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IMPACT: The Power Source - Acts 2

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Plugging In To The Power

Acts 2

1)       Introduction – What is power?

a)       Space shuttle

b)       Trains

c)       No one could push the space shuttle into space on their own power

d)       No one could pull a train

i)         Saw a guy pull the engine with his teeth once

ii)       Bu no one could pull the whole thing very far

e)       With all their physical power, they do not have the power to change and individual life

f)        Where do we get the power to change the world

2)       Believe in the power of the Holy Spirit

a)       He was promised to the disciples (1:4-8)

b)       He came upon them with great power – (2:1-4)

i)         Like a great wind – tornado

ii)       Tongues of fire rested upon them

c)       The power was promised to us as well (2:38-39)

3)       Believe in the power of the Resurrection

a)       This is what Peter preached (2:22-24; 29-33)

b)       When people heard it they were, “cut to the heart.” (2:37)

c)       3000 were added to their number that day from preaching the resurrection (2:41)

d)       It makes Him both Lord and Christ (2:36)

4)       Believe in the power of repentance

a)       The question was, “What shall we do?” (2:37)

b)       The reply was, “Repent and be baptized.” (2:38)

c)       The result was receiving the Holy Spirit (2:38)

5)       Believe in the power of I.M.P.A.C.T

a)       From these three thousand the church began

b)       Acts 2:42-47

i)         Investing in others – 2:44-45

ii)       Maturing the believers – 2:42

iii)      Praying for Power 2:42

iv)     Adoring our God – 2:47

v)       Communicating the Gospel – 2:47

vi)     Togetherness in fellowship - 2:42

c)       The results were:

i)         They were filled with joy and peace – Glad and sincere hearts (2:46)

ii)       They were enjoying the favor of all the people

(1)     Their integrity

(2)     Their willingness to serve

(3)     To joyful spirits

iii)      That God added to their numbers daily (2:47)

6)       Conclusion

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