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3-14-21 Philippians 4:2-3

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Philippians 4:2-3


An ongoing disagreement is clearly a serious issue.

Selfishness likely played a part.

God made peace with us through Christ so it makes sense that

we would at peace with each other.

Agree in the Lord

We must take responsibility to think about things in the same way.

We must remember that our unity is only in the Lord.

We must take responsibility to do what we can for peace.

(Romans 12:18)

Help Them

Those not involved in conflict have a responsibility to help.

We should never make matters worse or ignore it.

We should be a community of those reconciled to God, who value unity enough to help.

Affirmation (part of being in the Lord)

We must never resort to ungodly tactics in disagreements.

Paul affirms these women in their work alongside him.

We need to remember we are talking with those who’s names

are in the Book of Life.

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