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Joy - When Up is Down

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Subject:           Growing in Christ                       Occasion:        Sunday Worship

Theme:           Philippians Joy                          Date:               Nov 2, 2008

Speaker:         Patrick Shively                          Place:              LIFE Com. Church


Joy – When Up is Down

Intr.:    Philippians

1.      God’s economy leads us to joy in ways that are contrary to our culture…

2.      It is an upside down mindset that has huge benefits.

3.      Things you can expect from being a Christian – elements of joy.

a.       Encouragement from being united with Christ (vs. 1)

b.      Comfort from His love (vs. 1)

c.       Fellowship with the Spirit (vs. 1)

d.      Tenderness and Compassion (vs. 1)

4.      Our joy is made complete by learning the upside down attitude of Christ

5.      Read Philippians 2:1-11

Prop.:  The only way we can find the joy that Jesus has for us is by following His example.

T.S.:    Finding Jesus’ joy means following in His footsteps.


I.          He Emptied Himself (vs. 7)

□        Three ways He emptied Himself:

1.      Loved others more

2.      Humility = in right position (temptation in the desert)

3.      Obedience = willingness to follow

□        Empting oneself sets us up to be filled by God!


II.        Became a Servant (vs. 7)

□        LIFE in God can only be found in our willingness to surrender ourselves to live in Him. (Mark 8:35)

□        He lived for the Father and so should we.

□        Servanthood sets us up to be transformed by God!

III.       Became a Man (vs. 7)

□        At issue is not gender, but design

1.      Be in relationship (with God and with others)

2.      Have dominion (spiritual warfare)

3.      Be fruitful (God’s productivity)

□        Manhood sets us up to be used by God!

Concl.: There is much joy to be found in the Christian life.  It is best found by following the example of Jesus’ upside down view of success which leads to fulfilled, transformed, and productive lives.  God is ready and able to make your joy complete as well.

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