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The Miracle before the Victory

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2 Kings 3: 6-25 key vs 16-20


God is preparing us for something even greater

  • Ver. 16. The object was to detain the water which would otherwise have all run off down the torrent-course in a very little time.
  • Ver. 17.—For thus saith the Lord, Ye shall not seei.e. perceive—wind, neither shall ye see rain. Wind and rain usually go together in the East, especially when there is sudden heavy rain after a time of drought.
  • God would provide water enough in an unnatural way so that everyone would know that it was He who had provided. This would be an easy thing in the Lord’s eyes.
  • Their “pits,” or trenches, will retain a portion of the water, and furnish them with a sufficient supply for their wants. It was necessary that the storm should be distant, that the Moabites might know nothing of it, and so fall under the delusion (ver. 23) which led to their complete defeat. Yet that valley shall be filled with water.
  • That ye may drink, both ye, and your cattlei.e. the animals which you have brought with you for food—and your beasts; i.e. your beasts of burden, or baggage-animals. Animals, except camels, suffer from drought even more than men, and die sooner. The Israelites do not appear to have ever employed camels.
  • Ver. 18.—And this is but a light thing in the sight of the Lord. God, the Author of nature, has full control over nature, and it is an easy matter for him to produce at will any natural phenomena. It is otherwise when the stubborn element of the human will is brought into play. Then difficulty may arise. He will deliver the Moabites also into your hand.Ultimate victory would be theirs. Cutting down all the good trees would make it difficult for the Moabites to have fruit to eat and would mean they would have little shade. Stopping up all the springs would limit the Moabites’ water supply, and putting large stones in the fields would retard cultivation and lessen their productivity.

The Miracle that is determines the next miracle

God is working a mircle for the next miracle

  • God is lifting your faith to increase your faith
  • God is giving you a job to get you a better one
  • Is opening up a door, so he open up a highway
  • Is giving you a little rain of His Blessings, so he can POUR out of flood of HIs Blessings.

Best thing about the mircle is the devil can't see it coming

  • couldn't see the rain nor feel the wind
  • does not mean God is not moving.

God is setting up the enemy for a strong delusion.

At the same time, setting you up to refresh you for your victory.

  • You need strength for your victory.

A Strong Delusion

  • The enemy could not tell where the blessing came from
  • My blessing is the enemy's curse
  • Get your own blessing! Get your own fire.
  • Because they did not know, they perceived what was incorrect and cost them their lives

Theophony of the water

  • The son shone on the water
  • The water reflected the image of the son
  • therefore, it must have been the blood of Jesus Christ
  • What protects me, defeats and destroys the enemy.

He has plagued me enough

  • He thinks he is coming for the spoil but I got news for him
  • Back of devil - I'm armed and I'm dangerous
  • I've got the anointing.
  • Before I got here, I also heard the word of the Lord

He will prepare a table before me, in the presence of mine enemy.

  • Break down his city - no more dwelling place
  • Enter his choice cities - where is his favourite location
  • Cut down his trees - no more fruits
  • Stop all his well - no more supply of live
  • stone his land - make sure no more cultivation

It's over - if I can believe God for this far, he will take me all the way.

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