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God’s Salt, Light, Life and Love Brigade Followers of Jesus Make a Difference by Being Different

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THEME We are called to be the representatives of who Jesus is in the world today. APPLICATION Believe who & what God says you are & then behave accordingly.



Christians are some of the very best & some of the very worst expressions of true Christianity. One of the main reasons people often give for not believing Christianity is true is that they so often see those who say they’re Christians living in ways that grossly contradict what they’d expect from a Christ follower. I can’t begin to count the times I’ve said, “Jesus never said follow My followers — He said follow Me.” It’s no doubt been more than two … hundred :-) …

This morning’s message is all about acknowledging the distance & closing the gap between who God says we are & how it is we so often live. May our lives truly be living proof of the one true God. May how we say & do what we say & do be consistent with God’s Word making it easier for those around us to know Jesus is alive, beautiful, believable, kind & good.

As followers of Jesus we must …

1. embrace our calling to be salt & light in the world today.

He said we are & are to be the expression of both.

Matthew 5:13-16 (note the passage it follows - especially vs 3-10)

2. keep it connected to Christ’s life, light & love.

Mark 1:1 makes it clear.* We must keep it clear. Clearly the message is Christ.

*“The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.”

John 1:1-5 2 Corinthians 5:14a Ephesians 3:14-21 (especially vs17b-19)

Making It Real

1] Are you getting out of the salt shaker & into the world? How bright is your light?

2] Is your witness always connected to & focused upon the life, light & love of Jesus?

Action Step

Memorize & meditate upon Matthew 5:13-16. Ask God to make this

your story in ways you’ve never known or shown before.


Now go to be the salt of the earth & the light of the world for the glory of God!

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