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Hollywood Filth

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Are you tired of Hollywood dictating what America believes? As Christians, let’s be honest, does our message of a loving forgiving God ever get outside the doors of the church? Jesus went to the lost. Jesus went to the broken, outcast hated people in society. We need to set up a mission at the doors of the gates of hell, where in our world would you consider the gates of hell? The movie theaters of America. Think of the filth and perversion that comes out of Hollywood this. A movie where Dakota Fanning a 12 year old girl gets raped for no reason what so ever, even the critics say they can see no reason other than shock value that the scene is in the movie. There is no resolution the perpetrator is not held accountable it just there to shock and to desensitize you to sin. Another film where presents the love relationship between he and his dog and he does not just use him for hunting. Is there anyone in this room who would not define this as anything other than pure filth, yet it is what Hollywood calls art. There was a time when the world considered actors and those in the film industry exactly what they are, entertainers. Not know. Now they and the ideas thoughts and morals or lack there of have subtly crept into our lives our families our homes. Actors and actress seem to think that fame gives them the right to push their system of belief off on the rest of us. They have the world as their stage to say pretty much what ever they want and it all goes unchecked. No one is policing it no one is checking it for accuracy. They think because they landed a big role they can therefore say whatever they want and tell you the difference between right and wrong.

No matter what you think Christians in America are not going to share their faith with the masses. Only one or two out of a hundred will ever tell anyone about their faith in Christ let alone lead someone to salvation. B

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