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It's My Time

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I’m Young, But It’s My Time  – I Samuel 17:29-46

The Book of Samuel talks about the history of transitions or changes for the nation of Israel. They move from a period individual Judges and sates to a centralized period of the Monarchs or Kings.

Second, David becomes one of the key figures in this transition as he rises from a shepherd Boy to a might King feared by other nations.

Third, Ultimately all of the events that happen are under the control of God.

However, even in the changes the one common factor is that God’s purposes are still being fulfilled. Isn’t it amazing that even when we go through changes whatever purposes God has for us, God’ will will be done. It is so good to know that God is still in control.

In Samuel we find three key characters which are Samuel, Saul and David. Yet all three had problems. Samuel was a great anointed prophet, yet he failed as a father. Saul was King, but he allowed arrogance and pride to get in his way of complete obedience to God. Even David, as he moves towards his time to rule has to face the fact that getting to where God wants him to be is going to be challenging.

When you are truly anointed by God, nothing id just going to come easy. There are going to be times in your life when you are going to have to face Goliaths and make it happen by faith in God. Nothing is just going to just magically fall to you from the sky without facing some challenging circumstances. Thank god for the challenge. I would never have known just how anointed I was without the challenge. I would have never had known just how hard the enemy would fight against me if I did not have the challenge. I would never have known how many people would benefit from my pains, struggles and fights unless I had gone through the challenges. Challenge means that I have been called out –I have been dared to confront an enemy, and it is an invitation to do battle.

Goliath symbolizes everything a devil wants to do and that is to steal, kill and to destroy.

He wants to face Goliath – Goliath is explained in great detail by the author of first Samuel. He spends a lot of time details the stature of Goliath. He is a giant of a man at nine feet tall. The Bible states that he is the Philistine’s Champion-Go between. In order to defeat the Philistines someone is going to have to go through Goliath. But one thing about God, God is not concerned about an outward appearance. It is not what it looks like on the outside It is God who is on your side who can defeat any devil no matter what he/she looks like.

I am reminded of Mike Tyson who when he walked into the ring other fighters would just drop in the first round because they were afraid of his stature and what he represented until one night he ran into a Buster Douglas and an Evander Holyfield who said all we have to do is stand up and hit him back. Sometime faces your enemy you have to stand up and hit him back before he hits you.

Goliath had to fall because he defied God. His challenge is not just to Israel, but to the God of Israel. Most folks don’t realize that when they are fighting you, they are really fighting against God.

One thing we have to stop doing is giving too much credit to the devil. The real power is in God. Stop overestimating your giant. The Giant could be underestimating your power. Your giant could be fully armored. The victory will be won not by what you have on, but by the Spirit of God.

Don’t use other folks armor. Don’t try to imitate anyone else. God has made you an original. You need to be able to create your on music, create your own style, create your own way using what God’s given you to detroy your enemy.


1 Samuel 17

A champion of God has certain characteristics.


12 From the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven has suffered violence,f and the violent take it by force.[1]

1. Age is not a determinant of who will be God’s champion (1 Sam 17: 33)

2. He might be weak, forgotten, poor, without position (1 Sam 17: 38,39) (Zechariah 4: 6,7) He said to me, “This is the word of the Lord to Zerubbabel: Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, says the Lord of hosts. [2]

3. He who will become a champion, must first be a servant, messenger (1 Samuel 17:17,18). He must previously be in obedience.

5. He must have boldness. He/she must be someone who cannot keep quiet. (1 Samuel 17: 45-48)

6. He/she must know his/her God (they must be in the word continually) (1 Samuel 17:37), (Joshua 1:8)

7. He/she must be in awe and fear of God not men (Esther, Daniel and his friends)

8. The champion must be able to see victory ahead and be able to declare it (1 Samuel 17: 45-47)

9. A champion must walk in divine wisdom. If he/she does not have it, they must seek it. (Jeremiah 33:3, 1 Samuel 17:40, 1 Samuel 34-36, Job 33:15-17).

10. One who willl be God’s champion, must first demonstrate his/her abilities in secret i.e he must have first won battles in the secret place; usually in prayer and character development. (Matthew 4:1,2), (Mark 6:46)

11. A champion of God is assured of physical riches and success, fame (1 Samuel 17:25)

12. Such a person is also assured eternal riches (Luke 18:29,30). Such people are assured favour; David, Esther, Solomon, Joseph, Daniel, Moses, Elijah
(Psalm 5:12)

13. A champion of God must be ready to make sacrifices. He must disdain earthly things and seek for the true prize which is God’s kingdom.

14. A champion of God, must not seek to be a local champion, but must seek to conquer the world (Acts 1:8)

15. A champion can only be a champion when he/she receives empowerment from above (Acts 1:8, Luke 3:21,22, 1 Samuel 16:13)

16. For God to anoint you a champion, your heart must be turned towards him. (1 Samuel 16:7, Jeremiah 17:10)

17. To do exploits, He that is in you must be greater than he that is in the world. (1 John 4:4).

Anyone can be God’s champion. It is just a simple decision. Who wants to be a champion?!


f Or has been coming violently

[1]The Holy Bible : New Revised Standard Version. 1989 (Mt 11:12). Nashville: Thomas Nelson Publishers.

[2]The Holy Bible : New Revised Standard Version. 1989 (Zec 4:6). Nashville: Thomas Nelson Publishers.

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