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Perspective Through Thanksgiving

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Perspective Through Thanksgiving


(Ratatouille video first)

            Aren’t we all looking for some perspective in this life?  Anton Ego, the food critic in this movie hates Gusteau’s Restaurant.  Skinner is the main chef in charge and is an egomaniac himself.  We see here Ego ordering something to eat this night in an attempt to discredit the restaurant one last time.  He believes that his challenge will be met by a failed dish and in return he would write an article that would destroy Gusteau’s.  this clip even ends with Skinner wanting whatever Ego has.

            Isn’t it typical to want to create our own perspective in our experience?  But here’s what I have looming in my mind about this whole situation: Why only look for a negative perspective in everything that we encounter?  Why be so one-minded that we fail to see something useful in every circumstance that comes our way?

(read except from book)

Are you looking at life through the eyes of a dog or a cat?  Is everything you encounter “your favorite” or is every move a calculated directive against you?

Isaiah 55:6-7

Seek the LORD while he may be found; call on him while he is near.  Let the wicked forsake his way and the evil man his thoughts.  Let him turn to the LORD, and he will have mercy on him, and to our God, for he will freely pardon.

If you want thanksgiving in your home or life, SEEK THE LORD NOW WHILE HE MAY BE FOUND!!!  Worm hunt…area differences between maybe Westwego and Springfield.  Take action while action will be met with success!!!  Call on the God of the universe while his ear is attentive to your voice!!! The wicked should forsake action or thought and turn to the Lord who will have mercy and will pardon.  That is a reason to be thankful!!  To have Creator God concerned enough about us to act on our behalf!!!

We live in a day that celebrates days in year and accentuates the retail aspect of those days.  Easter is all about candy and egg hunts and the bunny.  Valentine’s day is a day to spend money on the one you love as extravagantly as you can muster up.  New Year’s day and the Forth of July are about celebration, parties, food, and fireworks.  Christmas is about the Claus, a tree, and waking to new gifts.  Each of these traditions in and of themselves are not bad things to make the season more pleasant, but they are not the focus of the holiday.

We are in the midst of Thanksgiving, but we cannot lose sight of the fact that we daily need to be thankful for all that God has blessed us.  And he has blessed us in so many ways!!!

The Word says in 2 Peter 3:8 that, a day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as a day in the Lord’s eyes.  We live our lives in 4 dimensions.  We take up height, width, depth, and sound.  But the God that we serve is not held within dimensional science.  He in not held to one place, at one time, within certain parameters of sound.  He is everywhere, all the time, past, present, and in the future.

            What we need to realize about God is that he knows. He has already taken into consideration every next choice you could make, seen what you would do, figured in the next decision, recalculated the place you would be, and multiply that by eternity.  He has ordered your steps, given Jesus’ life as a ransom for you, and is expectantly waiting for your physical return into his presence for all eternity.

We as Christians have all the reason there is to be grateful in an ungrateful world.  We have direct connection with a God who refers to himself as “I AM”.  Our text here in Isaiah continues and says that his ways are higher than our ways, and his thoughts higher than our thoughts.  He loves us and is bringing us into places and peoples and situations that will enhance our perspective in this life.

Ego wanted perspective served to him, but he fully intended on finding his own definition of that perspective to be negative.  Skinner was just a follower and chose to accept whatever someone else had so that he could have a part in someone else’s perspective.  That’s not God’s way for you.  He wants you to indulge yourself in the portion that he has allotted for you so that you can taste and see that he is good for yourself.

But, it’s all gonna depend on your outlook of what is set before you that determines your perspective for the next decision.  You can choose this day to see things as you’ve always seen them, or you can choose today to see things through God’s eyes.

Choose thanksgiving in everything so your perspective is God!!!

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