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The Sychar Sinner

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The Sychar Sinner Needed A Savior[1]



1.     Read Text: (Jn. 4:1-4)

2.     Regarding Text:

(1)         An exciting text to us, but surely troubling to the Pharisees and Jews.

(2)         Jesus withdrew into Galilee.

A.       Not because He feared Herod.  Herod was the tetrarch / ruler of Galilee.

B.       Seems that Jesus went to fill the vacuum left by John’s absence, in this fertile soil.

C.       The arrest of John would scatter his disciples.  Jesus intercedes as a true Shepherd.

(3)         The Pharisees envied John the Immerser, and even more Jesus the Christ.

(4)         To get to Galilee, Jesus must either go round about or pass through Samaria.

A.       Sychar – most likely means – “town of the sepulcher” (reference to tomb of Joseph).

B.       “probably the only place on earth where on can draw a circle of a few feet, and say confidently hat the feet of Christ have stood within the circumference” (McGarvey)

(5)         The picture of Jesus is as poignant as it is personal.

A.       Weary, exhausted, and thirsty / dehydrated.

B.       Tomb of Joseph not far.

3.     The Sychar sinner needed a Savior, but first she needed an introduction.

4.     We need to gear up, get busy, and quit making excuses about any and all lack of evangelism.

(1)         Tools are available (Tracts, films, library, staff).

(2)         You are able.

(3)         The world is awash in lost souls, dying in their sins.


I.         Jesus Engaged (Jn. 4:4-9).

1.      Jesus Set Aside Time

(1)           We have habit of finding time to do what we want to do.

A.          Some can’t find time to attend services.  Frankly I’m getting tired of hearing the various excuses, and I KNOW the Lord must be disappointed.

B.          Some can’t find time to invite others, evangelize.

C.         Here it is, straight out!  Are you coming to every service possible (including Bible classes), and have you in the last 30 days invited 1 single soul to come to services or study with you?

D.         Frankly I’m getting tired of hearing the various excuses, and I KNOW the Lord must be disappointed.

(2)           Jesus was tired and had miles to go, but found time.  What you find time for?

2.      Jesus stayed on course (v. 4).  Could have by-passed, but cf Lk. 19:10.

3.      Jesus Showed The Love Of God  (vv. 7-8).

(1)           Asked a drink of Samaritan woman.

(2)           Samaritans were excluded from Jewish society.  Besides that, custom of the day was that men & women didn’t engage in public conversation, especially strangers.

A.          Rabbinic law stated that Samaritan women were to be considered as if they were continually on menstruating.

(3)           Pharisee or Rabbi would rather die of thirst than enter such territory.

A.          Maybe you claim to be a religious person, but don’t have love to enter unfamiliar territory.

B.          Maybe you would rather die, than having to evangelize convert one individual, or as many individuals as was possible…  Sad legacy to take to your death.

(4)           Not saying you can do everything, but certain people are going to die in their sins, if you don’t do something!  (Prov. 11:30; Dan. 12:3).

4.      Are you engaged, or is that too burdensome for you?  (Read 1 Jn. 5:1-3).

II.      Jesus Enticed (Jn. 4:10-15).

1.      The Gift Of God  (v. 10).

(1)           Is anyone greater than Jacob?  ANS = yes!  Jesus Christ.

(2)           Is there anything greater than drinking from his well?  Yes drinking from God’s.

(3)           Some believe this to be a reference to H.S.  In my mind it seems clear the reference is to something she didn’t know of, but was in process of knowing – Jesus is the Son of God and author of eternal salvation.

2.      Living Water (v. 10).

(1)           No more thirst, and a well of eternal life.

(2)           This possibly is a reference of the Holy Spirit, as He is the reservoir of Jesus words of life.

3.      End result = ETERNAL LIFE!

(1)           She begins to get it, Jesus is not talking physical but heavenly (spiritual).

(2)           How many folks want to focus upon what the church has to offer them?

(3)           Jesus said, and we need to re-emphasize – No worldly joy will last forever!  BUT, the pleasure of pleasing God and assurance of salvation Will!  (1 Jn. 5:11-13; 1 Tim. 6:12; Rom. 6:23.

4.      Perhaps you need to respond to the invitation this morning, because you don’t find Christ or Church or salvation enjoyable to talk about!

(1)           You ought be ashamed & repent if you don’t want to talk about Jesus Christ.

(2)           U ought be ashamed and repent is you don’t treasure the Holy Spirit enough to speak.

(3)           You ought be ashamed and repent if you never entice others with words of life.

III.   Jesus Examined (Jn. 4:16-26).

·       If shared with you before that one barrier I have to evangelism = the sad state of affairs in some people’s life.

1.      You think you don’t like hypocrites?  Neither does Jesus!  (cf. Mt. 23)

2.      Now that the woman desired “spiritual” or “living” waters there would be some “hard things” said.

(1)           Hard in sense of hard to repent of.

(2)           Blood of Christ offers complete forgiveness, but not without repentance.

(3)           Lk. 13:3; Acts 17:30

3.      Some people are living in a sad state of affairs, and sometimes we may have to say something about it.

(1)           There is nothing wrong with speaking the truth in love (Eph. 4:15).

(2)           There is nothing wrong with speaking truth when our speech is seasoned with grace (Col. 4:6).

(3)           This woman evidently was living in sin, in part due to marriage situation, and she was worshipping in a sincere, yet sinful manner.

4.      Reality = some are living in sin, and need be dealt with in love.  Reality = some are worshipping in sin (Mt. 15:7-9; Jn. 4:24).

5.      Nothing wrong with speaking the truth from proper motive and manner.

IV.    Jesus Evoked (Jn. 4:27-30).

·       Disciples were amazed and woman left her waterpot (cf. cartoon dust cloud).

1.      Some people want to leave their burdens behind, and we need to find them.

(1)           If we don’t do it then who?  If we don’t do it , what possible good are we to God?

(2)           Yes, too many people have their life too messed up to ever turn back.

(3)           Still, some honest soil is out there, and our job is defined in the Bible as being sowers of the seed (Lk. 8:11).

2.      This Samaritan woman was in such a hurry that she either forgets or decides to leave behind her water pot (very reason she came in first place).

3.      Peter and Andrew upon meeting Jesus “immediately left their nets and followed” (Mk. 1:18).

4.      James and John left their father in the boat and followed (Mk. 1:20).

5.      What are you willing to leave?  Are you willing to leave and go tell others?

(1)           The rich young ruler wasn’t…  are you any different?

(2)           The sower went forth to sow seed… are you sowing any seed?

(3)           Jesus obligates you, to “Go forth and make disciples…” Have you made even 1?

6.      Will you sign on the dotted line?  “I personally will make (Mt. 28:20) disciples for Jesus Christ.”  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


1.     If you are not a Christian, the offer of living water is before you.  Will you partake and never thirst again?

2.     If you are a Christian, you have living water, but what have you done with it recently for the Lord’s sake?

        (1)     I know it has been good for you…. Family…. Ect.

        (2)     What good have you been for the one who gave you this living water.

3.     As a congregation, as individuals, we need to gear up and get busy making disciples.


[1] Outline by Toby L. Soechting for preaching at Howe, TX on March 4, 2007.

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