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Three Great Questions

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1.      Read text (Job 40:1-7).

2.     Regarding the text.

3.     The Bible is filled with many great questions.

(1)         Why do the wicked prosper? (Jer. 12:1)?

(2)         If a man dies, shall he live again (Job 14:14)?

(3)         What must I do to be saved?  (Acts 16:30)

4.     In this lesson we wish to look at Genesis chapters three and four to notice three questions asked so long ago!  Yet they are questions each of us must answer.


I.            the first question god ever asked man (Gen. 3:9).

1.      The question = Where are you?

(1)           This is the second question found in the Bible.  The first = the serpents question, “Has God indeed said, ‘You shall not eat of every tree of the garden?’” (3:1).

A.         The devil implied that God was somehow unfair.

B.         The devil doesn’t like the limitations placed by God.

(2)           Eve listened to the devil and sinned.  Lost!!!!

(3)           Eve wasn’t satisfied with her own sin.  She tempted Adam to sin.

A.         Upon eating they both realized they were naked.

(4)           They did what all sinners across the ages try to do. 

A.         They sought their own means of justification (i.e. fig leaf aprons).

B.         They tried to cover up their own shame.

C.         They could cover their nakedness to a degree, but there was something the leaves could not cover!!!  -  Their guilty conscience.

(5)           They knew they had disobeyed God, and they were afraid.  They hid!

2.      The Answer = “I was afraid because I was naked; and I hid myself” (Gen. 3:10).

(1)           Adam now knew the difference between good and evil, but he couldn’t enjoy his new found knowledge, because he was aligned with sin.

(2)           He was hiding from the One Who gave him everything he had!

(3)           Instead of hiding, Adam should have been crying!  “Oh God, I need You!”

(4)           He had never experienced such a fear before, and in the process he underestimated God.

A.         Thought he could literally hide from God.

B.         Thought he could lay blame for his sin elsewhere (i.e. on Eve).

a.         Poor strategy!

b.         When you purposely and deliberately disobey God the thing to do is admit it!

3.      Question.  Where Are You?

(1)           You are either a child of God or a child of the devil.

(2)           You are either in Christ or you are in the world.

(3)           You are either headed for heaven or you are gaining momentum to hell!

(4)           God calls out to YOU!  - Where are you?

A.         Heb. 4:13 – You can’t hide from God.  All things are naked before Him.

B.         Where are you?  Mk. 16:15,16; Gal. 3:26,27; Eph. 1:3.

II.          THE FIRST QUESTION GOD EVER ASKED woman (Gen. 3:13).

1.      The Question = What have you done?

(1)           Notice that the Genesis text shows God talking first to Adam.

A.         God had given Adam authority over every other living thing.

B.         God made Adam the head of the family (Cf. Eph. 5:23; 1 Pet. 3:7).

(2)           Then God turned to Eve.

A.         She didn’t know it at the time, but she sold the entire human race into sin.

B.         Women have paid the price ever since in child birth.

2.      Notice that Eve was accountable for her own sins (Cf. 2 Cor. 5:10).

(1)           Like Adam, Eve tried to shift the blame but God held her accountable.

(2)           God cursed the serpent, the woman, the man, and the ground (3:16-19).

3.      We shouldn’t listen to anyone but God.

(1)           Eve listened to the serpent.

(2)           Adam listened to his wife instead of God.

4.      Question – “What have YOU done?”

(1)           Does God’s word guide you?  Or Does emotion provide your locomotion?

(2)           Are you painfully aware of your shortcomings or pitifully oblivious?

(3)           Are you aware this morning of a wrong you’ve yet to make right?

(4)           Are you what you can be, should be, ought  to be?

(5)           Is your heart repentant or has it grown resistant?

III.        the question god asked­ ­cain (Gen. 4:9).

1.      The Question = Where is Abel your brother?

(1)           Cain was angry because Abel’s sacrifice was accepted by God.

A.         Abel offered by faith (Heb. 11).

B.         Cain had not.  He offered according to his own desires.

(2)           In the process of time, Cain rose up and slew Abel his brother (4:8).

A.         One sin (vain worship) often leads to another (murder).

(3)           God asked, but already knew the answer.  God was reminding Cain.

2.      The Answer = “I do not know.  Am I my brother’s keeper?

(1)           Cain implied that he was not his brother’s keeper.

(2)           Cain committed first degree murder and now he’s lying about it!

(3)           Cain paid dearly for his sin (4:10-13).

3.      Question:  Where is YOUR brother?

(1)           Cain rejected his the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man.

(2)           With God as the Father, we are all brothers (one blood).

(3)           As brothers in the human family we have responsibilities to one another.

A.         We seek to be salt and light (preserving influence).

B.         The masses / majority  are lost, and only on occasion do we take the time and trouble to invite them to worship with us or study the way to God.

a.         2 Cor. 5:11;  Lk. 19:10

(4)           As brothers in the Christian family…

A.         Look around.  Is someone missing from our assembly?  Will you contact?

B.         Do you have an issue with a brother?  Deal with it as Christ instructs.

C.         Do you encourage the many good works of so many brethren?

a.         By words, prayers, participation.


1.   Three great questions.

      (1)         Where are you?  (in Christ or in the world)

      (2)         What have you done?  (All have sinned – Rom. 3:23; 1 Jn. 1:8).

      (3)         Where is your brother?  (Do you care for the lost?  For other Xians?)

2.   God asked then.  God asks now!

3.   What will your answer be?  What will it be?  Your answer determines your eternity.


1.   Do you believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God?

2.   Do you realize that you have sinned against God and must repent?

3.   Do you realize that only upon baptism can your sins be forgiven and only then can you be added to the church?

4.   Do you realize that following your baptism you must seek to walk with the Lord on a daily basis and that you have an obligation to worship Him in Spirit and Truth?

5.   If your answer to the above is yes, then there is one more question for you to answer.  What are you waiting for? 

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