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Maundy Thursday Vespers

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This evening we walk together the last hours of the day before Jesus was deceived by his friend which led to his death on the cross which we will remember tomorrow that are Good Friday service. We have heard of the Passover a time when Jews celebrated the way God set them free from slavery. We're God gave them safe Crossing across the Red Sea into the Promised Land.

They're in there last night and Egypt. God sent the angel of death. the kill the firstborn of All Families I want you to think about the sorrow that day that evening. Where all the firstborn are dead?

And it'd be a Jew. To be Redeemed by the Lord that you were faithful and then God was indeed setting you free.

But God see he maintained his pledge to be their God by asking the children of Israel to put a sign on their doors the war on the angel of death that he must stay away. God commanded them to kill the lamb and the place it's blood on the doors of their homes. And the lamb was eating with unleavened bread and bitter herbs much like what we experience this evening. And this was to help them brace themselves for a long journey ahead a Voyage to the land of milk and honey. the land of Israel the land of Canaan and the promised land this evening as we venture back to our homes here shortly. I hope we remember how God delivered the people of Israel from slavery. And how he delivers us from our slavery. Adamson he delivers us see then we spoke about Jesus and the washing of his disciples feet that evening and Jesus instructs us to imitate him into unique ways this evening. For different reasons. They are both overwhelming. The first is an invitation from Jesus to serve. As he did for us. That evening by washing his disciples feet. He expressed his love for his disciples. But made it clear that it was just the beginning. The second was an invitation of Jesus fellow as he loves us the love God and to love our brother. And wild will dive deeper into this devotion as we Center on his sacrificial death tomorrow night on the cross this evening. We were able to love and encourage one another by taking the example of Jesus and washing each other's feet and hands as awkward as that might feel for everyone here. And for some of us this may have worried you. Because simply were not used to be able washing our feet and washing our hands especially since what a year ago. We're not even used to human contact anymore. When people ask me, can you give me a hug at the end of the door to me? That's such a strange thing because I'm so used to hugs and kisses from growing up in south, Louisiana. But consider the reactions of the disciples. When Jesus wash their feet that evening. The value of foot-washing will not be questioned because they walked everyday on Dusty Rhodes and open-toed sandal. I don't know how much you guys wear sandals up here up north or I'm from flip flops was the daily Footwear. Your feet get scrapped dirty, Ricky Lee knows all about all about all about it. He always ask me daddy why your feet cracked?

They did not question the value of the foot-washing. It was needed it was dirty.

but often times when they had their feet it was done by a serpent. But that night. It was their lord. Their Messiah did it. See the church for centuries have washed each other's hands and feet. This Maundy Thursday. There's a university Greenville University located in Greenville, Illinois, the Free Methodist institution. There's not many of them and you drive on the campus where some of my youth that graduated high school and started going to school there. And there's a great statue of Jesus washing the feet of his disciples. The one thing I remember.

Washing each other's hands and feet reminds us that loving and serving people is not comfortable. It's not tidy. It's not optional. It is uncomfortable messy and a necessary practice. Because as Pope Francis said when he called him again, we must smell like the Sheep. Smell like this. And as much as I like some nice clothes once in awhile. I wonder what Jesus and his disciples would have walked in that upper room that evening. I got the visit that place not that long ago. To experience where Jesus was and or Jesus told his disciples that evening that he would be betrayed and I can only Envision Jesus sitting there telling me. And keep telling me that I would betray him. So we proceeded this evening. the Highlight that meal that Passover dinner the last evening that Jesus and his disciples have play every single Sunday that we have communion. It makes it so easy to take this meal for granted. This was the first instance of communion as you probably know. and that Upper Room with his friend

the same place he wash their feet. He would be betrayed by one of his brothers. There was a real reason for this meal I think and it was done deliberately because both Passover and foot-washing are within the communion service as the Lamb of God is called Jesus and number of times in the Bible. We are told about the Lamb of the Passover that the Israelites killed and ate as we broke in 8 bread during communion.

They broke the lamb we broke the bread. The blood was sprinkled on the door frame of the first Passover. And the blood was shed on the Altar for the next Passover. And it was Shadows the offering before God the blood was so significant. And likewise while drinking the cup of communion. We know that Jesus the perfect lamb was pouring out his blood on our shortcomings. Taking our sins upon himself before God the Father to grant us salvation and peace. A blood was necessary.


our sins

our sins that we chose separate us from God from his love.

Are are punishment of sin is death as hell. But Jesus saves, it pays us all through this powerful statement on the cross that we will soon experience see the act of service of Jesus his torment and his death on the cross was the essence of his service to humanity.

In that manner, I've said it before from this Pulpit. He didn't have to die. He could have slipped through the nights through the garden and left it all.

But he said what the God the father not my will but yours. Pee out of his love and desire to save us all he died for us. And when we proclaim the Lord's death is Paul puts it communion allows us to engage in the Supreme Act of service. It allows us to feel what Christ did for us. the means of Grace and without that there can be no Resurrection. There can be no Easter morning. Without the cross you can't get an empty grave. Consequence we share and communion. We are reminded of Crisis Eternal promises that through his death the save us from sin and death.

I asked you this evening this Monday Thursday.

The night that Jesus was deceived. To remember the importance of what Jesus did for us? establishing a new covenant a covenant made with his blood on a cross That we would not die from our sin that send that started in Genesis. When man decided to be like God they just had to have more.

but a new covenant the save us so that we can have eternal life so that every time a member of your family or friends pass away. Do there's a time of morning. There is a time of joy and celebration of life. Because you will see that person on the other side. Gives us hope does it not? Is Astro Boy? To go home this evening with joy. that in the midst of this season of Lent the season of Holy Week where we remember the sorrow and the pain and it's real and the moment that we forget what Jesus went through as the moment that the church fails Because again send is costly. There had to be a tone mint. a payment for our sinful Behavior Anna Eternal payment

You take that with you. I hope you remember that when you walk through your door that if you were an Israelite a Jew. Would have put blood cross your door. Talbot Angel of Death to leave you alone

Let us pray God we thank you for your son. Jesus Christ for his payment on the cross God that we can have eternal life. Now we we praise you for the freedom found in you. God that we know we are lawbreakers we are deceivers. God and sometimes we deceive you even my name Todd. Sometimes we do it on intentionally.

Your disciples Cried Out Lord, not me. Not me. I'll die for you. The god often we choose to do quite the opposite. We choose to live for ourselves rather than you. Which is the to think of the things of the world God and not you. We humbly repent on our hands and our knees God for you this evening. Do we cry out to you as a tax collector. Have mercy on me a sinner. We are unworthy.

I do clean us that you make us white as snow.

have your blood

praise you Play all of this and the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Let us stand together this evening.

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