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The Submission Of The Servant

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Text:    Isaiah 50:4-9

Intro:         (1)  One of the portraits of Jesus Christ in Isaiah. Outline or message of Isaiah:

                  I. Declaration of Judgment   1-39

                  II. Deliverance from Judgment   40-66

                       A. Deliverance of God's People   40-48

                       B.  Deliverer of God's People  49-57

                       C.  Destiny of God's People  58-66

                  (2)  Chapter 50 in the context of the topic of the Deliverer of God's People. In this section Jesus is described as the Servant of Jehovah who provides a model for us, His disciples. In accord with Mark 10:35-45. See also Mat. 10:25 (what is said of Him should be true of us). 1 John 2:6; 1 Pet. 2:21

Lord, make me like you.

Please make me like You.

You are a Servant, make me one, too.

O, Lord, I am willing, do what You must do

                              to make me like You, Lord.

Just make me like You.

                  (3)  Portraits have of Jesus, the Servant of Jehovah:

-     The SUMMONS of the Servant Chap. 49

-     The SUBMISSION of the Servant Chap. 50

-          The SUFFERING of the Servant Chap. 52:13-53:3

-          The SACRIFICE of the Servant  Chap. 53:4-9

-          The SATISFACTION of the Servant  Chap. 53:10-12

-          The SONG of the Servant  Chap. 54

-          The SALVATION of the Servant  Chap. 55

                  (4)  Chapter 49 He is summoned to be a Servant - the Cost, Contradiction, and Cause. In Chapter 50 find his response: Submissiveness - an example for us to follow.

                  (5)  Four levels of Servanthood (Bill Gothard): (a) Doing what told; (b) Enjoying doing what we are told {1 Jn 5:3}; (c) Discerning reasons for doing what we are told; (d) Looking for creative ways we can do it more efficiently.

                  (6) Progress through the stages must respond with submission. Want to consider in this passage three aspects of our Lord's submission: His Personal Discipleship; His Personal Determination; and His Personal Defense.


      A.  A Disciple is Teachable

            1.   His acceptance of the summons to servanthood meant submission to His heavenly Father as Teacher (v. 5). See Phil. 2:5-8. Are you submitted to your Heavenly Father as your Teacher? What is He teaching you - thru His Word, thru Experience (James 1:5, 6). F. A. T. - Faithful, Available, Teachable.

            2.   The attitude of Jesus is reflected in His:  

                  a.   Submission to His parents (man)  Luke 2:51-52  cf.  Prov. 27:17.

                  b.   Submission to John the Baptist evidenced by His baptism (those leaders God placed over us). Heb. 13:17. Transition in Brazil from missionary-apostle to servant under the national leadership.

                  c.   Submission to the Father's will - not My will but Thine.  Rom. 6:17-22

            3.   Received His instruction each morning  50:4. Remember what happened to the manna?

            4.   Thus, a disciple needs to be teachable. Also

      B. A Disciple is a Teacher

            1.   The reason: might have an "instructed tongue (v. 4) to speak "the word that sustains the weary."  Two things: when we speak need to be certain that have been "instructed," etc. and also that we speak to "sustain" not discourage the weary. Some people like an old shoe - all worn out but the tongue! (Daily Bread)

            2.   Involves two ministries to which we are called:

                  a.   Ministry of encouragement  See 1 Thess. 5:14; Heb. 3:13

                        (1)  Two types: Unconditional (based on who we are) and Conditional (based on what we have done. "Catch someone doing something right"  Prov. 3:27

                        (2)  Principles:

·         Don't wait until you feel like it.

·         Be sensitive to cultural and personal differences. Not everyone encourage same way.

·         Avoid flattery  Phil. 4:8 "whatsoever is true…"

·         Learn to receive it.

·         Listening is encouragement.

                  b.   Ministry of equipping  2 Tim. 2:2

                        Set goal for life by asking: What will I have to see in 10, 20, or 30 years to conclude my life has been a success? And "For what shall I give my life for it to be a success? Ans: People  1 Thess. 2:8

      To live like this note that Jesus, the Servant of the Lord, was submitted also resulting in:


      A.  To follow through expressed here as to resist rebellion (v. 5). Committed to do as well as to learn.

            1. Mao's Four Absolutes:

·         Absolute Commitment to the cause of Communism. To what are you commited. Should change your lifestyle.  Eccl. 5:2-6 (Harry Lee)

·         Absolute Dedication to right priorities that will promote Communism.

·         Absolute Disciple. Sacrificing anything for the cause. 1 Tim. 6:11 - "Discipline yourself unto godliness"

·         Absolute Action. Involves moving.

      B. To daily do the will of God no matter how we feel  (50:6).

            Dan. 1:8; Joseph in Gen. 39; Joshua in 24:15; Jesus in John 4:4, and 34. (e.g., Wang Ming Dao). And in this passage (50:7) he "set his face like flint." (1 Cor. 9:24, 27)

            His submission to the Father expressed in His Personal Discipleship by being teachable and a teacher, in His Personal Determination to do the will of God at all costs; and also:

III. HIS PERSONAL DEFENSE            50:8-9  Psa. 3:6            Rom. 8:33-39 (Harry Lee)

      A.  Vindication of His Life and Ministry       v. 8            Gal. 1:10   1 Cor. 4:1-5

            Ever feel have to vindicate what you do? Taking family to Brazil to live with savage Indians. To Romania under Communism.

      B.  Trust in Him even when there is no light  v. 10    Rom. 4:18-22  Heb. 11:8-26


      Summoned to be a Servant of the Lord. Response should be Submission expressed in Discipleship, Determination, and Defense.

      Have come to celebrate Jesus Christ  who "came to serve and give His life a ransom." As we worship Him for Who He is and for What He has done, may our prayer also be

Lord, make me like you.

Please make me like You.

You are a Servant, make me one, too.

O, Lord, I am willing, do what You must do

                              to make me like You, Lord.

Just make me like You.

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