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Counting The Cost

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Salvation is free, but discipleship costs. Why discipleship? It is God’s desire for our lives. To be in His will, is to disciple others and my friend, discipleship costs.


The Cost Of Worship (Vs. 26-27) It Is A Crucifixion

Personal Relationships (Vs. 26a)

We must understand what Jesus means by the word “Hate” here.
Jesus would never instruct us to break one of the ten commandments. “Honor your father and mother”.
Hate here means to “Love Less”.
We must be willing to put our relationship with God above all other relationships in our lives. Only then can we be faithful, and only then can we be the best us that we can be.

Personal Reputation (Vs. 26b)

There is a big difference is self-denial and denial of self.
To deny yourself things is one thing, but to deny yourself altogether is something else.
Peter forsook his nets long before Peter forsook Peter.

Personal Realization (Vs. 27)

We must bear the cross of Christ.
I don’t have to; I get to.
Somebody once asked Dr. Tozer, “What does it mean to take up your cross? What does it mean to be crucified with Christ?” He said, “Three things. Number one: a man who is crucified is facing only one direction. Number two: a man who is crucified is not going back. He has said goodbye. Number three: he has no further plans of his own.”

The Cost of Work (Vs. 28-30) It Is A Construction

Spiritually Conceived

Spiritually Constructed

Spiritually Completed

The Cost of War (Vs. 31-32) It Is A Controversy

Kingdom Minded (Vs. 31)

It is to have a heart for the people.

Kingdom Motivated (Vs. 32)

It is to seek peace for the people.

The Cost of Witness (Vs. 33-35) It Is A Commission

It Is Not About Me

Salt Preserves
The disciples understood this analogy for most were fisherman. The salt would preserve the fish until they could get to the fish market and sell their catch.
Salt Flavors
The bland leading the bland.
Salt Heals
When little babies were born in Bible times, they would rub them down with salt. Elisha cast some salt into a bitter spring and healed the waters. Salt is an antiseptic. I’ve seen it heal broken hearts, broken hopes, and broken homes. We need to be salty disciples. Salt penetrates.
Salt Ruins
Most of the salt in Bible times came from the Dead Sea. They would take the salt from the Dead Sea and the sun would shine upon it, but after a while, if it rained on that salt and stayed too long that way, the salt would ruin. Not only did it have no zest, but it was actually dangerous. If you put in on the fields, it would kill the crops. If you put it down a well, it would poison the water. But they did find one thing that it was good for, and that was to be put down on the roads. It would soak up the moisture and then harden. Nothing would grow on it either. It was good for nothing but to trodden under the foot of man.


It’s time to count the cost. We must determine that we are going to Worship God, Work for God, go to War with God, and Witness for God. If we are not going to do those things, then the Church will continue to be cast out and trodden under the foot of man. We must regain composure and be God’s disciples.
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