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Let's Get Serious

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Let’s Get Serious



1.     Text: 1 Pet. 1:1-13 (*v. 13).

2.     Regarding Text.

(1)         Notice 1 Pet. 5.13.

(2)         Peter is writing to strengthen and comfort brethren in times of “fiery” ordeals.

(3)         Peter wants his brethren to be encouraged.  Walking with Christ means at times we will walk in discouraging places, but Jesus walked there as well (cf. 1 Pet. 2:21)

3.     Christians have always been different from the masses, regarding their conduct and beliefs, and while don’t know exactly how to quantify the matter, it seems that our world is perhaps subject to greater forces of ungodliness than ever before.  (Examples).

(1)         Brokeback Mountain.

(2)         Etc.

4.     One problem with our world / existence = we have so much information, from so many biased sources, it is difficult for us to deal with realities, so we retreat to unhealthy place.

(1)         Denial and immaturity.

(2)         Rather than deal with the seriousness of the situation, we deal with nothing.

(3)         We are a culture drowning in music…television…drugs…news talk radio…

5.     God forbid, that we go through such serious times, without being serious about the issues of our day.

(1)         World, for most part would tell us to “lighten up!”  “Dude, chill!”

(2)         1 Pet. 1:13 = Life is not a game!  Not say “lighten up,” but instead, “get serious.”

A.       Peter begins with a host of the blessings and wonders of being a Christian.

B.       BUT, from this point forward (v. 13), Peter obligates Christians to certain behavior.

DISCUSSION: If We are Going To Make It Through This Life Faithfully, We Must --

I.         Think  (be prepared…)

1.      Gird up the loins of your mind (v. 13).

(1)           NASB – “prepare your minds for action.”  (Cf. “roll up your sleeves!”)

(2)           Gathering up the loose outer garments so that progress is not hindered.

2.      I.e. – Make sure you are prepared so that your journey is successful, and one thing that might impede your progress is your mind.

(1)           Set aside worry, fear, pre-occupation with material possessions.

(2)           Simplify your lifestyle (Cf. cell phones – maybe vibrate mode is answer to it all).

3.      Cares and riches of the world will choke spiritual life from many (Lk. 8:14).

(1)           They (thorns) will steal the nutrients and refreshments of life.

(2)           They (thorns / care riches of world will prevent our bearing fruit (hope).

4.      Peter tells us that we need to mean business when it comes to removing matters from our live that would hinder our pursuit of God’s assurance.

II.      Be Sober (v. 13).  NIV – be self controlled.

1.      Used metaphorically =  “Be calm and collected in spirit.”

2.      In this state, you see things as they actually are.

(1)           Not distorted by emotions, worries or fears.

(2)           Cf. Son wanting to go into the military.

3.      Obvious application can be made to mind altering drugs or pursuits, BUT Peter is going beyond those things to include other temporal pleasures / pitfalls.

4.      The mind is a terrible thing to waste (think about that for a moment).

(1)           How many people are wasting their minds?

(2)           How many Christians are wasting theirs?  Giving over to worry, anger, indifference, uncertainty.

5.      Nothing wrong with career, family, recreation, material goods, reputation…

(1)           A Christian knows the proper place and time for these things (Mt. 6:33).

(2)           A Christian knows that when those things begin to “intoxicate” one’s thinking, he or she must regroup to a place of sober-mindedness.

A.          Rom. 12:1-2.

B.          Col. 3:1,2; Phil. 4:8

III.   Why (What’s in it for me?)

  • Short answer = hope.
  • Little longer answer = rest your hope fully upon the grace that is to be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ.

1.      I like the picture here – my hope is resting fully upon the grace

(1)           Picture = no doubt… no despondency…no wavering… no wondering!

(2)           God’s grace = unmerited favor is available and received by those who serve Him faithfully  (Eph. 2:8; Eph. 1:3; Titus 2:11;

(3)           God’s unmerited favor will especially be gleaned upon Jesus’ return.

2.      What’s in it for you?  If you prepared your mind, and are calm and collected in spirit… You will receive unmerited favor from God.

(1)           1 Pet. 1:4 = An inheritance reserved in heaven for you.

(2)           1 Pet. 1:5 = salvation ready to be revealed in the last time.

(3)           1 Pet. 1:7 = praise, honor, and glory at the revelation of Jesus Christ.

(4)           1 Pet. 1:9 = receiving the end of your faith, the salvation of your soul.

3.      Consider those things which become the focus of our hope…

(1)           Higher education; More money; Sexual relations; children, spouses.

(2)           Your ability to get the last word; find everyone elses flaws without seeing your own; your faithfulness compared to another’s unfaithfulness…

4.      Peter tells us such ought not be so.  Our focus must be elsewhere.

(1)           At some point, they and all other will let you down, not provide…

(2)           But even if they don’t let you down… THEY CAN NOT OFFER YOU ONE WHIT of God’s unmerited favor!

5.      The call of Jesus Christ is a call to come out of the world and into life of active obedience and service.

(1)           A place where your hope can perfectly rest.  To the very end.

(2)           IF you are faithful to confess Him, He will confess you (Mt. 10:32).

(3)           God want you to never lose sight of the reality of our hope.

A.          Go to all lengths necessary for you, to free yourself of any hindrance (Gird).

B.          Take a hard look at your calendar, check book, your Christ.


 1.     Read 1 Peter 1:13-14.

2.     If you are not a child of God, you have no hope to focus upon.  Only despair.

        (1)     You have not prepared for the Lord’s return or your departure.  They come.

        (2)     Your only hope is to obey the gospel so that your hope rests upon Christ.

3.     If you are a child of God, it may be that you are not without hope, but the hope you do have is meager, shaky, weak, because the affairs of life are overpowering.

        (1)     It’s time to refocus.  Stop focusing upon affairs of this temporary life.

        (2)     Refocus your hope upon the great grace of God through Christ.

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