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Hope Today

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Hope is grounded in the past

As Christians, our hope is grounded in the past. It is grounded in His-Story.
We look at the promises God gave to His people in the Old Testament and how God went about fulfilling them.
Our hope is objective.
I can have a conviction of things not see because I am confident in what he has done for us!!!!! I can’t have a conviction that Jesus is going to do something based on a desire that He might do something because He might not do what I desire for Him to do!!!!

Hope is Active In the Present

Biblical hope is not passive. Biblical hope is active. We start doing things that God “ends up” finishing. What do I mean by that? World peace…we know that in our own strength that humanity will never achieve world peace even though it is in our best interest. We also believe that one day Jesus Christ will rule and reign which will bring about perfect peace on the earth. The passive idea of hope would be “I hope that when Jesus comes he will put an end to all the violence and wars. An Active Hope says, “I hope…know I am confident that when Jesus comes he will put an end to all the violence and wars therefore I am going to do what I can to get the process started. I am going to work toward, be active in the process of bringing peace into my part of the world.
This week we all watched as people took control of the capital in Washington DC. It was a sad thing to watch. One of my friends was saying that this should have never happened. We as a Americans are better than this?
There is only one problem with this thought: It is not true. As human beings are not better than this. We are children of Adam. We have the same desires as Adam. We acted like Adam.
Hope says that one day i know that Jesus is coming back and is going change all this so I am going to do what I can today to have the kingdom come in my heart and life.

Confident in the Future

Can you hear the hope for the future found in the the activity of today?
In the past year or so I have listened to a lot of productivity podcast and videos. I have listened to books are leadership and they all have the idea of starting with the end in mind. As Christians, we too should start living our lives with the end in mind. But we have an advantage over the rest of the world, we know what the end is going to be!!
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