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The Apple Of God's Eye

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Zechariah 2:6-13 *

            Should a person that did not know God read first the Old and then the New Testament he would probably assume they were written about two entirely different Gods.  While the New Testament is filled with references to a loving, forgiving, sovereign; the Old Testament appears to reveal a jealous, cold-hearted judge ready to punish any violation of His law.  The Subject of both testaments is the same, the difference is in the relationship of the writer.  Because Jesus was made flesh, we are better able to identify with God.  That doesn’t mean His nature has changed.  As a matter of fact, God is exactly the same in Matthew as He is in Exodus.  What’s more, a believer can read both testaments and see God’s loving nature plain as day!

            God has always loved His people; otherwise, He would have abandoned them and selected another long ago.  Let me use the scripture to demonstrate how great is God’s love for His people.

I.                    God’s Esteem Of His People

A.    He calls us the apple of His eye – There is nothing so tender or as delicate as the eye.  Most would rather take any injury in order to protect their sight.

1.      His love is amazing considering our nature and disobedience

2.      His love has lead Him to make promises

B.     Perhaps He loves us because we are His greatest work

1.      No other creature is created in His image

2.      We are His trophy

C.    Perhaps He loves us because we cost Him so much

1.      Bought with the blood of His only begotten Son

2.      We are living memorials to Jesus’ efforts

D.    Personally, I think He loves us so much because we are His kids!

1.      Pardon proves we are His children.  Parental love is unconditional and unceasing

2.      His love is that of a jealous parent

II.                 The Persecutor’s Danger

A.    What would you do to protect your eyes?

1.      God will utterly destroy those that come against us

2.      He will judge with an everlasting judgment

B.     Read Revelation chapters 6-19

1.      Men will try to hide and will beg for death

2.      The lost will be tormented by their own memories of lost opportunity

The Church will face difficult days ahead.  There is enmity on the part of the world for us – though we mean no man harm. 

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