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God Makes All Things Very Good In Jesus

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It’s Good Friday for us, but for Jesus it was a horrific day. It wouldn’t be Good Friday if Resurrection Sunday wasn’t around the corner. God after creating everything, and granting the angelic and human beings’ freedom, God said it is very good. Very Good Indeed, to exist, to experience the beauty of creation, of the joys of living, of knowing God, and the Love of God. But God and humanity suffered greatly for the very Good God created. We can see the magnitude of that suffering in Jesus Christ, God Incarnate on the cross, to pay for the sin of the world and redeem us, proving his abundant love for us.
Moses in the old testament lifted a bronze serpent in the desert and told the Israelites who were dying of snake bites, if they look at it they would live, and those who believed and looked lived.
Jesus was crucified publicly, lifted on the Cross for our salvation. God makes all things very good again in Christ, as we come forward to venerate the wood of the Cross, let it be our own public confession with our mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in our heart that God raised him from the dead, be saved, healed, set free from bondage od sin and fear of death, let the love of God fill our hearts with hope and joy of heaven with Jesus, It’s Good Friday, Resurrection Sunday is around the corner.
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