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Way to Life-Lesson 11a

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Jesus’ Victory over Death

Luke 24




  • You know that you are going to die.  How does that fact make you feel?
  • Why must all people die?
  • What would you do if someone told you that they saw a dead person come back to life?



The Eleven (9, 33) – These are the original twelve disciples except for Judas who betrayed Jesus, and killed himself.

Prophet (19) – A prophet is a spokesperson for God.

Redeem Israel (21) -- They had hoped that Jesus would set the Jewish nation of Israel free from the domination of the Roman Empire.

Christ (25, 46) – The Christ was the redeemer God promised to send the Jews.  They had waited hundreds of years for him.

Scriptures (27, 32, 45) – The Scriptures refers to the Law of Moses, the Prophets, and the Psalms (44), the Old Testament of the Bible.

Simon (34) – Also known as Simon Peter, he was one of the twelve disciples (or apostles).  He was a leader among them.

Repentance (47) – To repent is to change your mind, or to turn your life away from sin to follow God.


            Read Luke 24:1-53


  1. What would you have done if you were among the women who found the empty tomb and saw the angels?  (verses 2 – 5)

  1. Why do you think the travelers on the road did not recognize Jesus?  (verse 16)

  1. What did Jesus do that opened the eyes of the two travelers to his identity?  Why would that action make them recognize Jesus?  (verses 30 – 31)

  1. So then, what finally convinced them that Jesus rose from the dead?  See Luke 24:30-45, 50-53. 

  1. What do you think they meant when they said that their hearts were burning within them?  Have you ever felt this?  (verse 32)

  1. What does Acts 2:22-32 teach about the Christ? (Acts 2:22-32 is taken from Psalms 16:8-11). 

  1. Jesus knew the disciples had doubts.  What does he say and do about those doubts?  How does he prove that he is truly alive?  (verses 37 – 43)

  1. What was the assignment Jesus gave to the disciples before he returned to heaven?  (verses 46 – 49)

  1. What do you think this power from on high is?  (verse 49)  See also, Acts 2:32-33.

  1. The disciples worshipped Jesus when He returned to heaven.  What does this say about the identity of Jesus?  Would you worship Jesus?  (verse 52)
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