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Way to Life-Lesson 9

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Who is Jesus, and what can He do for you?


Conversation starter:


q       Which of these inner qualities listed below do you possess?  Which are you lacking?

  • Peace of mind about the kind of person you are, your relationships with others, your achievements, your future, and your eternal future after death
  • A joy that endures in good and even through bad circumstances
  • The ability to love, forgive and be patient with all people

q       Where do you think you can find more peace, joy, and love for your life?  Is there anyone who can give that to you, or anything you can do to fulfill your spiritual lack?

q       The Bible story for this study tells us about a man who had an extremely bad physical problem, and an even greater spiritual need.  The solutions to both of his problems depended upon two facts.  The first was the identity of Jesus Christ.  The second was what the man and his friends believed that Jesus could do for the man.

Let’s read the story

Some less familiar terms

A paralytic (5:18) was a paralyzed person.  These people were, most often, considered outcasts, and were left to beg on the streets for their livelihood.

Blasphemy (5:21) is saying something that dishonors God.  For instance, a man who is not God would blaspheme if he said he had the special power and authority that only God has.  That would be stealing God’s honor.  He would be claiming to be as great as God or implying that God is no greater than a human being.

Son of Man (5:24) is the name or title Jesus used for himself.  This title was used to describe him hundreds of years earlier by a prophet in the Old Testament named Daniel (Daniel 7:13,14,27).  Daniel prophesied that god would send “a Son of Man” who had God’s special power to rescue his people.


Discussion Questions

1.      It was quite difficult for the paralytic’s friends to get him in to see Jesus.  Is there anything that makes it difficult for you to go to Jesus for help?  If so, what is it?

  1. Does the effort that the man’s friends made communicate anything about what they thought of Jesus?  If so, what?
  2. Why did Jesus forgive the man’s sins before healing him?
  3. What Jesus said and did raised a question in people’s minds.  What was that question?
  4. In the story, Jesus forgave the man’s sins.  Since only God can forgive sins, what do you think Jesus was saying to his audience by his words and deeds?
  5. From what you have learned, describe Jesus.

  1. Who do you believe that Jesus Christ is?  Has your answer changed since the beginning of the lesson?
  2. Do you believe that Jesus has something to offer you?

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