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Notes From Lecture Of Old Testament Survey

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Old Testament Survey

Dr. Berrey

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Intro lecture

1:06 PM

Class intro

  1. know everything related to things on the study guide
    1. the questions will be detailed
  2. sometimes things will come from footnotes
  3. chapter content points
    1. not necessary to know outline points

Introduction to the Old Testament

  1. over view
    1. Old Testament

                                                              i.      Term appears 1 time in the Bible

1.      II Cor 3:14 – English

a.       Referring to the Old Covenant as opposed to the new covenant

b.      The Old Covenant is found in the Old Testament

2.      Hebrews 8:13 – in the Greek

    1. Statistics

                                                              i.      39 books of the Old Testament

                                                            ii.      929 Chapters

                                                          iii.      23,100 Verses

                                                          iv.      written over a period of about 1000 years

1.      1425 BC - 425 BC

                                                            v.      [JWM1] # of authors

1.      at least 33

                                                          vi.      written in 2 languages

1.      Hebrew – most is in Hebrew

2.      Aramaic – 4 sections written in Aramaic

a.       Genesis 31:47 – one word is Aramaic

b.      Ezra 4:18-6:18; 6:12-26 – decree from king that was Aramaic

c.       Daniel 2:4-7:28 – lived in Persia

d.      Jeremiah 10:11 – as if God wanted all the world to understand this verse

        • [JWM2] Aramaic is to the old testament what English is to today
          • English is the trade language of today
    1. Canon[JWM3]  of the Old Testament                                                               i.      Canon – something that has met a standard or lived up to a measurement

1.      books that have measured up to divine inspiration

                                                            ii.      statements on cannon

1.      the four fold categorization of our old testament follows the arrangement of the Latin vulgate

2.      while our English old testament follows the arrangement of the Latin vulgate it contains the same content as the masoretic text

                                                          iii.      [JWM4] English – canon

1.      law – genesis – Deuteronomy

2.      pre-exilic Joshua- chronicles

3.      Post-exilic – Ezra- Esther

4.      poetical – Job- Song of Solomon

5.      Major – Isaiah – Daniel

6.      Minor - Hosea – Malachi

a.       Pre-exilic – Hosea – Zephaniah

b.      Post-exilic – Haggai- Malachi 

                                                          iv.      Hebrew – canon


1.      [JWM5] our English old testament canon is based on the masoretic texts

a.       Masoretes ( AD 500 – 950)[JWM6] 

2.      our oldest best preserved masoretic manuscript is Leningrad          ms- b19a

a.       about 1008 AD

b.      contains all the old testament[JWM7] 

3.      the # of books in the Hebrew Old Testament was often 22 or 24

a.       same content as English but different # of books

4.      the masoretic text is arranged under 3 groupings

a.       English is divided into 4

5.      the first section of the Hebrew Old Test