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TITLE: THE PRIESTLY AND THE KINGLY ANOINTING SCRIPTURE: 1 Samuel 30:1-2, 7 * It appears David had Abiathar the priest with him when he went to war. He had a King's anointing but he wanted a priestly anointing around him when he went to battle. * To understand the role of kings we must look at how Moses blessed the tribe of Judah in Deuteronomy 33:7 * A king rules over his people or kingdom and God uses his hand to fight to protect his people or conquer territories - so every king has enemies. * Examples what the kingly anointing does was demonstrated in Saul when he was anointed king. 1 Samuel 10:1 * He RECOVERED the lost donkeys. 1 Samuel 10:2 * The kingly anointing brings favor for men to give to you. 1 Samuel 10:3-4 * Queen of Sheba and others gave to King Solomon. 1 Kings 10:1-2, 10-11, 14-15, 24-25 * The kingly anointing enables you to speak with a prophetic voice. 1 Samuel 10:5-6 * The kingly anointing gives influence. 1 Samuel 10:24 * The first act of Saul as King was he saved the people of Jabesh Gilead from Nahash the Ammonite. 1 Samuel 11 * The priestly duties were summarized by Moses when he blessed the tribe of Levi in Deuteronomy 33:10 * The priest acts as mediator by coming to the altar to present the burnt sacrifice of the people to God to create a union between man and God. Leviticus 4-5 * The priest also takes presents the prayers of the people to God by the burning of the incense. Revelation 8:3-4 * By teaching the judgments and the law of God, the priest also teaches a way of life that maintains the reconciliation established at the beginning of the relationship. * David did not want to just depend on horses and chariots but wanted the name of the Lord to be with him in battle. Psalm 20:7 * How does this apply to us as New Testament Christians? * The priesthood of Jesus is not the Levitical priesthood because He is from the tribe of Judah not the tribe of Levi but it is after the order of Melchizedek forever. Hebrews 5:6 * Melchizedek was both a priest and a King. Hebrews 7:1 * So Jesus operates in both the kingly and priestly anointing. * That is why those who are in Christ are called a "Royal Priesthood" - we are kings and priests. 1 Peter 2:9 * Jesus has also made us priests and kings forever. Revelation 1:6, 5:10 * As we move in the kingly anointing of strategic warfare and dominion to recover, we must not leave the or ignore our priestly anointing. * Jesus himself honored the Levitical Priesthood. Matthew 8:4
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