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Offered Once For The Sins Of Many

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Offered Once For The Sins Of Many



1.     The word atonement is a word we are all familiar with, but it is one of those “Bible words” that many fail to understand fully.

(1)         We sing about it – “Full atonement can it be, hallelujah what a Savior...”  “What can wash away my sins…

(2)         Lessons preached about it.

(3)         Still we hesitate when asked to answer – “What is atonement?”

2.     Do you know what it means?  Do you know the price paid that you might receive it?

3.     Word – Atonement does not even appear in many translations. 

(1)         KJV – appears only once.  (Rom. 5:11 – We also joy in God through our Lord Jesus Christ by whom we have now received the atonement.

(2)         NKJV; ASV; NIV; etc. use word reconciliation.

4.     Word may not appear often, but the NT is saturated with the idea.

(1)         NT pictures the restoration of fellowship between men and God.

(2)         Life and death of Jesus Christ provided – at – one – ment!

(3)         Reconcilliation;   Propitiation;   Mercy Seat!

5.     Read Heb. 9:15-28.  (Notice 10:18).

6.     Regarding:

(1)         Writer has been focused upon the superior nature of New Covenant.

A.       Spoken of by God’s son, in these last days (1:1;  1:8).

B.       We must give earnest heed to these things lest we drift away (2:1).

C.       We cannot escape if we neglect so great a salvation! (2:3).

D.       We have a great high priest (Heb. 3).

E.       We have a rest that others can / could only yearn for (4:9).

F.       We have word of God, quick, living and powerful (4:12).

G.      We have a priest after order of Melchizedek (5).

H.       We have obtained a more excellent ministry (8:6).

(2)         Chapter 9 & 10 – Focus = Superiority of Christ’s sacrifice.

DISCUSSION: Consider --

I.            The Sacrifice Of Jesus Christ.

1.      As it relates to God.

(1)           Jesus’ sacrifice is a propitiation.

A.         Appeasement or satisfaction; means by which one remains just.

B.         Idea is not so much appeasing God’s wrath, but rather justifying God’s action.

a.         God forgives men who deserve to die (Rom. 6:23).

b.         Notice Rom. 3:23-25.

c.         1 Jn. 2:12 – “I write to you little children, because your sins are forgiven you…”

C.         1 Jn. 4:9-10 – “In this the love of God was manifested toward us, that God has sent His only begotten Son into the world, so that we might live through Him.

D.         Heb. 2:17 – “…to make propitiation for the sins of the people.”

2.      As it relates to Sin.

(1)           Jesus was offered as an expiation.

A.         For Remission – Acts 2:38.

B.         Served to the Blotting out – Acts 3:19

C.         For the possibility of Forgiveness – Eph. 1:7

D.         Served that sins are Remembered no more (Heb. 8:12).

3.      As it relates to the Sinner.   (It is a reconciliation.  Enmity to friends).

(1)           Col. 1:20 – “We are reconciled by the blood of the cross.  His cross.”

(2)           2 Cor. 5:17 – All things are made new.

(3)           Newness of life; Babes; children of God.

4.      As it relates to the Saved – “It is a redemption;  a release;  a loosing through the means of paying a ransom.

(1)           Col. 1:14 – “We have redemption through His blood.”

(2)           Rom. 3:24 – “Redemption that is in Christ Jesus.”

(3)           Heb. 9:15 – “Mediator of a new covenant by means of death for redemption of transgressions.”

5.      Necessity of the blood of Christ is really not disputed by most.

6.      Question = How do I contact that blood?  Sacrifice? (Cf. What must I do …)

7.      These are the facts according to Bible,

8.      Man is lost in sin, and needs a sacrifice.

9.      Jesus is that sacrifice.

10.  Only through Jesus sacrifice can you be reconciled to God.

II.          The Perfection Of Jesus Christ’s Sacrifice (vv. 23-28).

1.      Jesus died as a sacrifice for sins (vv. 26,28).

(1)           He did not die by accident.  He did not die because of plans of man!

(2)           Jesus’ death was deliberate.

(3)           Jesus emptied himself.  Completely and willingly.

2.      Jesus ascended to heaven… To be our priest (9:24).

(1)           There, He purified the way for us into the heavenly tabernacle.

(2)           There, Jesus appears in the presence of God for us (v. 24).

3.      ONE DAY, He will return, to finalize our salvation –

(1)            He will appear a second time for salvation (9:28).

(2)           “All who are in the grave will hear His voice, and come forth – those who have done good, to the resurrection of life, and those who have done evil, to the resurrection of condemnation.” (Jn. 5:29).

4.      Great emphasis placed upon ONCE! (9:23-28).

(1)           Jesus Christ died only once.

(2)           Jesus Christ ascended only once.

(3)           Jesus Christ will come again.  ONCE!

5.      Jesus came perfectly the first time.  “Taking away the 1st covenant that may establish the 2nd!”  (9:9)


1.     Roman Catholics claim that in some way, their masses are sacrifices.

2.     Mormons claim Joseph Smith as a prophet, and that they have their own priesthood.

3.     Pre-millennialist believe Jesus needs return to earth again to finish what He failed the first time, and that He needs to establish another covenant.

4.     Heb. 9-10 Asks you to consider Jesus Christ and His sacrifice.

        (1) The power of it --  ONCE!

        (2) The perfection of it – ONCE!

        (3) The purpose of it – ONCE!

Appeal:  Outside – Be reconciled to God;  Christians – Be thou faithful.

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