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When Prosperity Becomes a Problem

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Overview of Amos

Amos1 & 2 judgement of God on 8 nations
Amos3 & 6 : 5 Sermons
Psalm 35:27b
God is not against prosperity, but anger God is who they become when they have become properous.

Prosperity becomes a problem when

Prosperity lead us to trust in our own strength rather than in God

When properity make you trusting in your own intelligence, the power and you believe you make it your own ways.
Deut 8:18
We are to remmeber God , who is the one give us the power to make wealth.
How to remmeber?
acknowledge God
paying attention to God
When we remember God, we worship Him.
Psalm 78:7-8
we will be led to put our trust in God and set out hope in Him.
We will keep his commandement
We will be a tansformed generation. (not to be rebellious

Prosperity make us don’t believe judgement will not come.

Evil men thought they will not be juged by God. Wrong teaching: no judgement.
Hebrews 9:27
Psalm 90:12
Parable of the rich fool (Luke 12)
against foolishness - divorce from the reality (no need to be accountable to his life, not prepare for eternity)

Prosperity leads us to care only for our own pleasure

Amos 6: 4-6
spend alot on external care
when is wrong? v6 - they are not grieved over the ruin of Joseph.
Deut 8:18 - God bless us to be a blessing.

Prosperity lead us away from righteousness

Oppress the poor and deny justice to the righteous. (v12)
When you go against justice, like going against the nature. (v12)
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