. 15:4-5; 12

 ii. he                                                                with god vs. 3b-8

a. the names are changed to identify the blessed

            Cf. Gen. 12:2

b. god’s commitment to Abraham

iii. he is a                                                              for god vs. 9-14

A.     what is the sign?

b. WHo is to keep it?

c. WHat about disobedience?

Cf. Deut. 30:6; Rom. 2:28-29; 4:11; Jer. 9:26; Ezek. 44:7-9


What makes a father today?




Matthew 6:33- “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.”


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