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Palm Sunday

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We've been talkin about Covenant the last several weeks if you know it or not. So today we continue to explore the Covenant with God that we have as Believers in Jesus and God's covenant Christ defies all of our assumptions and all of our expectations and today's text for Palm Sunday in Mark chapter 11 verse pray. Almighty God as we enter into your word god this morning together. May we come out of it snowing a little bit more about you and our relationship with you and God what we need to do. Got to work on that relationship. That we have with you. And we we invite your Holy Spirit to be in our hearts cuz we hurt here this word proclaimed in Jesus name. Amen.

In life, I think it's often the small things that we remember it's not the big things. It says our family gatherings with our loved ones. It's those friendships and stories we have for my childhood. And I apologize in advance if you've heard any of the story.

man I really am looking forward to the day where a Baltimore opens up and I begin to have more stories of things going on right here and Dundalk and in this community. But in 2018, I had been trying to figure out what the Lord was calling me to do in my life and my Ministry and the life of my church that I was serving. See our congregation was on the main strip of town and we saw a couple hundred thousand cars every single day. Come across at strip and most of them didn't even know there was a church there been there for 60 years plus.

And so on my road trip home on A1A there in West Palm Beach. There was a little Community coffee shop and it was the first time I stepped foot in that little coffee shop common ground. And I had no idea what common ground was all about, but I just needed a cup of coffee and like every Millennial I wanted a nice vanilla latte that day. They're good, aren't they? Until I sat down and started to enjoy my cup of coffee and this guy who I thought was a little smelly little different looking set next to me. And I just assumed he was a homeless man, you know, there was my judgment right there. my son and I kind of avoided them for a little bit cuz I just wanted to sit there and not be pastor, but just enjoy a cup of coffee. And I started talking to this man. His name is Randy Lewis and Randy if you're watching this morning, I love you brother. Randy runs of a Ministry called the burrito project. Have I told you guys about the burrito project good. The burrito project is one of the only Ministries to feed homeless people in West Palm Beach and areas of Palm Beach County and all throughout Florida. The sheriff's office just picks them up and bring them to another County. You know, they don't want to deal with them. Also, they've made a home at a local park there which are snowbirds are not very fond of cuz it's right across the cannot are the the pond from the very wealthy homes there in Palm Beach County. But Randy would get together people churches Faith communities to wrap burritos on a Saturday morning and give him out to the homeless. He's got a Heart for Jesus. He really does. So I'm sitting there. Everyone has a story and this is a story he has shared. We all have our story right? We all have our baggage of things in our past and things that we are still trying to figure out. Randy shared that you know, he stopped going to church. It was one of those dones that we talked about the nuns and the Diamonds. See because he felt judged by every Christian Community. He walked into other way. He smelled by the way, he dressed. Soviet, you know, you can come up with your list of thanks. Shut up, grind the coffee shop was also a church. And I passed your Mike again. I love you brother as well. Pastor Mike treated them a little differently. Love them right where he was at. After the coffee shop closed down on on Sunday morning said have church there. There's a little stage I can fit in this corner. And they had church right there on the spot maybe a little different than here right guitar to a preacher his wife. And I grew and grew and I had some really good friendships there and and I began to go there on a probably every other day. I was sitting in that coffee shop just hearing the stories because you had these the hipsters that would show up before you had the artist. You had people my age, but you also had the Boomers right that would show up. Just enjoy some good coffee. And you'd hear the stories of people sitting around and you to actually have Community it was common ground. A bunch of us preachers got to get out of there every week Methodist Lutheran Baptist non-denominational, but we built a friendship. Show my show that towards the end of my Ministry there. I was invited to sit on a board that help the common ground coffee shop transition models and we got the boat on a bunch of IRS stuff. But now they're in two locations. They have a full-time church on Sunday morning. They have an art center to help the disadvantaged Youth of that Community. They have Ministries in Jamaica Etc. And this all started with a vision a dream. They didn't have any money to start with they'll tell you they lived in a RV for a while. They did all kind of crazy things in order to follow the will of the Lord and that vision and Mission has me continue to feel this way because as we know it we've talked about this churches and this community. I heard of another church. Somebody messaged me last night that closed in December, right? We have to think outside the box three people for Jesus. It's always been my dream to do exactly what common round did was the open a coffee shop and I have a church us Lutheran's we have a hard time. I think sometimes doing weird stuff like that, but we can we're just as capable and I have a dream one day that that's something that maybe I might do is mancha business self-sustaining that multiplies bodies of a faith communities. Maybe that'll be a Ministry of our church. Don't get scared. I'm not saying we're doing it tomorrow. You know don't want that room are getting out but I think the Lord calls us to something pretty radical things and we have to think either in the mine of prosperity where we say, you know, what the Lord called us to do XYZ and he's going to provide a way to do it. Armine of scarcity where we say when we just can't do it. We don't have the resources, but I'm here to tell you man over and over again. I can tell you stories of how the Lord bless the ministry because someone was willing to think outside the box. Like Randy or Mike? The Lord calls us to do some pretty incredible things.

I think we need to answer that question is how is the Lord Our God calling us to serve our community. What's something that isn't mean reached our up a Ministry not being done that is needed. Cuz I really don't have any interest in sheep stealing right? It's not about getting other church people from other churches that come in. It's about getting lost people to have a relationship with Jesus for the very first time. To me. That's what matters. It's about taking care of the least of these the widows the poor and of course the voiceless. Then we think about Palm Sunday. We got to think about how Jesus enter Jerusalem that day all those years ago. Not as a king but a servant on a donkey. And the first two verses of today's tax, Jesus calls his disciples to complete a task. The text States for us Jesus gave to Disciples of tasks saying to them go into the village over there. And as soon as you enter it, you'll find a tied tie up there a cult that no one has written untie it and bring it here. So has anybody ever seen a wild donkey or a wild horse before? Yeah, some good weed. We got some people that that grew outside of the city. And so when I went out to Oregon as a kid in the mountains you would see these wild donkeys all over the place. I don't know where they came from and you see wild horses and I would not there ever to get up get up go to one and get on one. I mean, it would be I'd be hurt right that would cause you I heard what do you think? They're do you think that would be crazy to do?

So but Jesus told his disciples to go find the unread Colts. And to bring it to them bring it to him as Believers in Christ as his disciples. We too are tasked with many things including waging peace in this hurting world. See Jesus tells us in Matthew 5:9 blessed are the peacemakers for they will be called children of God. We are passed to address and push back against violence in our nation. And our City's we are at has to address pain and frustration caused by the larger forces. And employ the violence that that employed the violence of Oppression unjust laws and Division. We are tasked with the same thing as people on the streets of Jerusalem. We're crying out for 2,000 years ago as Christ came riding into town on the most intimidating of Beast. a donkey

you guys are probably heard the phrase. I'm going to change the words to hear a little bit. When you assume you make a donkey out of you and me.

Write both the Romans and the Jews of Jerusalem that day we're doing a lot of assuming.

Everyone assumed they knew exactly what crisis promise was to bring the kingdom of heaven and what that meant and Jewish radicals with daggers are ready. We're eager to spill Roman blood and take their their roles in this new monarchy. And Pharisees and Sadducees were concerned about their religious leadership. The centurions were ready to ensure Pax Romana. The Roman golden age was maintained no matter the cost. And Jesus came proclaiming promising of the kingdom of God was near and everyone assumed they knew what that meant. And all were eager to make sure their expectations about this New Covenant or Mets beginning with the krauts. Those in Jerusalem young and old poured out into the streets and wave branches shouting, Hosanna Hosanna. So this is not an easy word for us to translate but most biblical scholars believe that translates the two Hebrew terms put together a compound word. Does simply means save us king of Israel? An interesting that same phrase is shouted from those very same streets in Jerusalem a hundred and fifty years prior to Sunday. the Palm Sunday that was when a Hebrew family called The Maccabees.

Knowing our brothers and sisters in the Catholic Church, they have 1st and 2nd Maccabees and their Bibles. Did The Maccabees help stir up a revolution that somehow drove the mighty Roman occupiers out of the city. The Maccabees cover Jerusalem for a time until inevitably Rome regained control of the city And established a puppet Hebrew Kings like Herod to enforce Roman rule Hosanna, the people called out for the Maccabees the people called out on Palm Sunday. Save us blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord king of Israel. well when you put it that way kind of sounds rebellious, does it not? because it was Palm Sunday with a street demonstration. It was a rally that could easily have become a riot. All those years ago. The air was buzzing with tension and energy to Jesus on his donkey Road into the occupying Kingdom of Rome with its wealth and military power and into the kingdom Semoran with violent revolution with daggers and pitchforks at the ready. And he rode right in the middle of it all. I did not join the ranks with a radicals and their daggers and he certainly didn't side with the religious leaders or the powers of Rome. But Jesus confronted the assumptions and Harriet with our expectations and presented a different kind of kingdom. a kingdom that has a different definition of power. And while the room Romans assume Christ might stir up another Revolution. The people on the streets assumed he would affirm God's covenant with Israel. By using this new Earthly Kingdom Jesus introduced another way this other Kingdom adipure a deeper Covenant that found is found in strength and simplicity. Its wealth through generosity its leadership through service, its power through sacrifice and no one's blood in the streets except his own.

And radicals and Roman Republicans alike are challenged and transformed. and Jesus began the revolution of Grace Justice forgiveness and Hope Attached that we are called to continue today in the mighty name of Jesus. See our second point this morning is that we welcome Jesus Ian verses 3 through 8 and says this if anyone says to you, why are you doing this? It's Master needs it and he will send it back right away. And they went and found a Colt tied to a gate outside the street and they untied it and some people started saying around them said what are you doing on tying the Colts and they told him just what Jesus said I'm asking that. And they left them alone and they brought the Colt to Jesus and through their clothes upon it and he sat on it and people spread out their clothes on the road while others spread branches cut in the fields.

the trouble for us this morning in the world is that Jesus did in fact begin and expected a revolution of this Grace Justice forgiveness and Hope

How often do we choose to live by the world standards of violence hate? War Just open again the local newspaper. And you can begin to look at the headlines. So last night about 9. I wanted to see what the headlines had to say.

The first one was at dozens were shot dead as a military continues a ruthless campaign against civilians. There was a hostage situation, Oklahoma County Detention Center. Officer taking the hospital and make shot and killed bruma forces killed dozens and deadliest day since Coupe. And lastly gunshots gunshots rang out in Colorado Supermarket killing 10 people on Monday. An hours later lawmakers begin a familiar political and fighting over gun control. 9 last night that when we leave church. We'll see some more. The trouble for us this morning is although Jesus called us two thousand years ago. To a different type of society one, which is ruled by Grace love and forgiveness one that like those in Jerusalem did two thousand years ago a society that welcomes Jesus into our hearts. They welcomed Jesus that day with palm branches with laying their clothes in the streets. And I don't know what's been done here in the past is church church that mean that we had kids take the palm branches on Sunday morning and we'd wave them in the in the sanctuary and then they would lamb out here in the front and the chancel area are the stage and we would remember how we welcome Jesus all those years ago. Did the world around us has forgotten to welcome Jesus into their heart because we have a polar opposite in our society. We see this message of of violence and murder abortion as birth control racism and Division. And how we are all affected as a society. The trouble I believe is that as Christians we have to welcome Jesus once again. We had a conversation this morning. When did you welcome Jesus into your heart? When did you welcome Jesus?

You know, this means spreading love vs. Hate piece vs. Ward Justice vs. Injustice forgiveness vs. Garages praise vs. Slander and means thinking before acting and living a life that is different than the world expects you to I mean she's changing the Assumption of what the world thinks about Christians because of this deep relationship with Jesus. I mean changing the world perspective that while yes, we are a bunch of Hypocrites. We are judgemental. Me too. And some of us may be goodie Goods. We are still working to accept that we truly are the biggest centers that need Jesus. We are. I keep saying it. We're messed up people needed Christ, right? It means being real with the world riding up on the donkey and living out the love story of God. Guys ready to go get a donkey this morning. Because last week Jesus saves us this morning, Jesus saves us but we have the grace and the Texas morning and verses 9 through 11 and it states and nose in front of him. We were shouting Hosanna blessings on the one who can't comes in the name of the Lord blessing on the coming of the kingdom of our ancestor David hosanna in the highest and Jesus enter Jerusalem went into the temple and after he looked around at everything because it was already late in the evening. He returned to Bethany with a 12 The grace in the Texas morning, I believe it's simple Jesus came into the world not to destroy us but give us an opportunity to share this love Grace peace and justice. Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord? Think about it. He could have easily come as expected as this Jewish leader the king of all kings that would destroy everyone in his sight. But instead he rode in town on a donkey, so we just talked about how I would not want to get an untamed donkey. But if I had a choice, right, this is the very first impression. I'm going to make on these people really this is the impression that going to last in their head first impressions do count. Is it going to be a donkey? Am I going to choose? For example, a Ford Pinto gas on a Ford Pinto is Yeah, I think I remember right the gas tank is in the back. So if you would get rear-ended right or am I going to choose the Ford Mustang? or for me did I want to choose the Honda Ridgeline pickup truck or my Jeep out there? Bright, I am going to pick what I think is going to leave that good impression, but for Jesus see that's the whole point. He wanted the last leave a lasting impression. That we are children of God. But he came to serve not be served that we are to be World Changers. We don't care anything about what other people think about this. No Our God the god of the universe in this text is a man showing his humility. Despite being who he was the son of God. The grace in this text that God likewise desires us to come as we are to him. That are Earthly status means nothing. But the grades for the world of simple. Jesus came to serve this creation. The creation that fell all those years ago after radiation that could not live sinless lives a creation that no matter how many times got hit the reset button. They just kept messing it up. That's the grace. You could have conquered the world established this government's that they hope that the Messiah would do. But instead he created a never-ending Kingdom outside of this world for each of us to have eternal life. We know all the kingdoms of the world at some point ball. They do. This look look in your history book. But Jesus curated this Kingdom the save us from the power of sin. Which we all know this morning as what? What's the power of sin?

That's what scripture tells us that the power of sin is death. The Sting the sting of sin But Jesus saves us from it. That we will be judged according to our faith our faith. It's a yes or a no. You acknowledge Jesus in your heart. Yes, you've been given freedom of the cross the freedom of the Christian. You know doesn't stop there, right? We talked about it this morning that we have a responsibility. Like Jesus riding in on the donkey and humility that we are to spread love and peace and be the hands and feet of Jesus that when we truly say it and I'm going to get this I know in your head when we pray the Lord's Prayer and we say on Earth as it is in heaven. That we really mean it. That we take that responsibility and we run with it. That we change the world. And how do we change the world?

one one act of kindness one act of love one act of Christian charity

The congregation Jesus has called us to be servants to this hurting world. So I ask you how is he calling you to be a servant this week? How is he calling you to be a servant of this community. of this congregation of your neighborhood where you live? How is the Lord calling you to be the servant? the ride in on a donkey and humility I love your neighbor as yourself. So this Palm Sunday, I hope we remember. this beginning statement That God's New Covenant his Covenant with us that he shares this Palm Sunday. Is that God defines all of our assumptions and all of our expectations? Let us pray. Now may God May the God of Peace? Help us all live lies. God geared towards you and your vision for us and your mission for us got that you make sanctify our souls.

in love and his whole Spirit soul and body help us live a life that is focused upon his will for our lives. He who calls you is faithful and he will surely do it in Jesus name. Amen.

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