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I Know You Can Trust Jesus But - Jn 19

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I Know You Can Trust Jesus, But…



1.     Illustration:  Accounts vary on certain details, but regarding the death of Polycarp, a friend of the apostle John, there is unanimous agreement regarding the statement Polycarp uttered prior to being burned at the stake, martyred for refusing to denounce.

·       “Eighty and six years, have I served Him, and He has done me no wrong; how then can I blaspheme my king who has saved me?

·       Eusebius, the historian, recorded this as being Polycarp’s final prayer – Father of Your beloved and blessed Son Jesus Christ, through whom we have received the knowledge of You, I bless you that You have counted me worthy of this day and hour, that I might be in the number of the martyrs.  Among these may I be received before You today in a rich and acceptable sacrifice, as You have beforehand prepared and revealed.  Wherefore I also praise You also for everything; I bless You; I glorify You, through the eternal High Priest Jesus Christ, Your beloved Son, through whom, with Him, in the Holy Spirit, be glory unto You both now and for the ages to come.  Amen.

2.     Polycarp lived (A.D. 70 – 155).  The apostle John was a mentor and friend.  Polycarp was a leader in the church at Smyrna.

(1)         Special men, special relationship to our Lord, special character.

(2)         It is clear in my mind that the person / character of John rubbed off on Polycarp.

A.       John was, “the disciple whom Jesus loved.” (Jn. 13:23; 21:27).

B.       John was a man who displayed full trust in our Lord (It seems to have worn off on Polycarp).

3.     Read Text:  Jn. 19:17-27. 

(1)         A text full of imagery and emotion.

(2)         Jesus addressed His mother as “woman” as if to cut her off from any authority over him.

(3)         Mary was helpless to save her son.  Mary was quite alone, but Jesus sees fit to help the helpless.

(4)         John was drawn into serving the Lord in a most special way and it is here that we direct our attention, and ask that you seek a personal application this hour.


I.         John Trusted Jesus.

1.      Enough to Abandon Apparent Assets. (Mt. 4:21-22).

(1)           Mark’s account tells us that John left his father in the boat with hired servants.

(2)           I don’t know the grand total of John’s father’s wealth, but it seem above average.

(3)           It is difficult to keep our minds / priorities focused.  It can be hard to keep your job from becoming mission number ONE!

(4)           It can be hard to remember – (1 Tim. 6:7).

2.      Enough to Defy Death.

(1)           John was close enough to have conversation with Jesus while he was on the cross.

A.          Peter wasn’t; I don’t read of any other disciples being there.

B.          I’m sure we would like to think that we are all stronger than all the apostles, but…

C.         Best of friends with Jesus in life… Now with circumstances of his death… not sure where I be.

(2)           John defied death and persecution, on the Isle of Patmos.

(3)           Death is not the end for a Christian.  IT IS BUT THE BEGINNING!  

A.          Nevertheless, it is shameful the degree to which so many Christians avoid discomfort.

B.          We are not faced with death for the cause of Christ, and it seems to me a good thing, because many can’t muster the willingness to exhaust themselves for the Lord’s cause, let alone die!

(4)           I am influenced to believe that in these U.S. Christians are closer to being truly persecuted than they have been in a long, long time.  I don’t know if it will happen in your lifetime, or ever for that matter, BUT what if it does?

3.      Enough to Surrender self.

(1)           Phil. 2:1-4;  Eph. 4:1-2; Mt. 5:3; Mt. 10:39; Mt. 20:26-27.

(2)           This is not a philosophy valued by 21st century America!

(3)           What is the message of state Lottery?  ANS = you might win.  Never mind how many will lose and never mind that some of them can’t afford to lose… You might

(4)           We live in an age of “entitlement”  if anybody, anywhere gets anything, then I have a legal right to it also, and if you don’t give it too me, you violate my rights!

A.          Teachers owe students a passing grade.

B.          No one deserves The supreme prize… everybody should be a ribbon for participating.

C.         The battle cry – That’s not fair!

(5)           We live in a world where, We’re number 1, You deserve a break today,  Go ahead you’re worth it;

A.          At extremes:  people change their sex, have sexual relations with same sex, murder children.

B.          In between:  many are drowning in self indulgence… culture / society / community are adrift.

(6)           John surrendered self, to serve Jesus Christ.  (cf. Anonymous @ disciple whom Jesus loved).

II.      More Important – Jesus Trusted John.

1.      John was trusted to record an account of the life / gospel of Jesus Christ (Jn. 20:30).

(1)           John gives us some unique insight into the life and person of our Lord.

2.      Jesus trusted John with close friendship / companionship.

(1)           Cf. 1 Cor. 15:33;  Prov. 18:24; Heb. 13:5.  (What a friend we have in Jesus).

(2)           John could have started thinking he was better than the rest.  (cf. Mt. 20:20-24).

(3)           John avoided that which Peter did not!  Lousy feeling.

3.      Jesus trusted John with His mother (vv. 25-27).

(1)           It was a tough situation for Jesus, and was not much easier for Mary (Lk. 2:35).

(2)           Jesus earthly life / mission was ending.  He became flesh and dwelt among us, and to return involved somewhat the opposite.

(3)           Says something about Jesus, Mary, and I think says even more about John.

A.          John was a “go to” friend.

B.          Lots of folks can talk Christian talk, but do not walk the Christian walk.

C.         “If ifs and buts were candy and nuts, we’d all have a merry Christmas!” (Dandy Don Meredith)

4.      Jesus found John trustworthy.  Could there be a greater compliment?

III.   Most Important – Can / Does Jesus Trust You?

1.      If you are not a Christian then the question is quickly answered.

2.      If you are a Christian, but not faithful / conscientious / contrite…

3.      Seems like we spend a lifetime deciding whether or not we can trust Jesus, when the most important question = Can Jesus trust you?

(1)           Can Jesus trust you with His word?

(2)           Can Jesus trust you with His work (church / evangelism)?

(3)           Can Jesus trust you with worship?

(4)           Can Jesus trust you with your willingness?

(5)           Can Jesus trust you?

4.      If you are not a Christian, Jesus cannot.

5.      If you are a Christian… the question still remains for you to answer.


1.     When it comes to Christ, what’s not to trust?  (faithful, powerful).

2.     What about when it comes to you?

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