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Series:  January Bible Study.



Romans 14-16






-I.  DEALING WITH DIFFERENCES.  (Romans 14:1-Romans 15:7)


-A.  .  Paul is focusing on questionable matters in our Christian life.  What should sincere Christians do when we disagree?

            -1.  There are in the church mature Christians.

            -2.  Immature Christians.

-B.  In this section.   Paul gives six basic principles  that help us as Christians deal with our differences. 

            -1.  I would add differences shouldn’t divide.

            -2.  last week is an example.

            -3.  Worship is an example.

-4.  This is why I like the BFM.  It gives us an adequate guide to fellowship.

-5.  We can also recognize that there are other Christians outside the SBC, and we ought to treat them as brothers and sisters in Christ.

            -C.  Question #1---Am I Fully Convinced?  (Romans 14:1-5)

-1.  Most fights come from our emotions……not disagreements, but I am saying divisive fights.

-2.  Paul here is exhorting the Romans to not act on their emotions, but from a settled conviction.  These convictions are the result of diligent prayer and study of the Word.

            -a.  An opinion is what we hold, a conviction is what holds us.

            -b.  Think about I Corinthians 13.

-c.  Many theological discussions are over matters that are not essential to the faith.

-3.  The reality is that people have a lot of different opinions in our church at Temple.  It is my desire and prayer as pastor that each person feel the freedom to share his convictions without fear of being kicked out, or made to feel less than human for differences.

-4.  Again, I can speak to Calvinism.  This scares some people, and some people act out of a negative emotion.  Thinking it is heretical.  I do not consider myself a 5 pointer at this time in my life.  I do not have a conviction from the Lord.  I have turned this matter on to the Lord God and pray.

-a.  Father, I understand their position, but I do not agree based on a conviction it is right.  Please show me the truth.

-b.  I can be friend with them.  I can serve with them.  I consider them godly men and women.

-5.  I think we ought to realize the difference between an opinion and a conviction.

            -D.  Question #2   Am I Doing This Unto the Lord?  (Romans 14:6-9)

                        -1.  Now notice the phrase “to the Lord.”

                        -2.  This is how we are to live life.

-3.  If you believe that you are to raise your hands, do it for the Lord, not for show.

-4.  What Paul is saying?  If you believe something…then why are you doing it? 

            -a.  For the Glory of God.

            -b.  Or for your own glory.

            -c.  Don’t do it to offend.

            -d.  Don’t do it to only please men.

            -e.  Act out of a conviction to the Lord.

-5. But think with me about some questionable things a Christian might do.

            -a.  drinking alcohol.

            -b.  some do.

            -c.  some don’t.

            -d.  but the question is Can I do this to the Lord?

            -e.  Will this bring honor and glory to God?

-6.  Look at verse 8---we belong to the Lord.  He is our master.

a.  Dear friend if God has given you a liberty in a certain manner that is no directly prohibited in Scripture?  That’s between you and God.


                                    -b.  The question is do you have the peace of God in it.

            -E.  Question #3  Will it stand the test at the judgment seat?  (Romans 14:10-12)

                        -1.  Verse 10 gives us the wrong attitude to have toward other Christians.

                                    -a.  This doesn’t mean we can’t judge.

                                    -b.  It means don’t have a judgemental attitude.

                        -2.  Who is the judge?  It is Jesus.

                                    -a.  Christians not judged on salvation.

                                    -b.  Christians judged on our works.

-3. Paul tells the mature and immature the reality is that you might fool people, but in the end you can’t full God.  You are going to have to give account to God for our life.

2 Corinthians 5:10---10For we must all stand before Christ to be judged. We will each receive whatever we deserve for the good or evil we have done in this earthly body.(NLT)


            -F.  Question #4---Am I causing others to stumble?  (Romans 14:13-21)

-1.  I think there are some Christians who sinned not because of what they do, but why they do it.  They want to abuse their liberty, by putting others in their place.  The Bible tells us not to do that.

-2.  You have no right to make someone else stumble, in fact it is a sin.

-3.  What’s the rule?  Give up your rights for the good of others.  Don’t make Custer’s last stand!!!!  J

            Growing up I always had to win every argument.

-4.  Our task in our fellowship is to live at peace.  Go the extra mile.  IF you know something is causing trouble just quit doing it.  Don’t claim a liberty, when there is harm done.

            -G.  Question #5---Am I doing this by faith?  (Romans 14:22-23)

                        If its doubtful don’t do it.

                        Spoiled Milk.

            -H.  Am I pleasing myself or others?  (Romans 15:1-7)

                        -1.  verse one the strong are told to bear with the shortcomings of others. 

                        -2.  We are to build up our friends for their good, not for our good.

                        -3.  Look at verse 7.



            -A.  Jews and Gentiles in the local church. 

            -B.  Paul focuses on Christ’s ministry to Jews and Gentiles (Romans 15:8-13)

            -C.  Paul’s Ministry to Jew and Gentile.  (Romans 15:14-22)

            -D.  Gentiles ministry to the Jews.  (Romans 15:23-33)

                        -1.  WHY OFFERING?

                        -2.  Spiritual obligation.  (27)

                        -3.  Personal love (29)

                        -4.  Christian unity (31)

            -E.  Application for us at TBC.

                        -1.  some churches minister to only a particular group.

-2.  TBC we have old, young, and in between.  We have just children, just youth.  We have single adults who have been divorced.  We have mixed families.  We have  single adults who have never been married.

-3.  What is a pastor to do? 

-a.  Sr. Adults are past blessings.  By this I do not mean they do nothing now, or that they are not a blessing.  What I mean is that they have given much to the church?  Many are able to do what they once did.

-b.  Working Adults are our present blessings.  Explain this again.

-c.  Youth…are our future blessings.

-d.  Reality check we are all going to be either a past, present, or were a future.

                        -4.  Youth

                                    -a.  Adults ought to realize how much we need them.

                                    -b.  work with them.

                                    -c.  get them to lead in worship.

                                    -d.  let them play their music.

-e.  Youth realize the worth of your adults, and respect them and their worship.

                        -5.  Adults  same thing to you.




            -A.  Paul greets some saints (Romans 16:1-16)

            -B.  Paul gives some sinners to avoid.  (Romans 16:17-20)

            -C.  Paul gives some servants to honor.  (Romans 16:21-24)

                        We ought to honor people for their service to the church.



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