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Dream On

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Dream On

4/6/08 a.m.


Text: Gen 37:5-11

Topic: Joseph

INTRO: Tell story of Texas horse rancher whose dream as a young boy was belittled by a teacher. His response, “You keep the ‘F’, I’ll keep my dream.”

Whether or not we’re willing to admit it, dreams have a very important effect on our lives. Once we have a dream it never goes away. It will either be fulfilled or it will dog us to our grave. What does the bible have to say about dreams?

I.           Dreams come from God

A.        Joseph’s dreams originated from God (Gen 37:5-11)

B.        Whatever dreams we have, the source is almighty God

1.         They are God-sized (cf. Robert Goddard)

2.         They require divine power

3.         They are humanly impossible to achieve

4.         They confront us at every turn

II.       Dreams radically change our lives

A.        Joseph’s dreams radically changed his life

1.         Sold into slavery by his own brothers (Gen 37:28)

2.         Falsely accused of sexual harassment by his master’s wife and placed in prison (Gen 39:19-20)

3.         Forgotten by the man he helped (Gen 40:23)

4.         Placed in a position of tremendous responsibility (Gen 41:41-44)

B.        Our God-given dreams will radically change our lives

1.         Not everyone will be happy

2.         May require some major changes

3.         Entirely possible that everything will seem to go backwards for a while

4.         One thing is certain—no matter how radical the changes, God is with us

III.    Dreams are for God’s glory

A.        Joseph’s dreams were for God’s glory, not his own

1.         READ Gen 42:6-9a

2.         READ Gen 45:4-8

3.         READ Gen 50:18-21

B.        The fulfillment of our dreams is for God’s glory alone

1.         Whatever successes we enjoy in life are truly from God

2.         We must always be very careful to glorify God in all that we say and do

3.         When God is glorified by the fulfillment of our dreams, others will benefit

CLOSE: No one ever really encouraged Joseph to dream on, but his dreams saved a tiny nation from extinction. Joseph’s dreams:

Came from God

Radically changed his life

Resulted in glorifying God

Do you have some God-given dreams that need to be fulfilled? Let Satan keep his “F”, you keep your dream!

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