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4-4-2021 Easter (John11v25-26)

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The Resurrection and The Life

Stories of resurrection and life universal, but often hopeless.

Jesus claimed to be what everyone is hoping for.

Only Jesus has true victory over death.

This tells us that the life we desperately need exists.

No Death

Jesus lives and so is in the position to make this claim and give life.

Jesus says the life He gives is what will make sure you never face eternal death.

Jesus tasted death so we won’t have to (Hebrews 2:9).

The resurrection shows the cross was a victory.

Do you Believe?

Many have traditions on this day but answer Jesus with a “no”.

If you will not believe, then death still has you and will continue to.

We must believe that we need life and trust Jesus as the only one

to give it.

Don’t miss what can be yours through Jesus who is the resurrection and the life.

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