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Inductive Bible Study Lesson 7

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logo with the word of prayer and begin Your father thank you for the stay thinking that we can come here again to study Bible study. I prayed today as we look over and applying to text ourselves and lemonade living it out as we look at two example text. I pray that your help us understand what we are reading the place to ourselves. Amen. Okay, so this will be the last lesson. So congratulations you you survive. and yes my day we can make a

yeah, we need to make extra copies. Let me know when you need one David.

Andy has one for you, so we're going to the fruit of our labors application last week. We looked at how to determine what is applicable to us to take today. And today we're going to look at briefly how to actually live in light of what we are going to apply how to apply it to her like

appropriate in the medium and Is the term thrown around today called cultural appropriation, which means some Superior? Coulter Grove, I'm usually it's a white male appropriate for oppressed minorities ethnic minority. So Superior ethnic group take something from a minor sonority the group themselves. Like there's a video of a of a of a white guy in a college campus wearing dreadlocks and two people up a black female black male a costume in the hallway start yelling at him shouting obscenities. How dare you big ordeal? So there's that that that whole idea where you're taking something that doesn't belong to you and you're misusing it that's going around. I think it's quite frankly get a bunch of hogwash for the most So when I say appropriate the meaning here, I'm staying were claiming hold and grabbing hold of what rightly belongs to us in the scripture through the Holy Spirit and applying it to ourselves making it ours because her price it is our so we can grab hold it make it mine is not done through force or violence or Miss appropriately for an appropriately instead of correctly to the Holy Spirit. So we are appropriate in the meaning making it ours. Okay. So we apples the meaning and live it out. We got to think of the role of the Holy Spirit and we've looked at the role the Holy Spirit a little bit. Is he there to just give us Supernatural understanding like super brain power or is he there to just help us apply it I'll say it will look at some taxi. I'll say that he is there primarily to help us supplier, but he is also there to Aid Us in understanding. He doesn't always necessarily a decent understanding. Would you have to use the normal Bible study exegesis and the proper interpretation, but the Holy Spirit can be there to lift the veil for my face before eyes to understand the text and to have a deeper understanding than the non-believer would have the non-believer can analyze grammar sentence diagrams. You can know the history of the Bible, but when it comes to actually understanding the relevance for his life he can't because there's a veil before his face. An example of use is two divers looking for Treasure. So imagine that one of the divers is a Christian and he has a Holy Spirit and their on a boat looking for treasure that they're looking into the water scene that they can find treasure in the Christian diver with the Holy Spirit sees that there is treasure in the water in the sand bad under the water and he dies in the grab it the Holy Spirit helps him to see the treasure see the truth. Even Grandpa loved it make it his diaper and he doesn't have the Holy Spirit and when he see something glimmering in the water, he thinks it's just the sunlight reflecting off the water in the same. That's what he attributed to do is he is not really treasure. It's just the reflection of the light on the water. So that's how a good example I would think the Holy Spirit helps us to wrap all the texts the Holy Spirit we can see the treasure that the scripture is fun to a non-Christian someone without the Holy Spirit. He doesn't see the Bible open the treasure it is to him chopping, North Asbury flexion of the sun on the water in the sand.

If we think of the Holy Spirit helping us in illumination of the scripture of understanding it rightly we can think of several Bible verses my put all these Bible verses down and put a few extra on your hand out. We're just going to look at a few of them when I can look at everyone. Do Psalm 119:17 320 bountifully with your servant that I may live and keep your word open my eyes that I may behold wondrous things out of your law. I Am Soldier on the earth. Not your Commandments for me. My soul is consumed with longing for your rolls at all time. So this idea to hold my open my eyes and did not and don't hide your commands from me. So is not explicitly say in the Holy Spirit are but it is his idea that God open your eyes to the truth and he can hide the truth from you but he is able to open your eyes to the truth which Corinthians 2:14, very famous one that we think of the natural person does not accept the things of the spirit of God for they are falling to him and he's not able to understand them because they are spiritually discerned. So there's idea where the things are scripture the truth of scripture are spiritually discerned Spirit to understood they can only be rightly understood right reapply for the work of the holy spirit in the holy spirit will give you a special understanding not a secret understand that he's not going to give someone else. It's not to each person has their own unique understanding its I'm through the word of God who gives Believers that the same understanding of of the truth of scripture. Luke 24:44 through 45 then he said to them Jesus said to them these are my words that he spoke to you while I was still with you that everything written about me in the law of Moses and the prophets and the Somme must be fulfilled. Then he opened their minds to understand the scriptures do an idea of their mind has to be open to understand the scriptures without their minds been opened scriptures with us be like the diver just the sunlight reflecting off the water in the sand and in a parallel passage in John 22. We see Jesus giving them the Holy Spirit and when he and when he had said that he breathed on them and said to them receive the holy spirit. So in this idea if he's opening their eyes in the scripture. So this idea that I have your eyes open to the scripture. You need the Holy Spirit. So the Holy Spirit has to be there and how how does the Holy Spirit help you what you can't trick him and you can't accept it's not like hunting for deer don't have to catch the right. You're not going to bait him in you're going you can't fade in the Holy Spirit. You can trick him to come in and it's through rare is through diligent Italy studying the word of God and no way that he is faithful to teaches people that the truth of the scriptures living a holy life. It is under the teaching and preaching of the word of God making yourself while they are so that when the Holy Spirit comes sand or our practices or bad habits doesn't blind you from from seeing the Holy Spirit. Play anyone any questions or anything to anyone like to add?

Livia scuba diver announces not work on nerve and scuba diving son.

The steps that it takes and there are arrows black arrows on their car to see you sit on your hand out. So it starts at personal assessment. Cessna it is doing a personal inventory of where we stand before the text example of what sins do I have? What practices am I doing that are not necessarily simple but they're not profitable. You're not helping me to live a holy life. So what is it in inside of me? What Personal Image or what am I going to discover within myself with my daily living that is going to prevent me from grabbing hold of the truth and lending it out. So insert this thing here that is a firewall between you and living out the truth next. It's reflective meditation. Attachment is looking Inward and seeing what what about me is would hinder me from living ass out reflective meditation is looking at the scripture and meditating on it. So it's leaking on the biblical text and frame it. Biblical meditation is not emptying your mind like Eastern meditation Transcendental Meditation. It is just speaking out there with the word of God and ensure it over in his law. He meditates day and night and take a Psalm 119. The whole chapter does speak of the the law of God and we can extend that out to the whole scriptures these verse of the meditating on it and thinking on it and enjoy it over in your mind and trained in response to it reflected meditation on the text. Realizing that the Texas meditation it will never leave you to mean something on the personal spiritual that are not supported on the exegetical level. The underlying on exegetical should have been something that is not support. I forgot to call back off an exegesis is the drawing out of the meaning from the text. You drop out the meaning you don't put your own meaning into it and good interpretation does not hinder. Bushnell application actually posters that so you need to bolster for meditation and this application individual appropriation. This is where it comes to you it goes from the the general we like what is it in we were the Bible me for weed to me. I can't get around anywhere. What is it for me? And this is living in response to the truth and being changed by the truth. We should really put that the other way. It's being changed by the truth and then living in response to the truth. So you can come to the text and see a bunch of behaviors that you need to correct. But Behavior change is never going to leave very difficult and painful lately too. But Heart Change will always lead to behavioral change. So you got to look at I'm not just modify Behavior because it'd be able to text biblical texts. I wanted to modify and change my heart and saying enough theorize in about it enough personal assessment and meditation. I'm actually going to do to do something with it. And that's very hard thing to do. I can get up here or any any Bible teacher could get up here and interpret the Bible for you. They can tell you how to observe the text. But when it comes to application I can't do it for you. You have to do it and this is where it's really Harley Wide appalled at the mention that it's very hard. But you let the the truth change your hearts knowing that it will lead to behavior change and not saying I'm going to change my behavior and hope that my heart will eventually catch up.

Okay. I just want to be I we going to practice.

So now we're going to go into group practice. Would anyone like to add anything?

Facial group practice. So I'm going to hand out to Bible passages. I'm going to I even printed out different versions because remember when we observe the text, it's useful to read different versions. Don't let it intimidate you you don't all have to look at the same version. You don't all have to read it. But if you work split up in groups, you can work through it together and my plan is to look at it. I'm going to hand it out. We'll look at it together and then I'm going to run up on the screen.

Okay, so why do the steps observe? What are some common themes?

Madden 18 35 through 19 tents with blind Bartimaeus and then it's the story of Zacchaeus. And if you looked earlier in Luke 18, there's also the story of the Rich Young Ruler. He came a good teacher what must I do to inherit eternal life.

And he says one thing you lack go tell all your things to give to the poor and the Rich Young Ruler leaves.


call me Debbie kind of compare.

Okay, so I gave you a commentary. For both passages of scripture going to be looking at please don't look at those right away. I don't like that the first thing to look at that's that should come in the air control pretation stage. So you have this copy.

How do I get to work?

And try to see where the text differ and why you think they might differ. Are there any verb changes the present to the future? I will do this or I am doing this. Is there anything like that?

Pair contrast compare and contrast that key is with the blind man.

What similarities do they have

anyone else

They are three copies of the same casket in different person.

best preferred

You can work through it together.

Okay, so What are some similarities anyone want to call anything out?

Bose headset problems line

That's what it is.


I must stay at your house.

What about you?


And how would the Jews and so what happens when when the blind man is healed?

Europe And when the when Jesus goes to eat with that kids.

are you can if anyone has anything bacon and then like I said, I also think of the Rich Young Ruler maybe the difference between the accounts comparison Rich Young Ruler

Yes, NM. And that verb I will give to the poor and it's not I will give it it's like I am giving what I have for the 4 and the one version and there's the New Living Translation has it like I'm going to do this, but the understanding is no I'm I'm doing this already aboard that is like an immediate change.


No. You're no doubt it.

Madewell right now

So take it the Rich Young Ruler. He comes to Jesus and he's like seeking him. What do I have to do? And then when he's told he runs away, but you're someone who's coming to Jesus earnestly seeking him wants to know what to do. but he leaves and then there's a blind beggar is a Kia suit hard are shouting out his name and people that you think just want it want to say but he does say so the Rich Young Ruler in the sense wants to save himself. Tell me what I have to do. Where the other two are holy relying on prices at Key isn't even just kind of curious like hey what's going on over there?

But these are appointed by my sheep.

Auburn Grace

Okay. So those are good observations any anything else we can observe.

And the beggar was at marginalizing Outcast, but the tax collector and you see he lines his pockets with other people's money. They're probably people so to Outkast people.

Okay, so where we done some observation?

But like what is it? What does it mean actually, so now we can move to interpretation and try to interpret it. What did it mean then? What was the author trying to the tell the people was reason? Why did Luke write this account? Why did he put them back to back like this? What do you logical statement?

Remember your hermeneutical Triad? And literature like what literary features is he using historical? What what in history would help me to understand this is

sycamore tree relevant in any way What did it mean to be a blind person back then our tax collector? And then there's the theological what what what do you logical statements are being said here by Luke for by Jesus. So what can we learn about God for this and I gave you the commentary. Aluma commentary section on Mark and a little one on flip and roll one on Philippines that will look at Max and the short and sweet and to the point.

and then

the commissary in and do a little bit of interpretation. So what do you think we can take away from this? What is a text trying to tell us?

And you can think of it verse 10 at the punchline. White Rose at the Capstone the son of man came to seek and save the lost. So that's like The Capstone and that if you'd look who he see him saving, it's a like 2 full spectrum, right?

Noctowl and Pastor Robert and how comp how often we want to screen who come to Jesus? We see that earlier in 18 the children are going to be brought to Jesus and the disciples say get those kids out of here. She says no let him come and then the blind man of the crowd tells quiet in that key is the people are angry that uses going to go with him. How often we want to screen who gets the gospel to Jesus saves, so it's very gospel focus. It shows that Christ came to seek and to save the lost and that is the poor blind beggar and the rich tax collector. Any of the cheese all all people groups and women are child. So how could we end there's more interpretation to be to be said of that no doubt, but how can we apply that? What is applicable to assert The Narrative narratives are a little trickier to apply. We don't just want to moralize it and say plants do sycamore trees and and Klein women look along the road or mulberry bush by the size of a mulberry bush.

So how would you know what is applicable to us? And if there is something applicable how do we then apply it? What is a teaching point? What's the scenario we could think of?

And I know that that's really hard to come up right off the bat and I'll see you on the spur of the moment.

What's up, let's do this. Let's think of this. and maybe

After that the morning service and after that the sermon and maybe during lunch if you're able to stay for lunch meat maybe we can talk about application. We can talk about the the sermon too. Cuz I do Robert like that. They have a lot of hard work sermon about maybe this text and you can maybe think about applications. Don't think about it during the preseason.

Okay, so let's looking at the next.

cheeseburger and fries

Remind me at 5 to 11. Which is an example of this have his mind among yourselves with your joy in Christ Jesus who though he was in the form of God did not count equality with God. Made himself nothing taking the form of a server be found in like it's a man and be in town in human form. He humbled himself becoming obedient to death on the cross to death even across therefore. God has highly exalted him and he's so dumb. He have a name that is above every name so it's this inaction. So what's cuz I'm so what are some observations we can make it free. So we have about 4 minutes.

Ian the first one We could take that to be like rhetorical, like down. If you look in first in chapter one, he's establishing that their members of Christ are there in the church and so verse 2 through 1. He's not a making them to reflect on what they do have. So he's not asking make sure you have this and he was wondering himself. He's using it to like say hey look you do have this. So first one is kind of sending it up or if you haven't heard from Christ. Is that a command or is that like A request. What's he saying her stew?

It starts off with a command complete my joy.

Return of the reflect on what they have through Christ how they're equipped and then he tells them to complete his joy and then he goes on to explain how they can completely destroy.

That's having the same mind be in the same mine. Same love being in full Accord one might so it's pretty much all the synonyms and apparel ideas for Unity Christian Unity Christian love for one another and then he goes on to explain like the antithesis to that would be selfish ambition and States rather. They should have humility Captain one another more significant than yourselves. I'm looking after the interests of themselves. So what you have and I'm telling you to reflect on complete my Droid something you need to do. This is what he likes to do. This. This is like some counterparts and one another or look for your own care for yourself and also for the person using workout in love and humility commentary with you. So how do we live this out? This one really lends itself the application. It's really easy to see how this one applies. We don't have to think. Am I that key is for my the blind man. We can really easy, see how does supply Like one of those I believe I I'll have to double-check. I believe this is the first command the first imperative that this is one that I consider this like one of the first not the first but like one of the first commands by Paul in Philippians and what is a deal with its half Christian Unity united through Christian love. This is very important to Paul. You look any fees in chapter 4 he gets what he mentions there. His first commands in Ephesians about Christian Unity walking worthy of the Gospel. You read the got the Epistles of John, it's Christian love. And you can pick up Christian Unity. So it's very important before Rider Christian Unity so we can be United in the gospel and we can live in like five individual. I will seek to live the Christian Unity as much as it is within me that you can share with me but I will close anywhere to pair your father. Thank you for all you do is thank you for the word of God. I thank you for your Holy Spirit who helps us to understand interpret and apply that word of God pray that we would live in light of it only that it'll change our heart first and pray that will change our hearts and knowing that it will also change our attitude and our our habits as a not working of a change of heart. So working our lives in Joan Hart see if there's anything Wicked within us lead us into the way Everlasting. I pray for Pastor Robert if he gets up there to preach to us and a Desai pray that you just work through him that we be comforted and encouraged to the gospel and also just dumb. Change to conform to a convicted where we need to be hard. We have saw this in Christ name.

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