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            Primeval history of humanity              Genesis 1-11

            Creation                                              Genesis 1-2

            Fall and its effects                              Genesis 3-4

            Flood                                                   Genesis 6-8

            Tower of Babel                                   Genesis 11

            Patriarchal history                               Genesis 12-36

            Abraham                                             Genesis 12-25

            Abrahamic covenant                           Genesis 15

            Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah                        Genesis 19


            Sacrifice of Isaac                                Genesis 22

            Isaac                                                    Genesis 25-27

            Jacob                                                   Genesis 28-36

            Jacob at Bethel                                    Genesis 28

            Wrestling at Peniel                              32

            Joseph                                                 37-50

            Coat of many colors                            37


            The Hebrews in Egypt                        Exodus 1-12

            Passover                                              Exodus 12

            The Hebrews in the wilderness           Exodus 13-18

            Crossing of the Red Sea                     Exodus 14

            The Hebrews at Sinai                          Exodus 19-40

            Decalogue                                           Exodus 20

            Instructions concerning the tabernacle and priesthood                      Exodus 25-31


            Golden calf incident                           Exodus 32



            Sacrificial legislation                           Leviticus 1-7

            Nadab and Abihu slain                       Leviticus 10

            Laws of Cleanness                              Leviticus 11-15

            Day of Atonement                              Leviticus 16

            Importance of Blood                          Leviticus 17

            Feasts of the Lord                               Leviticus 23


            Twelve spies                                        Numbers 13

            Rebellion at Kedesh-barnea                Numbers 14

            Rebellion of Korah                             Numbers 16

            Bronze serpant                                    Numbers 21

            Balaam                                                Numbers 22-24

            Worship of Baal of Peor and Resulting plague               Numbers 25



            Covenant history                                 Deuteronomy 1-4

            Stipulations of the covenant               Deuteronomy 5-26

            Second giving of the Decalogue         Deuteronomy 5

            Warning and prediction                      Deuteronomy 27-30

            Song of Moses                                    Deuteronomy 32

            Death of Moses                                   Deuteronomy 34


            Entrance into Canaan                          Joshua 1-5

            Rahab and two spies                           Joshua 2

            Crossing of the Jordan                        Joshua 3

            Conquest of Canaan                           Joshua 6-12

            Battle of Jericho                                  Joshua 6

            The sin of Achan                                 Joshua 7

            Battle at Gideon (sun stands still)                        Joshua 10


            Division of the land                            Joshua 13-22

            Cities of Refuge                                  Joshua 20



            General introduction to the conditions of the period             Judges 1-2


            Oppression by enemies and deliverance by judges                             Judges 3-16


Deborah and Barak                             Judges 4

Gideon and the Midianites                 Judges 7

Jephthah                                              Judges 11-12

Birth of Samson                                  Judges 13

Samson and Delilah                            Judges 16

            Micah and the Danites                        Judges 17-18

            Sin and destruction of the tribe of Benjamin             Judges 19-21



            Ruth accompanies Naomi to Bethlehem                     Ruth 1


            Ruth in the fields of Boaz                  Ruth 2

            Ruth seeks marriage with Boaz          Ruth 3

            Boaz marries Ruth                              Ruth 4


            Judgeship of Samuel               1Sam 1-9

            Reign of Saul                          1Sam 10-31

            Saul’s disobedience regarding the Amalekites                       1Sam 15


            David and Goliath                  1Sam 17

            Saul and the witch of En-dor 1Sam 28

            Reign of David                       2Sam 1-24

            David and Mephibosheth       2Sam 9

            Davidic covenant                    2Sam 7

            David and Bathsheba             2Sam 11

            Absalom’s revolt                     2Sam 15-18

            David’s mighty men               2Sam 23

            David purchases the threshing floor of Araunah the Jebusite

                        2Sam 24


            Reign of Solomon                   1Ki 1-11

            Queen of Sheba                      1Ki 10

            Divided Kingdom                   1Ki 12-2Ki 17                 Jeroboam introduces counterfeit worship                   1Ki 12


            Man of God from Judah         1Ki 13

            Ahab and Naboth’s vineyard  1Ki 21

            Ministry of Elijah                    1Ki 17-2Ki 2

            Mt. Carmel and the prophets of Baal 1Ki 18


            Ministry of Elisha                   2Ki 2-8

            Naaman the leper                    2Ki 5

            Fall of Northern Kingdom to Assyrians         2Ki 17


            Southern Kingdom                 2Ki 18-25

            Hezekiah’s deliverance from Sennacherib      2Ki 18-19


            Hezekiah’s illness and deliverance from death           2Ki 20


            Josiah finds the book of the Law                   2Ki 22



            Genealogies from Adam to David      1Chr 1-9


            History of King David            1Chr 10-29

            Reign of Solomon                   2Chr 1-9

            Kings of Judah                        2Chr 10-36

            Asa                                          2Chr 14-16

            Jehoshaphat                             2Chr 17-20

            Joash                                       2Chr 23-24

            Uzziah                                     2Chr 26

            Hezekiah                                 2Chr 29-32

            Josiah                                      2Chr 34-35


            First return of exiles from Babylon under Zerubbabel                       Ezra 1-2


            Temple rebuilt                                     Ezra 6

            Return of Ezra to Jerusalem                Ezra 7-8


            Nehemiah’s prayer                              Nehemiah 1

            Rebuilding of wall completed                                    Nehemiah 6



            Vashti deposed                                   Esther 1

            Esther chosen queen                           Esther 2

            Haman hanged                                    7

            Inauguration of the                             9

                        Feast of Purim


            Satan tests Job                                                Job 1-2

            Job’s complaint                                   Job 3

            Discourses of Job’s three friends        Job 4-31

            Praise of Divine wisdom                     Job 28

            Speeches of Elihu                               Job 32-37

            God’s speeches                                   Job 38-41

            Job’s prosperity restored                     Job 42


            Key Messianic Psalms

            Psalm of the Messianic King              Psalms 2

            Suffering Messiah                               Psalms 22

            Shepherd Psalm                                  Psalms 23

            Christ’s reign as the King of Glory     Psalms 24

            Christ and Melchizedek                      Psalms 110

            David’s repentance                             Psalms 51

            Psalm of Moses                                   Psalms 90

            Psalm on the Word of God                 Psalms 119

            Psalms of Ascent                                Psalms 120-34

            Psalms of Hallel                                  Psalms 146-50


            Seduction of the adulteress                Proverbs 7

            Wisdom                                               Proverbs 8

            Guidance and the Lord’s direction     Proverbs 16

            Dangers of strong drink                      Proverbs 20

            Virtuous woman                                 Proverbs 31


            Fear God and Keep His commandments                    Ecclesiastes 12


Song of Solomon

            Mutual affection and admiration        Song of Solomon 1-2

            Bridal procession and marriage           Song of Solomon 3-4

            The life of love: The working out of the relationship                         Song of Solomon 5-8



            Prophecy of the virgin birth                Isaiah 7

            Prophecy of the Messianic Son           Isaiah 9

            Historical section                                Isaiah 36-39

            Servant Songs                       Isaiah 42, 49, 50, 53

            Vicarious suffering of servant                        Isaiah 53

            Prophecies of millennium and final things      Isaiah 65-66



            Temple sermon                                    Jeremiah 7

            Heart is deceitful above all things      Jeremiah 17

            At the potter’s house                          Jeremiah 18

            Prophecy of the Messianic Branch     Jeremiah 23

            New Covenant                                    Jeremiah 31

            Jehoiakim burns the word of the Lord           Jeremiah 36


            Key passage on Yahweh’s goodness  Lamentations 3

            Ezekiel’s vision of the glory of the Lord        Ezekiel 1


            Glory of Yahweh leaves the Temple in Jerusalem      Ezekiel 8-11


            Parable of the watchman                    Ezekiel 33

            Bad shepherds and true shepherd       Ezekiel 34

            Vision of the dry bones                      Ezekiel 37

            Gog and Magog                                  Ezekiel 38-39

            Millennial temple                                Ezekiel 40-48


            Hebrew youth’s fidelity to Yahweh tested    Daniel 1


            Nebuchadnezzar’s dream of the image           Daniel 4


            Fiery furnace                                       Daniel 3

            Nebuchadnezzar becomes like like a beast     Daniel 4


            Belshazzar’s feast and overthrow       Daniel 5

                        of Babylonian empire

            Daniel in the lion’s den                       Daniel 6

            Vision of the four beasts                     Daniel 7

            Vision of the ram and the he-goat      Daniel 8

            The seventy weeks                              Daniel 9

            Detailed prophecies up to the Maccabean period       Daniel 11


            Resurrection                                        Daniel 12

            Hosea and Gomer                               Hosea 1

            Plague of locusts as a type of the       Joel 1-2

            Spirit outpouring in last days              Joel 2

            Eight burdens against the nations       Amos 1-2

            Five visions of judgement                   Amos 7-9

            Prophecy of David’s booth                 Amos 9

            Prophecy of Edom’s doom                 Obadiah 1

            Jonah flees to Tarshish                        Jonah 1

            Jonah’s prayer in the fish                    Jonah 2

            Ninevah reprents                                 Jonah 3

            Jonah displeased                                 Jonah 4

            Prophecies of Messiah and His Kingdom       Micah 4-5


            Prophecy of Nineveh’s fall                 Nahum 2-3

            Habakkuk questions God                   Habakkuk 1

            God replies                                          Habakkuk 2

.           Habakkuk’s prayer of faith                 Habakkuk 3

            Day of the Lord                                  Zephaniah 1-2

            Summons to rebuild the temple          Haggai 1

            Glory of the temple and the blessings of the new era            Haggai 2


            Eight visions                                       Zechariah 1-6

            Messianic Branch                                Zechariah 3

            Golden lampstand                               Zechariah 4

            First advent and rejection of the Messianic shepherd-king    Zechariah 9-11


            Second advent and reception of the Messianic shepherd-king          Zechariah 12-14


            God’s love for Israel                           Malachi 1

            God hates divorce                               Malachi 2

            Bring the tithes into the storehouse    Malachi 3

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