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Wrapped Up In Sin

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Have you ever given a gift wrapped up in many different boxes or wrappings?

Watch this YouTube video and either reflect back or wonder we lived with such primitive animation…

What types of things can you get wrapped up in?  Maybe a good book, or a movie, or even a hobby or job you enjoy.

Getting wrapped up is something that comes on you quickly and without warning.  Sometimes, that is a good thing, but at other times, it can be very disturbing.

David, a man after God’s own heart got wrapped up once.

1.      One restless night he took an innocent stroll on the palace roof

2.      He saw a beautiful lady

3.      He inquired of her and invoked his kingly authority to have her brought to him

4.      She became pregnant

5.      David tried to cover his transgression by sending for her husband who, then, refused to lay with her because his comrades were at war…for two nights

6.      He sent word to the commander to send Uriah to the front lines and leave him alone there to die in war, which happened

7.      He took Bathsheba to be his wife, and she bore him a son, but God was displeased

8.      Nathan rebukes David, and David repents, though his son dies as a penalty

David was wrapped up in life.

Romans 7:18  I know that nothing good lives in me, that is, in my sinful nature. For I have the desire to do what is good, but I cannot carry it out.

In this world that we live in, it is so easy to find ourselves wrapped up in sin.  Sin is all around, and is highly regarded by many.  Sin is easy to come by.  Sin feels good…but only for a season.  Sin is our second nature.

But, that is where I began questioning this idea of being wrapped up in sin.  Why is that, or how does it happen?  What is the source?

Ironically, it seemed to hit me right in the face.  Do you remember back when I first came and I talked about our blood and its effects on our bodies and the life within us?  Is it still somewhat fresh in your thoughts that picture of Laminin structured in the same manner as a cross?  Why are we so easily wrapped up in sin?  And there it is…right in the midst of the word itself.  I…

I lie because it will save me current trouble.  I want what others have.  I allow my ears to take in filth because it sparks my interest.  I cheat because I want better or more.  I don’t find enough stimuli in the normal routine so I fill my view with depravity of all sorts.  I continue in this addiction because it fills a temporary desire I want satisfied.  I steal because I need it and they don’t.  I spend my time (church, family) doing this or that because it’s something that I really enjoy, but I and good and believe in God.  I know Peter was a disciple and Mary was Jesus’ mother, that’s why I have a statue of them.  I am so much more in tune with life than my mom and dad.  I am shy.  Why did I put shy in there?  Shy is build on the foundation of pride…not wanting to embarrass yourself in some way.

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