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Being Delivered by Him 2 Sam

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Being Delivered by Him     2 Sam. 22:17-20

EBC    11/02/08

  David composed these verses to celebrate his deliverance from Saul and other opposition.  It is the song of a heart that has been returned to the tune of Heaven. Some one has said” a full sense of the greatest of God’s salvation is enough to make the dumb sing with eloquence.

  David had used many things to get away from Saul but in 22:2,3 he explains his true rock. The rock pictures God as unchanging and permanent.  David has experienced this by the goodness of power of God.  

  Where are times in our lives when we mourn and grown but there are also times when we should celebrate, and celebrate we should do. When was the last time you publically thanked God for anything. Let us remember that doing God’s will  is not the work of a day but the task of a lifetime.  When we look back over our lives we shall get but a glimpse of what God has done in our lives an what he’s protected us from.  

  Look at some things concerning his deliverance


I. It was needed (18-19) they were too strong

  A. Too strong for him but not too strong for the God who was with Him. These words were probably penned in his later years after he had looked back on his up and down career. David has established this fact that it was God who had delivered him. Rom 8:31,37- we are more than conquerors thru him that loved us.

     1. As God has rescued Moses from Pharaoh he had also rescued David from the hand of his enemies.

     2. Psa. 23:4-

  B. Never forget – the Lord also passed thru those days- the days of calamity.

     1. Heb. 4:14-16- he went this way so he could say with all truth- I’ve been there, I know what you are going thru.

        a. Ex. 3:7-


II. It was Divine (17) sent from above

A. W.H. Spence- in the midst of it all David sees a hand reaching down from Heaven to rescue him from the flood of hatred and peril.

B. Isa. 37:33-36- God speaking about Assyria.

C. John 3:16-


III. It was Personal (17b) he took me

  A. He might have taken others and left me but he took me. Isn’t that exciting.

    1. John 15:16-

    2. Psa. 40:2-

    3. Psa. 69:1,2-


IV.  It was Hearty (20) he delighted in me

  A. His deliverance was not just a matter of power but was also a matter of love

    1. John 3:16-

      a. This love stems from nothing in us but from all in Him. He delighted in being merciful to me.

         1. Titus 3:5-


V. It was Satisfying (20) he brought me forth into a large place

  A. A large place refers to the many opportunities that open up for us in Christ.

    1. We have so many opportunities for our witness for Christ. What kind of impact are you having on your community?

    2. Someone has said, in the spiritual realm “the prison precedes the palace”.  Enlargement of spirit will be the more appreciated after a season of sorrowful confinement. .

    1.Remember, then, that Joseph did not die in prison, nor did David end his days in the cave of Adullam: “Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.” Sometimes we are granted a foretaste of that joy even in this vale of tears; but even if we are not, all weeping shall end when the night is over


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