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10 1-11 32 Staying Faithful In A Changing World (Notes)

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                                                     liberty bible church                 2/25/07 P.M.

By Tom Zobrist

“staying faithful in a changing world”

Genesis 10:1-11:32


In this passage, we see the how quickly the world can change and get an idea about how we should react.

  i. changing                                                                                      vs. 10:1-32

a. the sons of japheth

b. the sons of ham

            Cf. Gen. 9:25-27

c. the children of shem


 ii. changing                                                                                            vs. 11:1-9

a. the ___________________________________ of a common lnguage

b. the ___________________________________ of a common language

iii. changing                                                                                       vs. 11:10-32

a. god is _______________________ _________________________

            Cf. Zeph. 3:9-11; Acts 2:6-11

b. god’s people _______________________ ______________________________

            Cf. Josh. 24:2



How do we stay faithful?






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