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Only Jesus Is the Resurrection & the Life

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'Only Jesus Is the Resurrection & the Life' - John 11.1-44 Intro: I. A Problem Provides an Opportunity for Jesus to Display God's Glory (vv. 1-7) A. Setting - Shows Jesus' loving relationship with this family (vv. 1-3, 5-7; Lk 10; Jn 12). B. Purpose for miracle - God the Son's glory revealed (v. 4; 2 Cor 4.6; Jn 1.14, 18). When you face problems, look thru it to Christ, and see it as another opportunity for the display of God's glory in & thru your trial. II. A Problem Provides an Opportunity for Faith (vv. 8-16) A. Entering the danger zone of Judea, but not for those who walk in the light (vv. 8-10, 16). Even though we walk in a dark perverse world, we walk with Christ, have the light of Christ within, and won't stumble and be overcome (1.5). So fear & trust God over man. B. Disciples' spiritual dimness & miracle's purpose to lead to faith (vv. 11-15). At times in Scripture 'sleep' is used to refer to death. OT - where it says of the kings, 'he slept with his fathers.' NT - Mt 27.52; Acts 7.60; 1 Cor 7.39; 11.30; 15.6, 18, 20, 51; 1 Thess 4.13-15; 2 Pet 3.4; Dan 12.2. It shows the temporary nature of physical death. God's working in & thru your problems to strengthen our faith. If we're honest, it's not only the disciples who struggle with selective hearing. III. A Problem Provides an Opportunity for Jesus' Revelation: "I am the resurrection & the life" (vv. 17-37) Martha goes to Him first. She confesses trust in what He could have done. Although Jesus didn't do as she requested, she confesses ongoing faith in Him (v. 22). Verse 23: Jesus doesn't specify when he'll rise (6.40, 39, 44; 5.29). He focuses her not on when or how but WHO is the resurrection & the life. The 5th "I Am" statement in John. Lazarus' death provides an opportunity to glorify the Son, because it reveals His identity & power as the source of the resurrection & true life itself. In the first clause, if a believer dies, he'll be resurrected physically (v. 25). In the second clause, He speaks of the impossibility of believers facing eternal death (v. 26). How have you responded to the promise Jesus reveals here? Martha's personal confession (v. 27; 20.31; like Peter's in Mt 16.16). How will your respond when the Lord chooses not to do what you want or request? When Jesus engages Mary & her tag-alongs, note the intense emotions (vv. 28-37). Jesus wept (v. 35; 1 Thess 4.13; Rom 12.15)! Jesus is also stirred up with anger in His spirit (v. 33; Mk 1.43; 14.5; Mt 9.30). Why? What do people miss by being focused on what God could have done or should have done in their own estimation? Verses 25-26: The high point of Jesus' message proclaimed. Verses 38-44: The high point of Jesus' miracle performed. IV. A Problem No More - But How Will You Respond? (vv. 38-44) Jesus prays a public prayer of thanksgiving to God the Father (vv. 41b-42), for the benefit of all around, in order that they too would believe that the Father sent the Son into the world (5.19-24). Conclusion: This event foreshadows Jesus' own death, burial, and greater resurrection, and ours too with Him (5.25-29). I'm looking forward to my name being called. How about you?
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